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Melvyn's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Melvyn’s Appetizers Menu and Prices

Cheese Sticks, Zucchini Mushrooms Or Mini Tacos $5.95 served with salsa, horse radish or any other of our dressings. (combo 2 available)

Melvyn’s Drinks Menu and Prices

Bottle $2.50
Milk $1.50 – $2.00
Pitchers $7.00
Coffee $0.90
Soft Drinks & Ice Tea $0.95 – $1.50

Melvyn’s Garden Spot Menu and Prices

dressings: (it’s back – honey must ranch, 1000 italian, french, blue cheese & no fat ranch, 1000 & italian, (xtra – $0.60)
Dinner Salad $2.25 Lettuce, tomato & dressing.
Scoop Of Tuna $3.95 Salad served on lettuce with apple or tomato wedges.
Melvyn’s Chef $5.75 Lettuce, purple cabbage, tomato, black olives, ham, mushrooms & cheese. May substitute turkey made to order add $2.50 for grilled chicken
Pasta Salad $3.25 – $4.50 Add $2.50 for grilled chicken. A great combination of pasta with purple onion. celery & carrots. All tossed with a light vinaigrette.

Melvyn’s On The Side Menu and Prices

Onion Rings $2.00 – $4.50
French Fries $1.25 – $4.00
Baked Potato $2.25 fresh baked with butter & sour cream. (add $1.50 for chopped turkey)

Melvyn’s From The Grill On The Side Menu and Prices

all burgers patted daily & charbroiled all orders include our fresh cut fries or substitute our onion rings for $0.50 extra
B.B.Q. Roast Beef $5.25 Our select roast beef on a toasted hamburger bun with b.b.q. sauce. (roast cooked daily) (lettuce & tomato $0.25)
Chili Burger $5.75 Our great hand-made patty covered with chili. (lettuce & tomato $.25)
Mega Burger $6.25 A real meal! 8 oz. fresh ground beef burger with all the trimmings.
Club Special $6.25 Piled high with ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo & fries.
Chicken Strip Sandwich $5.50
Hot Dog $3.95 With chili & cheese
Chicken Strips $5.25 Tender strips of chicken with fries & gravy (honey must/ ranch) add $0.50
Hot Dog $3.75 Specify mayo, mustard or onion with chili
Melvyn’s Burger $4.75 Our famous charbroiled 1/3 lb. ground beef patty with mayo, lettuce, pickle, tomato & onion.
Cheese Burger $5.25 Same as the melvyn’s burger smothered in cheese.
B.B.Q. Burger $5.25 Tangy b.b.q. sauce on a charbroiled patty (lettuce & tomato $0.25)
Roast Beef Po-Boy Or Turkey Po-Boy $5.25 Mayo, lettuce, tomato & slices of tender roast beef or turkey with gravy or french dip. (roast cooked daily)
Ham & Cheese Po-Boy $5.25 Tender slices of ham, cheese, lettuce & tomato on fresh po-boy buns. (gravy $0.25)

Melvyn’s Sandwiches Menu and Prices

all sandwiches are on a 5 grain bun with your choice of tomato slices, apple slices or chips. (only 80 cal. per bun) (fries $0.50 extra) all sandwiches include mayo, tomato & lettuce (mustard, ketchup, pickles, & onion on request)
Tuna (Water Packed) $3.95 Made with lite mayo, & relish.
Breast Of Turkey $3.95
Roast Beef $4.95 Roast cooked daily at melvyn’s
Lite Club $6.25 Ham, turkey & roast beef topped with lettuce, tomato, mustard & lite mayo.
Ham & Cheese $4.25
Grilled Chicken $6.75 Sandwich served on wheat
Lite Burger $4.75 Just like the melvyns burger, but on a wheat bun.
Ham $4.25

Melvyn’s Steaks Menu and Prices

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin $12.95 8 oz. juicy beef tenderloin – seasoned only the way melvyn’s does it! includes salad, texas, toast & baked potato or fries, (onion rings add $0.50)
Ribeye $16.95 a steak lovers dream. 14 oz. select hand-cut beef, all our steaks are marinated in melvyn’s secret seasonings & come with texas toast, potato, or fries (onion rings add $0.50)
Grilled Chicken $6.75 marinated grilled boneless breast served with rice pilaf, texas toast & salad. ( potato $0.50)
Hamburger Steak $7.75 – $9.50 created here at melvyn’s: lean ground beef with onions, 2 cheeses on the inside. served with fries. (onion ring or potato $0.50)

Melvyn’s Child’s Corner Menu and Prices

Chicken Strips $3.00 2 delicious strips. includes fries. (gravy is extra $0.50)
Hamburger $3.00 served with mayo, mustard & ketchup only includes fries. (cheese add $0.50)
Hot Dog $2.75 served with choice of mayo, mustard, ketchup & fries. (chili $0.50 extra) (cheese $0.50 extra)
Grilled Cheese $2.50 served with fries

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