Mazeish Grill

Enjoy Mazeish Grill latest menu price updated list. Up to date Mazeish Grill and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Mazeish Grill Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mazeish Grill Bowl Menu and Prices

Schnitzel $11.00
Chicken Kebab $11.00
Vegetable Kebab $10.00
Beef Kebab $12.00
Kufta Kebab $11.00
Falafel $9.00

Mazeish Grill Beverages Menu and Prices

Soft Drinks $2.00 coke, diet coke, sprite.
Homemade Lemonade $3.00
Water $1.00
Hot Tea $2.00
Homemade Iced Tea $3.00

Mazeish Grill Soup $5 Menu and Prices


Mazeish Grill Salad Menu and Prices

Shephard $7.00
Tabouleh $5.00
Fattoush $7.00
Greek $8.00

Mazeish Grill Appetizers Menu and Prices

3 Stuffed Grape Leaves $3.00
Appetizer Combo $9.00 choice of three appetizers. includes free pita bread or pita chips.
Stuffed Squash $2.00
Ful Fava Bean Spread $4.50
5 Falafel $4.00
Babaghanoush $4.50
Labne $4.00 yogurt spread.
French Fries $3.50
Hummus $4.00
Stuffed Eggplant $2.00

Mazeish Grill Wrap Menu and Prices

Beef Kebab $9.00
Schnitzel $8.00
Vegetable Kebab $7.00
Chicken Kebab $8.00
Kufta Kebab $8.00
Falafel $6.00

Mazeish Grill Sandwich Menu and Prices

Falafel $5.00
Kufta Kebab $7.00
Schnitzel $7.00
Beef Kebab $8.00
Vegetable Kebab $6.00
Chicken Kebab $7.00

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