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Enjoy Miami Tandoor latest menu price updated list. Up to date Miami Tandoor and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Miami Tandoor Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Miami Tandoor Seafood Specialties Menu and Prices

Shrimp Masala $16.99 jumbo shrimp cooked in fresh tomato sauce, butter & cream sauce, peppers & onions
Shrimp Vindaloo $17.99 shrimp cooked in a tangy sauce
Tandoori Shrimp Masala $17.99 shrimp braised in the clay oven then sauteed w/bell pepper & onions
Coconut Shrimp Curry $17.99 shrimp in a coconut cream sauce
Fish Masala $17.99 mahi mahi cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions & garlic

Miami Tandoor Accompaniments Menu and Prices

Pickled Mango $1.99
Cucumber Raita $1.99
Red Onion Chutney $1.99
Mango Chutney $1.99
Green Chutney $0.99
Onion & Tomato Salad $1.99

Miami Tandoor Beef, Goat & Lamb Specialties Menu and Prices

Specialties Include Your Choice Of Naan Or Basmati Rice
Beef Korma $13.99 boneless beef cooked in a traditional brown sauce
Lamb Curry $17.99 chunks of lamb simmered in a tomato curry sauce
Lamb Saag $19.99 boneless lamb sauteed with a creamy spinach sauce
Haleem $11.99 slow cooked beef, lentils, & spices
Nehari $12.99 shank beef in a spicy thick curry sauce
Lamb Madras $18.99 lamb cooked in traditional tomatoes & madras spices
Goat Korma $12.99 chunks of goat cooked with yogurt, spices & herbs
Bhuna Gosht $14.99 tender bone-in goat pieces cooked with fresh tomatoes & herbs masala
Keema Mutter $14.99 minced beef cooked with green peas in tomato sauce
Goat Karahi $28.99 (serves 3-4) tender pieces of meat, tomatoes, herbs, spices cooked in a special wok
Balti Lamb $24.99 generous portion of lamb cooked in tangy tamarind sauce with a medley of spices
Lamb Vindaloo $18.99 lamb cooked in traditional sweet, sour & spicy curry
Lamb Rogan-Josh $18.99 tender pieces of lamb cooked in tomatoes, onion and garlic in zesty yogurt curry sauce
Beef Paya $13.99 beef shank & foot cooked in spicy sauce

Miami Tandoor Tandoori Specialties Menu and Prices

All Tandoori Specialties Are Cooked In The Clay Oven And Served With Tamarind Chutney & Onions
Tandoori Chicken $17.99 – $11.99 chicken marinated in special sauce & seasoning
Seekh Kebob $11.99 4 spicy minced beef skewers cooked with exotic spices
Chicken Tikka Breast $12.99 2 breasts of chicken marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger & spices
Chicken Tikka $9.99 2 chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, garlic, ginger & spices
Chicken Bihari Kebob $9.99 chunks of chicken marinated in yogurt & exotic spices
Tandoori Mixed Grill $17.99 an array of chicken tikka, 2 seekh kebobs & pieces of chicken boti
Chicken Shashlick $12.99 chicken breast pieces marinated overnight, served with rice
Bihari Kebob $10.99 beef strips marinated in hot spices & baked in the tandoor

Miami Tandoor Vegetarian Specialties Menu and Prices

All Vegetarian Specialties Served With Basmati Rice
Paneer Tikka Masala $13.99 grilled fresh homemade soft cheese w/ bell pepper & onions in zesty sauce
Channa Masala $11.99 chick peas cooked with onions, tomatoes in a spiced tomato sauce
Paneer Makhani $13.99 our fresh homemade soft cheese stewed in a creamy gravy
Daal Makhani $11.99 black lentils simmered in creamy gravy sautA©ed in a tomato & onion sauce
Sarson Ka Saag $11.99 mustard leaves cooked in special garlic butter sauce
Tarka Daal $10.99 a variety of lentils seasoned with exotic spices
Bhindi Masala $11.99 cut okra delicately braised with brown onions, tomatoes & spices
Navratan Shahi Karma $11.99 seasoned vegetables cooked in traditional memorable sauce
Aloo Gobhi $11.99 cauliflower & potatoes cooked with herbs & spices
Baingan Bhartha $11.99 eggplant cooked in the clay oven and mashed with garnish on onions and herbs
Palak Paneer $12.99 chopped spinach & homemade fresh soft cheese in a creamy mix
Mutter Paneer $12.99 homemade cottage cheese cubes & green peas curry
Malai Kofta $12.99 croquettes of fresh cheese & vegetables simmered in a creamy soft sauce

Miami Tandoor Beverages Menu and Prices

Sweet Lassi $2.99
Soft Drinks $1.50
Indian Tea $1.50
Mango Juice $1.99
Indian Ice Tea $1.99
Masala Tea $1.99
Mango Lassi $3.49
Plain Lassi $2.99
Marhaba Persian Tea Pot $3.99 – $5.99 imported persian tea blended with flavors from the east
Pakola $1.75 imported ice cream soda

Miami Tandoor Desserts Menu and Prices

Rasmalai $3.99 fresh homemade cheese in sweetened cream sauce, cashews, pistachios & nuts
Gulab Jamun $3.99 deep fried dough with syrup & rosewater
Homemade Almond & Pistachio Ice Cream $4.99
Homemade Kulfi $2.99 homemade ice cream on a stick. ( malai, pistachio & mango)
Homemade Mango Ice Cream $3.99

Miami Tandoor Fresh Baked Breads Menu and Prices

Breads Are Freshly Baked In Clay Oven (Tandoor)
Butter Naan $1.99 all purpose flour butter bread baked in the tandoor
Keema Naan $4.99 naan stuffed with seasoned minced beef
Onion Kulcha $3.99 fluffy bread topped with seasoned onions
Naan $1.75 all purpose flour baked in the tandoor
Paneer Nan $4.99 all purpose flour, blend of cheese
Aloo Naan $3.99
Garlic Naan $3.99 naan mixed with a seasoning of garlic
Chicken Naan $4.99 bread stuffed with seasoned chicken
Special Chili Naan $3.99
Kashmiri Naan $4.99 naan stuffed with dry fruits and nuts

Miami Tandoor Biryani Specialties Menu and Prices

Basmati Rice Imported From The Himalayan Mountains. Served With Raita
Lamb Biryani $17.99 rice cooked with lamb meat & spices
Basmati Rice Steamed $1.99
Chicken Biryani $12.99 rice cooked with tender chicken pieces & spices
Beef Biryani $14.99 rice cooked with boneless beef & spices
Shrimp Biryani $17.99 rice cooked with tender shrimp pieces & spices
Mutton Biryani $13.99 rice cooked with pieces of goat meat & spices
Vegetable Biryani $11.99 rice cooked with seasoned vegetables

Miami Tandoor Chicken Specialties Menu and Prices

All Served With Naan Or Basmati Rice
Chicken Jalfrezi $13.99 boneless pieces of chicken with onion & bell pepper, cooked in special sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala $13.99 grilled boneless chicken pieces w/bell pepper & onions in a zesty sauce
Chicken Saagwala $15.99 boneless chicken in a classic blend of sauces with creamy spinach
Chicken Do Piaza $13.99 boneless chicken pieces cooked with onions, tomatoes & sauce
Chicken Karahi $25.99 (feeds 3-4 persons) chicken cooked in an indian wok with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes & spices
Coconut Chicken $13.99 chicken cooked with coconut milk & spices
Chicken Korma $13.99 boneless chicken in a classic blend of sauces
Chili Chicken $14.99 boneless chicken sautA©ed with a chili kick sauce
Chicken Madras $13.99 boneless pieces of chicken cooked in ginger and garlic with a hint of indian madras spices
Chicken Vindaloo $14.99 boneless chicken cooked with herbs & tangy sauce
Mughlai Murg Masala $15.99 boneless chicken cubes cooked with roasted indian spices
Chicken-Rogan-Josh $14.99 boneless pieces of chicken cooked in tomatoes, onion and garlic in zesty yogurt curry sauce
Balti Chicken $17.99 boneless chicken in traditional tamarind & garlic tangy sauce
Butter Chicken $14.99 shredded chicken cooked with a makhni & tomato cream sauce
Ginger Chicken $13.99 boneless chicken cooked with a special blend of spices & ginger

Miami Tandoor Appetizers Menu and Prices

Chicken Kebob $5.99 minced chicken meat barbecued in the clay oven
Papadam $1.99 lentil thin wafers baked in the clay oven
Paneer Pakora $5.99 cottage cheese dumpling
Vegetable Samosa $2.49 seasoned peas & potatoes wrapped in a flaky pastry
Chicken Spring Rolls $2.99 seasoned minced chicken & veggies wrapped in a flaky pastry
House Salad $3.99 lettuce, tomato & onion topped with house dressing
Family Mix Platter $12.99 vegetable samosa, chicken samosa, chicken spring roll, beef samosa.
Shami Kebob $3.99 minced beef patties fried in vegetable oil
Beef Samosa $2.99 seasoned ground beef wrapped in a flaky pastry
Chicken Samosa $2.99 seasoned boneless ground chicken wrapped in flaky pastry

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