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Mayan Gypsy Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mayan Gypsy Side Orders Menu and Prices

Tortillita de Maiz $3.00 a yummy little corn cake diversely prepared
Frijol Refrito $3.00 well-fried black beans with a sprinkling of cotua cheese served with totopo chips
Chayote Relleno $3.50 chayote squash diced with spinach and butter, restuffed in half and garnished with cotija cheese
Tzot di Chay $3.95 or we call it brazo de reina or queen’s arm, an ancient may recipe, a tamal roulade redundantly rolled with minced greens and pumpkin pepita, steamed in banana leaves with salsa casera atop
Malanga Tuber $3.00 delicious pan-served taro rootlet fritter
Tok-Cel $3.50 limaglike you’ve never had ’em before. If you like limas get these! if you don’t like limag, get them anyway! you’ll love the way they are pan-roasted with green onions and ground pumpkin seed, you’l
Platano Frito $3.50 scrumptious slices of deep fried plantain bananas
Carb ‘O of the Day $2.95 potatoes, risotto, orzo, rice! could de anything to fit the bill for that yum carb pyramid group thing ask the server
Torta de Calabaza $3.00 pan seared squash torte and a dab of cream

Mayan Gypsy A la Carte Menu and Prices

Torta de Pescado $7.50 lightly breaded, pan-seared cod fish sandwich dressed with pesto mayonnaise and sprinkled with capers
Torta de Veggies $7.50 grilled vegges sand with or without manchego cheese
Torta de Puerco $7.50 oven – roasted pork sandwich dressed as above
Torta de Hongos $7.50 grilled portabello mushroom with manchego cheese
Torta de Pollo $7.50 chicken sandwich with beans, salsa, lettuce, mayo etc

Mayan Gypsy Bash Ka Ukik? Something to Drink First? Menu and Prices

our wine list is on your table sparkling wines and champagne are also available beer choices are seasonal and displayed on our bar. please feel free to look your server can help you in your selection
Care de Monde Chicory Coffee $1.85
Seasonal Juices $2.25
Cafe Con Leche $2.75
Cafe du Monde in 13 oz Cans for Home $7.00
The Republic of Tea $2.95
Iced or Hot Tea $1.50
Tamarind Water $2.25
Imported Soft Drinks and Juices $1.65
Spring or Sparkling Waters $1.85
Coca, Cola, Diet, Sprite, Orange $1.55

Mayan Gypsy Kosh Hanalyax Laal, Appetizers, Salads, Soup Menu and Prices

Crawfish Ceviche $6.25 marinated little crawdaddies with totopo chips
Codzitos $8.95 3 maize tortillas stuffed with squash and chorizo, deep fried, crowned with tasty salsa and guacamole, don’t forget to share
Crema de Mariscos $5.00 – $13.00 mama mia a luscious creamed seafood bisque
Cheese Morsels $7.25 cheese roasted bell peppers. Calamati olives and evoo served with bread and sun-dried tomato dipping sauce
Ensalada Verde $6.00 fresh seasonal greens and or lettuces with pine nuts and goat’s cheese yogurt dressing
Sopa de Tortilla $4.50 light chicken veggie sopa topped with tortilla strips
Empanadas $4.75 2 masa turnovers stuffed with black bean pate and goat’s cheese
Jicama, Orange and Red Onion Salad $6.50 drizzled with chili-honey dressing
Chilean Crab Tostones $8.25 yum fritters with jalapeno pistachio puree
Tortillita de Frijol $6.50 grilled scallops garnished with cilantro salsa atop two little black bean cakes
Crepade Huitlacoche $6.25 fresh crepes smothered in creamy pernod brins this legendary Aztec corn mushroom to life

Mayan Gypsy Kosh Hanal Baky Kay Entrees. Piatos Fuero Menu and Prices

select two sides with your entree, except where indicated
Chilaquiles Mayakax $17.00 add a grilled boneless chicken breast to the pinnacle of perfection chilaquiles and que ricoi
Tamarind Lamb Escabeche $17.00 fine leg of lamb roasted in sweet tamarind fruit and escabeche pickling sauce
Scallops Relleno Negro $17.00 a very old Mayan recipe of blackened mild chilis sauce smothered over searing grilled scallops
Salmon Tikin Xik $17.00 yucatec achiote marinated fresh catch salmon flawlessly grilled
Mole de Pato $18.00 that great 16 ingredient brown sauce which kukulcan used to cure just about everything it is carefully made with roasted blackened chilis chocolate buttered nuts and other special components it is se
Cochinita Pibil $16.00 no Mayan kitchen would be complete without serving up the traditional yucatec style pork smothered in secret spices, wrapped in banana leaves and slowly oven roasted til the meat falls delectably off
T-Bone al Pastor $18.00 let us know how you want your 12 ozs of heavenly t-bone cooked! its lightly dipped in achiote, char-grilled and served with chunks of sauteed bacon and pineapple
Tierra Y Mar Diablo $18.00 grilled tiger shrimp and beef medallions presented with tequila, caper, tomato concoction some say was given to humans in xilbaba. The mythological Maya underworld
The Not Encrusted Catch $18.00 the fresh catch of the day marinated and seared in lime garlic and olive oil or butter, just plain ole good fresh fish the way chef intended it to be
Seafood Crepes $10.00 a delicate white wine and creamy seafood filling for the delicious house made crepes garnished with a grilled scallop and shrimp
Chilaquiles Mayapan $15.00 well best way to say this is ahh gee its like a Mexican lasagna, a layered tortilla with grilled eggplant, portabello mushrooms insted manchego cheese, and garnished with flash fried spinach

Mayan Gypsy Tinlahant La Ntik Postres Desserts Menu and Prices

Crepas de Fruta $5.50 decorated with fresh fruit and ice cream
Bread Pudding $4.95 traditional fresh bread pudding served warm
Banana Churro $5.75 a ripe banana dipped in churro batter and fried, served with coffee sauce and vanilla ice cream
Made in House Sorbets and Ice Creams $4.95 always with fresh seasonal ingredients
Some Kind’a Chocolate Thing $5.50 you know, the Maya used chocolate as money! that’s how valuable it was to them smart people almost always there’ll be a chocolate goodie waiting for you
Flan $5.50 that delicous custard made right here
Cafe Con Leche $2.95 a rich blend of warmed milk and dark coffee decaf/reg
OOH Ma Gosh Blandy’s Verdelho Madeira Over Vanilla Ice Cream with Fruit Garnish $5.50

Mayan Gypsy Salbutes Menu and Prices

salbutes are those now, almost famous, little hand-thrown tortillas, lovingly made right in our own kitchen at the time of your order, they are a little thicker than a regular tortilla and they are topped with different items, covered with cilantro salsa
Salbutes with Grilled Eggplant $7.50
Salbutes with Smoked Salmon $7.50
Salbutes with Black Bean Pate and Goat Cheese $7.50
Salbutes with Chicken $7.50
Salbutes with Oven-Roasted Cochinita Pibil Pork $7.50

Mayan Gypsy Pasta Menu and Prices

Penne Pasta with Grilled Vegges and Chicken Breast Strips $11.95
Smoked Salmon Quesadilla with Guacamole and Salsa Mexicana $8.95
Corn Tortilla Enchiladas Stuffed with Chicken, and a Well-Fried Black Beans Side $9.95
Penne Pasta with Seasonal, Grilled Veggies, EVOO, and Cotija Cheese Atop $9.95
Chicken or Turkey Mole $12.95 ask your server, with rice and tok-cel lima beans
Penne Pasta with Grilled Vegges and Grilled Shrimp $13.95
Chilaquiles $12.00 that mountain of grilled portabellos and eggplant stuffed into home made tortillas with machego cheese

Mayan Gypsy Soups Menu and Prices

Crema de Mariscos $4.95 creamy silk seafood bisque
Jicama, Orange and Purple Onion Salad with a Honey, Chili dressing $5.25
Sopa de Frijol Con Puerco $4.50 lush black bean stew with pork
Tropic of Chicken Salad $8.00 served on sliced fresh pineapple and lettuce with fruit garnish and French bread
Ensalada Mixta $5.00 fresh mixed greens salad with yogurt goat cheese dressing
Sopa de Tortilla $4.50 tortilla soup with vegetables and chicken
24 oz Container of Crema de Marisco $13.00 add a bit h2o/milk, heat, place over rice or pasta at home as a sauce, make a salad and you’ve got a great meal
Empanadas $4.75 stuffed with chorizo and papas topped with salsa
Ceviche de Calamari $5.95 a delicious squid ceviche with a bunch of chips
Black Bean Cakes $4.95 okay, the most delicious bean cakes around fair

Mayan Gypsy A la Carte Side Orders Menu and Prices

Tok-Cel Lima Beans $3.25
Torta de Calabaza, Squash Cake $2.75
Well-Fried black Beans $2.75
Platano Frito $3.25
Rice $2.50

Mayan Gypsy Beverages Menu and Prices

our wine list is on your table, sparkling wine and champagne is also available, seasonal beers are displayed on our bar, please look, servers can assist in your selection of alcoholic beverages
Spring or Sparkling Water, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Herbal Teas $1.65
Coca cola, Diet, Sprite, Orange $1.65
Tamarind Water, Watermelon Juice, Horchata, Seasonal Drinks $2.50
Cafe du Monde in 13 oz Cans for Home $7.50
Cafe con Leche $2.95
Cafe du Monde Chicory Decaf $1.65
Imported Soft Drinks and Canned Juices $1.75
Cafe Con Leche $2.95
Cafe du Monde Chicory Coffee $1.65

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