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McCrady's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

McCrady’s Second Course Menu and Prices

Salad of Local Shrimp and Butter Lettuce ; Pickled onions, mccradyA’s jowl bacon, buttermilk vinaigrette
Salad of Local Figs and Alan BentonA’s Country Ham ; Frisee, smoked honey, peanuts
Butternut Squash Soup ; Butternut marmalade, yogurt, curry

McCrady’s Dessert & Cheese Menu Menu and Prices

Tasting of Sorbets $11.00 Nine daily flavors
Soft Chocolate $11.00 Brandy cherries, mascarpone, cocoa crispy
Peanut Butter Cake $11.00 Popcorn ice cream, salted caramel, nitro popcorn
Carolina Apple Crisp $9.00 Brown butter ice cream, crumb topping
Chef’s Cheese Selection $15.00 A tasting of five artisan cheeses
Lemon Curd $9.00 White chocolate, frozen yogurt, blackberry
Housemade Chocolates (6) $8.00 Pastry chef, winburn carmack and staff clint sloan, sommelier
Housemade Chocolates (12) $15.00 Pastry chef, winburn carmack and staff clint sloan, sommelier
Crispy Chocolate Mousse $9.00 Milk sorbet, espresso, irish cream, hazelnut
Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee $9.00 Custard, orange chocolate chip biscotti

McCrady’s Main Course Menu and Prices

Carolina Grouper   Cauliflower, apricot, chanterelles
Local Wreckfish   Fennel, local tomato, house made salume, olive oil
Georgia A“Grass FedA” Beef Strip Loin   Beets, leeks, smoked hollandaise, potatoes
Carolina Mountain Trout   Clams, bacon, celery, potato
A“Caw-Caw CreekA” Duroc Pork   Cornbread, heirloom field peas, root beer
A“Keegan-Fillion FarmsA” Chicken   Sweet potato, chestnuts, matsutake
Spice Roasted Rack of Lamb   Local eggplant, pine nuts, golden raisins
Peking Duck Breast   Cherries, cabbage, turnips

McCrady’s First Course Menu and Prices

Hudson Valley Foie Gras ; Peaches, hazelnuts, black truffle
Hand Made Tagliatelle ; Crab, leeks, local peas, butter
A“Painted HillsA” Beef Short Ribs ; A“Anson millsA” grits, pickled mushrooms, sauce perigord
Red Pepper Glazed Sweetbreads ; Broccoli puree and pork fried rice
Roasted Scallops ; Corn, bacon, tomato
Butter Poached Maine Lobster ; Fennel and beet salad, citrus, almond puree
A Plate of House Made Charcuterie ;

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