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Merzi Warm Sauces Menu and Prices

Hot   a hearty onion tomato masala with rich blend of fiery chilies and traditional indian spices combined with fresh herbs, for volcanic experience
Mild   a traditional buttery makhani sauce with mild spices that delivers a delicious aromatic flavor
Medium   a delectable creamy tikka masala sauce made with a combination of fresh herbs and roasted spices

Merzi Drinks Menu and Prices

Mango Fantango   a refreshing drink from the finest mangoes, natural hormone free lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar
Specialty Bottled Drinks  
Soft Drinks  

Merzi Base Menu and Prices

Chaat   an aromatic blend of onions, peppers, corn, tomatoes, cool cucumbers, and garbanzo beans, topped with a probiotic yogurt, merzis tangy tamarind date chutney, and finished with a smattering of crunchy
Naan Roll   soft fluffy, oven baked naan best filled with meat, vegetables, and one of our merzi chutneys
Salad   a bed of crisp lettuce with vegetables, meat, and our salad dressing
Rice Bowl   long grain fragrant basmati rice in bowl layered with meat, vegetables, and our merzi masala sauces

Merzi Chutneys Menu and Prices

Hot   red chilies crushed and combined with spicy seasoning and fresh herbs
Medium   green chilies chopped and mixed with just the right amount of fresh herbs, mint and seasonings
Mild   an addictively sweet and tangy chutney made of pulped tamarind and dates, infused with select seasonings

Merzi Extras Menu and Prices

Potato Tikka   deliciously flavorful and spiced indian cheese (paneer) crumbled and seasoned with spices rolled into a crunchy potato patty, also perfect on top a chaat, rice bowl, or just on the side
Samosa   seasoned vegetables encased in a crunchy light pastry, perfect on top of chaat, rice bowl, or just on the side
Naan   enjoy one of our specialty breads, good for mopping up any sauces left in your bowl or to enjoy on its just good

Merzi Meat Menu and Prices

Chicken   tender chunks of chicken marinated overnight in our bold blend of seasoning and then grilled
Beef   braised shredded beef infused with merzi spices then cooked to perfection
Lamb   marinated tender pieces of lamb seared and then grilled to heighten flavor
Shrimp   large juicy shrimp grilled with merzis own special blend of intricate seasonings
Vegetarian   all the merzi goodness, none of the meat
Tandisserie Chicken   merzis unique, thoroughly delicious, and juicy tandoor seasoned chicken cooked rotisserie style

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