Miss Lily's 7A Cafe

Enjoy Miss Lily's 7A Cafe latest menu price updated list. Up to date Miss Lily's 7A Cafe and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Miss Lily's 7A Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Appetizers Menu and Prices

Jicama Fish Tacos $12.00 escovitch fish
7A Salad $8.00 bibb lettuce, carrot-miso vinaigrette, radishes, sunflower seeds
Cod Fish Fritters $9.00 curry dipping sauce
Jerk Grilled Corn $5.00 toasted coconut, jerk mayo
Melvin’s "Body Good" Salad $12.00 organic kale, apple, radish, celery, swiss chard, walnuts, ginger-citrus vinaigrette
Miss Lily’s Pepper Shrimp $13.00
7A Salad $6.00 add jerk chicken
Ackee Dip & Plantain Chips $12.00
Jerk Wings $11.00 jerk marinated and grilled
Jerk Chicken Jaquitos $7.00 2 jamaican-style ;tacos;, tomatillo salsa
7A Salad $5.00 add jerk tofu
7A Salad $8.00 add jerk shrimp

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Dessert $8 Menu and Prices

Home Made Rum Cake  
Favorite Cake Of The Day  
Ice Cream Sundae   pineapple, ginger snaps, cashew,
Miss Lilly’s Banana Pudding ;
Mum’s Olde Fashioned Toffee Pudding  

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Sides Menu and Prices

Festival $5.00
Mac & Cheese Pie $6.00
Baked Yam $5.00
Callaloo $7.00
Charred Pineapple Coleslaw $5.00
Sweet Plantains $5.00
Rice & Peas $5.00
Quinoa Salad $6.00

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Classics $12 Menu and Prices

Rum Sazerac   bacardi 8 year, absinthe, peychaud’s bitters
Manhattan Fyah ; brugal 1888, ancho reyes chili liqueur, martini rossi, maraschino cherry
Caribbean Margarita ; brugal extra dry rum, lime, house jerk rim, charred pineapple
Rum Old Fashioned ; mount gay black barrel rum, orange, angostura bitters
Rum Negroni ; bacardi heritage, martini rossi, campari, orange peel

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Entrees Menu and Prices

Grilled Mackerel $20.00 rundown sauce, charred kale, scotch bonnet
Hellshire Fish & Chips $19.00 escovitch vegetables
Buss Up Shot $19.00 grilled shrimp, curry vegetable casserole, tamarind chutney
Cheeseburger $12.00 lettuce, tomato, onion, fries choice of american or gruyere
Cheeseburger $1.00 remove cheese
West Indian Curry Vegetable Stew $15.00 grilled okra, buss up shot, tamarind chutney
Jamaican Patty Melt $14.00 house blend, caramelized onion, gruyere, burger sauce, marble rye, jerk seasoned fries
Roasted Atlantic Cod $22.00 caribbean pumpkin, sweet trini peppers

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Beverages Menu and Prices

Sodas $3.00
Ting $4.00 pink ting
Coconut Water $5.00
Tea $3.00
Fresh Pink Lemonade $5.00
Homemade Ginger Beer $5.00
Sorrel $6.00

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Specialty Cocktails Menu and Prices

Champion Bubble $12.00 sorrel reduction sailor jerry spiced rum, champagne
Lily’s Punch $11.00 – $42.00 wray & nephew overproof rum pineapple juice, fruit punch, orange juice
Pressure Drop $12.00 – $46.00 brugal extra dry, fresh mint, simple syrup, sailor jerry spiced rum
Uptown $13.00 sailor jerry spiced rum, elderflower liqueur, champagne, lemon
Frozen Dark & Stormy $9.00 kelvin natural ginger slush, bacardi dark rum
Lily Colada $12.00 vanilla bean infused mount gay rum, half & half, nutmeg
Roots & Culture $48.00 – $14.00 herradura reposado tequila, fresh lime, housemade ginger beer, spiced or dark rum
Watamelon $12.00 – $46.00 bacardi grand melon, fresh watermelon juice, brugal extra dry rum.
Genius Of Love $42.00 – $11.00 bacardi mango rum, fresh lemonade, soda water
Herbal Tonic $12.00 brugal extra dry rum, lime your choice of one of the following thyme, sage or cilantro

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Boomshots & One Drops Menu and Prices

One Drop $3.00 big up your cocktail with rum blackwell, appleton gold, wray & nephew
Boomshot $6.00 housemade ginger beer, sorrel, ting or pink ting your choice of: stoli vodka, bulldog gin, appleton or downey’s rum

Miss Lily’s 7A Cafe Jerk Centre Menu and Prices

Slow Cooked And Grilled Marinated Cucumber Salad, Mango Chutney
Chicken $15.00
Salmon $19.00
Tofu $9.00
Shrimp $16.00
Pork $16.00

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