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Mextiza Lunch Menu Menu and Prices

Calentanas $12.00 Fried Guajillo enchiladas, topped with a fried chicken breast, fried egg, cabbage, oregano cotija cheese and cream.
Machaca Nortena $10.00 Mexican beef sandwich drowned in red sauce, served with refried beans, onions and radishes
Ensalada Cesar $9.00 Traditional cesar salad with garlic bread croutons, & aged Mexican cotija cheese.
Huevos Yucatecos $10.00 Scrambled eggs with mint, served with suteed spinach & grilled tomatillo habanero sauce
Milanesa $12.00 Fried breaded steak, topped with and egg and avocado salad
Bizcocho $9.00 House made buisquits, topped with a spicy chorizo gravy, fried egg and bacon
Roles De Canela $6.00 Fresh house made cinamon rolls with a spicy sugar glaze
Torta Ahogada $9.00 Knife and fork pulled brisket sandwich, served with pinto beans, avocado, and a red chile broth
Huevos Con Huitlacoche $10.00 Eggs Benedict style, fried corn masa cakes, bacon & huitlacoche sauce
Zuizas $9.00 Chicken enchiladas simmered in a spicy tomatillo sauce, topped with melted oaxaca cheese and cream and cream
Hurachito Con Huevo $13.00 Corn masa and black bean cacke topped with eggs and bacon, cotija cheese and a chipotle avocado sauce
Hotcakes De Mercado $8.00 Mexican Market style pancakes served with cajeta syrup and seasonal fruit

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