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Mike's Pastry Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mike’s Pastry Torrone Menu and Prices

Vanilla ;
Chocolate ;
Pistachio ;

Mike’s Pastry Marzipan $3 Menu and Prices

Green Apple  

Mike’s Pastry American Favorites Menu and Prices

Wagon Wheels ;
Chocolate Whoopie Pies $3.50
Red Velvet Whoopie Pies $3.50
Apple Twists ;
Half Moons ;
Plain Poundcake ;
Apple Dumplings ;
Chocolate Mocha $3.50
Chocolate Pretzels ;
Cupcakes ;
Eclairs $3.50 yellow and whipped cream
Marble Poundcake ;
Elephant Ears ;
Raspberry Mocha $3.50
Cinnamon Twists ;
Fruit Tart $4.50

Mike’s Pastry Hard Biscotti Menu and Prices

Chocolate Almond  
Chocolate Covered Almond  
Almond Biscotti $12.00
Seeded Biscotti $9.00
Chocolate Biscotti $11.00

Mike’s Pastry Bocconotto Menu and Prices

The Cream Puff.
Whipped Cream $4.00
Lobster Tail Puff $2.50
Strawberry $4.50
Profiterole $4.00
Chocolate Lobster tail $2.00
Yellow Cream Puff $7.00
Boston Cream $2.50

Mike’s Pastry Cakes By The Slice Menu and Prices

Carrot Cake $3.50
Oreo Cookie $3.00
Chocolate Mousse $3.50
Chocolate Fudge $3.00
Boston Creme Pie $3.00
Chocolate Fudge $3.00
Tiramisu $4.00
Red Velvet $3.50

Mike’s Pastry Cookies Menu and Prices

Pistachio Butter ;
Pistachio Butter $11.00
Raspberry Macaroons ;
Crucanti Crushed Almonds $15.00
Red Nut Macaroons ;
Rainbow Layers $11.00
Raspberry Bows ;
Chocolate Chip ;
Green Leaves ;
Pink Coconut ;
M ;
Pistachio Nut Macaroon $15.00
Macaroons ;
Chocolate Leaves ;
Apricot Macaroons ;
White Dipped Butter $11.00
Yellow Dipped Butter $11.00
Chocolate Fudge Sandwich ;
Chocolate Rainbow ;
White Cherry Macaroons ;
Raspberry Filled ;
Coconut Macaroon ;
Butterscotch ;
Cinnamon Crumb ;
Colorful Champagne ;
Black & White Fudge Kiss ;
Peanutbutter Tartlet ;
Yellow Coconut ;
Red Champagne ;
Yellow Cream Puffs $7.00
Plain Cherry Macaroons ;
Oatmeal ;
Black & White Wafer ;
Pink Butter ;
Florentine Dipped ;
White Chocolate Florentine ;
Pink Dipped Butter $11.00
White Champagne ;
Fig Frosted ;
Lemon Flips ;
Assorted Petit-Fours ;
Apricot Macaroons ;
Plain Macaroons $11.00
Fig Frosted Filled ;
Lemon Rings ;
Il Tarallo ;
Raspberry Frost Filled ;
Chocolate Fudge Sandwich ;
Pink Leaves ;
Amaretto ;
Almond Paste Macaroons ;
Peanutbutter Crunch ;
Apple Butter Filled ;
Rum Log ;
Chocolate Florentine ;
Fruit Champagne ;
Peanutbutter Plain ;
Apple Long Filled ;
Green Cherry Macaroons ;
Golden Venezia Fingers ;
Pignoli Macaroons $15.00
Green Dipped Butter $11.00
Raspberry Linzer ;
Raspberry Macaroons ;
Raspberry Shells ;
Green Nut Macaroons ;
Green Coconut ;
Chocolate Chips ;
Vanilla Florentine ;
Peanutbutter Chips ;
Apricot Bows ;
Peanutbutter Eclair ;
S Shaped Butter $11.00
Chocolate Florentine ;
Raspberry Frosted ;
Chocolate-Covered Pretzel ;

Mike’s Pastry Caffe Mikes Menu and Prices

Beverage Offerings From Our Caffe Menu
Cafe Americano $3.00 a hot coffee/hot chocolate combination
Latte   amaretto, vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel
Caffe Espresso $2.25 classic, dark, rich and strong italian favorite.
Tea   an incredibly wide assortment, including mint, chamomile, jasmine, fruit spice, lemon, cranberry, apple, and other english breakfast tea selection
Hot Chocolate   a traditional favorite that is exactly what it says.
Cafe Mocha $3.50 a hot coffee/hot chocolate combination
Cafe Latte $3.50 basically a big, steamy cup of hot milk with a touch of espresso coffee
Espresso, Macchiato   espresso "stained" with a touch of steamed milk
American Coffee $1.75 a different blend every day, traditional "coffee of the day". also available at mikes.
Cappuccino $3.50 espresso coffee with dark chocolate, topped with foamed milk and cinnamon and chocolate sprinkles

Mike’s Pastry Cheesecake And Others Menu and Prices

Lobster tail Cake ;
Il Pasticciotto ; small cream cheese pie
Chocolate Layer Cake $4.50
Oreo Cheesecake $4.50
Chocolate Cheesecake $4.50
Red Velvet Cheesecake $4.50
Strawberry Cheesecake $4.50
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake $4.50

Mike’s Pastry Soft Biscotti Menu and Prices

Cherry Almond  
Traditional Anise $9.00

Mike’s Pastry Cupcakes $2.50 Menu and Prices

Carrot ;
Traditional ;
Chocolate Fudge ;
Gold ;
Peanut Butter ;
Red Velvet ;
Chocolate ;
Turtle ;
Raspberry ;
Lemon ;

Mike’s Pastry La Sfogliatella Menu and Prices

Lobster Tail.
Lobster tail $5.50

Mike’s Pastry Rum Cakes $3.50 Each Menu and Prices

Jimmy Rum Savoia ;
Jimmy Log ;
Rum Baba ;
Rum Square ;
Plain Baba ;
Cream Baba ;
Nut Rum Savoia ;
Parigini Or Neopolitan ;
Nut Log ;

Mike’s Pastry Gelati Menu and Prices

Amarena Cherry  
Peanut Butter  
German Chocolate  
Mint Chip  
Chocolate Chip  
Chocolate Swirl  

Mike’s Pastry Gluten-Free Menu and Prices

Black & White ;
Whoopie Pie ;

Mike’s Pastry Pizzelle Menu and Prices

Pizzelle $5.50

Mike’s Pastry Pies Menu and Prices

Lemon ;
Apple ;
Cherry ;
Custard ;
Blueberry ;
Ricotta Pie By The Slice $2.50

Mike’s Pastry Whole Cakes Menu and Prices

Cassata Siciliana  
Whipped Cream And Strawberries  
Chocolate Mousse  
Rum Cake  
Chocolate Mousse And Strawberries  
Strawberry Cheesecake  
Gold Cake  
White Cake  
Boston Creme  
Chocolate Layer Cake  

Mike’s Pastry Il Cannolo Menu and Prices

Pistachio $3.50
Caramel $3.50
Strawberry $3.50
Chocolate Cream Cannolo $3.00
Chocolate Ricotta $3.50
Espresso $3.50
Amaretto $3.50
Plain Ricotta Cheese $3.00
Hazelnut $3.50
Limoncello $3.50
Chocolate Covered $4.50
Chocolate Chip Cannolo $3.50
Yellow Cream Cannolo $3.00
Peanut Butter $3.50
Oreo $3.50
Chocolate Mousse $3.50
Florentine $4.50

Mike’s Pastry Squares Menu and Prices

Peanut Butter Brownie $3.50
Fig Fruit Square $3.00
Lemon Crumb Topping Fruit Square $3.00
Rocky Road Brownie $3.50
Chocolate Fudge Brownie $3.50
Fresh Fig Fruit Square $3.00
Raspberry Crumb Topping Fruit Square $3.00
Turtle Brownie $3.50
Blueberry Fruit Square $3.00
Lemon Fruit Square $3.00
Apple Crumb Topping Fruit Square $3.00
Apple Fruit Square $3.00
Walnut Brownie $3.50
German Chocolate Brownie $3.50

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