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Melody Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Melody Thursday Menu and Prices

Lunch $14 / Dinner $13.99
Lunch   broiled zucchini with ham
Dinner   broiled chicken, steamed broccoli
Dinner   decaffeinated coffee, nonfat milk
Lunch   juice
Lunch   shrimp salad with herb-dill dressing
Dinner   crab cobb salad

Melody Monday Menu and Prices

Lunch $10 / Dinner $16.50
Dinner   mocha ricotta creme
Lunch   greek salad
Dinner   chopped salad
Dinner   baked chicken breast
Lunch   grilled hamburger steak
Lunch   sugar-free gelatin dessert

Melody Cold Appetizers Menu and Prices

1. Black Caviar (5) $30.00
13. Chicken Caesar Salad $10.00
12. Eggs $5.00 filled with chopped liver
4. Cauliflower Roulade $8.50
4. Smoked Sturgeon $10.50
14. Salad Deluxe $17.00
9. Smoked Pork $8.50
4. Shrimp-Cocktail $15.00
7. Assorted Meat Platter $18.50
10. Green Salad $10.50
5. Tongue $6.50 with special sauce
3. Pickled Vegetables $6.99
11. Beef Tongue Salad $12.00
6. Gefilte Fish $25.00
15. Pickled Vegetables $10.00
2. Mixed Bean Pate $5.50
13. Baked Potato/Red Caviar $2.50
3. White Fish Smoked $10.00
1. Lox $10.00
2. Red Caviar In Avocado $10.00
8. Salad Flamingo $10.00
2. Assorted Fish Platter $17.50
1. Feta Cheese Tartlets $6.00
12. Caesar Salad $7.50
7. Sushi  
5. Sturgeon Jelly $7.00
11. Quails (X2) $15.00
3. Calamari Salad $12.00
16. Marinated Mushrooms And Pepper $8.00
6. Herring $10.00 with onions and olives
6. Walnut, Egg, Cheese Pate $8.00
14. (Fancy)-Whole Baked Duck $25.00
17. Eggplant $7.00 filled with cream cheese
8. Tongue $10.50 with horseradish
9. Eel On Seaweed $15.00
15. Salad $12.00 with smoked duck, mango sauce
10. White Fish Salad $25.00
5. Eggplant $5.50 filled with cream cheese

Melody Wednesday Menu and Prices

Lunch $12 / Dinner $13.99
Lunch   sliced grilled chicken on romaine lettuce
Dinner   baked whiting fish fillet
Dinner   sugar- free flavored gelatin dessert
Lunch   vegetable juice cocktail
Lunch   mozzarella cheese sticks
Dinner   steamed vegetables

Melody Friday Menu and Prices

Lunch $12 / Dinner $26.99
Lunch   turkey ham, low fat cheese
Dinner   s .b "mashed" potatoes fresh steamed green beans
Dinner   vanilla ricotta creme
Dinner   marinated london broil
Lunch   fruit salad
Lunch   cabbage-carrot salad

Melody Meats Menu and Prices

9. Rack Of Lamb $23.00 with special sauce
1. Meat Ala-Kypecheski $18.00 beef, baked in sour cream, cheese, onions
8. Foe Grass $26.00 with special sauce
4. Entrecote Bordelaise $22.00 rib-eye steak with bordelaise sauce
3. Filet Mignon/Vegetables $26.00
6. Grilled Veal Chops In Special Sauce $20.00
5. Chicken Wings In Special Sauce $5.50
7. Escallop $14.50 pork
10. Baby-Pig Baked $150.00 – $120.00
2. Steak "Presidential" $15.00 veal fillet

Melody Tuesday Menu and Prices

Lunch $11 / Dinner $19
Lunch   decaffeinated coffee, nonfat milk
Dinner   cucumber salad, low fat dressing
Dinner   vanilla ricotta creme
Lunch   south beach chopped salad/tuna
Dinner   grilled salmon
Lunch   celery stuffed with light cheese

Melody Seafood Menu and Prices

Sea Bass $26.00 with special sauce
Grilled Trout $16.00 whole
Grilled Swordfish Sicilian Style $28.00
Staffed Lobsters  
Assorted Fish $50.00 fillet sea bass, flounder, trout, sturgeon with special sauce
Lobster Tails   with special sauce
Assorted Seafood $27.00 served with pasta
Grilled Salmon $23.00 with vegetables
Shrimps "Karliecien" $20.00 served with rice

Melody Green Salads Menu and Prices

2. Spinach, Shrimp Salad $15.00
4. Melon, Strawberry Salad $13.00
5. Ekzotik Salad $13.00
3. Carrot, Cabbage Salad $7.00
1. Green Salad $6.00

Melody Traditional Menu and Prices

Dessert   beverages ,tea , coffee
Cold Appetizers   assorted meat platter
Main Course   chicken shish kebab
Cold Appetizers   assorted fish platter
Hot Appetizers   home-style potatoes
Cold Appetizers   salad melody
Main Course   chicken chops with special sauce
Hot Appetizers   fried fish in special sauce
Dessert   assorted pastries
Cold Appetizers   greek salad
Hot Appetizers   baked meat with mushroom sauce
Cold Appetizers   pickled veggies
Cold Appetizers   herring with onions and olives

Melody Major Menu and Prices

Cold Appetizers   salad "do-re-mi"
Hot Appetizers   potatoes home style
Hot Appetizers   blintzes – with red caviar
Main Course   chicken tabaka
Desserts   assorted pastries
Cold Appetizers   salad kapriz
Main Course   pork shish-kebab
Cold Appetizers   herring
Cold Appetizers   assorted meat platter
Hot Appetizers   julienne
Hot Appetizers   baked meat – with mushroom sauce
Hot Appetizers   piroshki with meat
Cold Appetizers   appetizer pikantnaya
Desserts   soda, tea
Cold Appetizers   assorted fish platter

Melody Waltz Menu and Prices

Cold Appetizer   salad "seafood platter"
Dessert   assorted pastries
Hot Appetizers   pan-fried crab cake
Main Course   pork chops
Hot Appetizers   grilled fish with special sauce
Cold Appetizer   salad "deluxe"
Cold Appetizer   fresh vegetables
Cold Appetizer   appetizer "happiness"
Main Course   veal scaloppini in wine and mushrooms
Hot Appetizers   potatoes with mushrooms
Dessert   tea, coffee, soda
Cold Appetizer   salad-7 note
Cold Appetizer   assorted cold cuts "paris"
Cold Appetizer   salad tuna sesame
Cold Appetizer   salad assorted fish platter
Hot Appetizers   red caviar with blintzes
Cold Appetizer   salad allegro (ekzotic)

Melody Grills Menu and Prices

2. Spanish Style Carrots And Cauliflower $12.00
4. Grilled Eggplant, Tomatoes $10.00
1. Roasted Squash, Onions And Sage $14.00
6. Mushroom &spinach Puffs $11.50
1. Filled Pita Bread $12.00
2. Roasted Vegetables $9.00
4. Vegetable Kebab $8.00
3. Garlic Potato Wedges $14.00
5. Nutty Rice Burgers $10.00
3. Broccoli $13.50 with cheddar cheese

Melody Desserts Menu and Prices

2. Tea $2.00
11. Assorted Cakes $6.00
13. Assorted Fruits $12.00
3. Coffee, Cream $2.50
12. Ice Cream $5.50
4. Black Coffee $3.50
10. Assorted Pastries $4.50
9. Tiramisu $8.50
1. Tea/Lemon $2.50
8. Chocolate Souffle Cakes $7.00 with ice-cream
5. Juice $2.50 – $8.00

Melody Symfony Menu and Prices

Cold Appetizers   assorted fish platter
Hot Appetizers   tilapia fillet, shrimps with special sauce
Hot Appetizers   home-style potatoes with mushrooms
Cold Appetizers   assorted -pickled vegetables
Main Course   baked lamb with special sauce and grilled vegetables
Hot Appetizers   beef stew in bread
Desserts   assorted pastries
Cold Appetizers   salad "symphony" – spinach and shrimps
Cold Appetizers   assorted meat platter
Main Course   grilled pork chops in red wine
Hot Appetizers   piroshki filled with meat
Cold Appetizers   marinated vegetables
Desserts   tea , coffee, assorted beverages
Hot Appetizers   blintzes and red caviar
Cold Appetizers   salad ekzotika
Cold Appetizers   salad "octava" – eel and lettuce

Melody Soups $4.50 Menu and Prices

5. Onion Soup  
2. Mushroom Soup  
3. Cauliflower & Broccoli Soup  
6. Beet Soup  
7. Vegetable Soup  
4. Potato &split Pea Soup  
1. Mixed Bean Soup  

Melody Rhapsody Menu and Prices

Hot Appetizers   fried trout greek style
Cold Appetizers   cooked caw tongue with sauce
Cold Appetizers   assorted meat platter
Cold Appetizers   herring with onions and olives
Hot Appetizers   blintzes with red caviar
Hot Appetizers   baked meat with special sauce
Main Course   lamb-shish-kebab
Cold Appetizers   salad victoria
Desserts   soda, tea, coffee
Hot Appetizers   potatoes-home style
Cold Appetizers   assorted smoked fish platter
Desserts   assorted pastries, fruits
Cold Appetizers   calamari salad
Cold Appetizers   caesar salad
Hot Appetizers   pastries with meat, chachapuri
Cold Appetizers   salad allegro (seafood)
Main Course   barbecue spare ribs

Melody Meat Entrees Menu and Prices

All Entrees Served With Side Dish And Picked Vegetable
15. Barbecue Spare Ribs $16.50
14. Rack Of Lamb $27.00
10. Lamb Shish Kebab $21.50
3. Beef Stroganoff $18.00
16. Potatoes $14.00 with mushrooms
13. Cornish Hen European Style $14.00
11. Lula Kebab $1.00
6. Pork Chop (Bone In) $16.00
12. Cutlets "Melody" $1.00
9. Pork Shish Kebab $1.00
8. Chicken Shish Kebab $13.50
2. Beef Steak $24.00
5. Pork Chop $15.00
7. Baked Duck (Whole) $25.00
4. Veal Greek Style $22.00
1. Filet Mignon $26.00

Melody Salads Menu and Prices

6. Caesar Salad $6.00
4. Three Bean Salad $5.50
2. Melon And Mango Salad $8.00
5. Potato Salad $7.50
3. Tomato Salad $6.50
1. Garden Salad $6.00

Melody Seafood And Fish Menu and Prices

2. Salmon Steak $22.00
13. Fried Perch Hungarian Style $15.00
15. Whiting Fish Filet $12.00
6. Baked Trout $22.00
3. Fried Tilapia $17.50
5. Carp Steak $12.00
12. Flounder French Style $25.50
1. Salmon French Style $18.00
4. Sturgeon Shish Kebab $21.00
9. Sea Presents $28.50 scallops, clams, mussel, shrimp
8. Sauteed Jumbo Shrimps $25.00 in garlic sauce
11. Eel Japanese Style $24.00
7. Swordfish Sicilian Style $32.00
14. Sea Bass French Style $29.50
10. Lobster Tail In Special Sauce (4-6) $33.00

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