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Mixtura Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mixtura After Dinner Happy Hour Menu and Prices

Crunchy Corn And Chips $3.50
Sandwich De Pollo $3.50 a delicious chicken salad served with avocado on a freshly baked crunchy bread.
Empanada De Carne $3.50 latin american pastry with a stuffing of ground beef, hardboiled eggs, peruvian olives and raisings.

Mixtura Postres Menu and Prices

Pastel De Chocolate $9.00 hot molten chocolate cake balanced with cool passion fruit ecstasy.
Merengado De Chocolate Blanco Y Guayaba $8.00 french meringue with white chocolate topped with exotic guava.
Tabla De Quesos $13.50 selection of artisan cheeses, quince paste and northwest nuts.
Seleccion Peruana $9.00 a sampling of the finest colonial peruvian desserts.
Lasana Amazonica $9.00 caramelized pineapple slices with tropical fruit mousse and tumbo strawberry gazpacho.

Mixtura Criollos Menu and Prices

(Traditional peruvian main courses).
Seco De Cordero Con Frejoles $22.00 lamb shoulder stew, cilantro and beer flavor, served with beans and rice.
Lomo Saltado $24.00 chinese wok stir fry tender loin fingers, red onions, red peppers, tomatoes and aji amarillo, prepared with soy sauce and served with fried yucca and white rice.
Locro Serrano $16.00 mashed acorn and butternut squash, choclo corn, fava bean, fresh cheese, botija olive and egg flower with truffle infusion, served in a squash shell.
Arroz Con Mariscos $24.00 seafood paella style, aji panca red dry pepper, white wine, seafood and fish of the day.

Mixtura Early Happy Hour Menu and Prices

4:00 A– 6:30 Pm.
Salad Of The Day $3.50 peruvian heart of palm and asparagus, mix greens, fresh avocado, tomatoes and cucumbers, balsamic vinaigrette.
Papa A La Hauncaina $3.50 boiled potatoes and hardboiled eggs served on a leave of lettuce and topped with a creamy and spicy huancaina sauce and garnished with peruvian botija olives.
Sandwich De Pollo $3.50 a delicious chicken salad served with avocado on a freshly baked crunchy bread.
Anticucho De Corazon O Pollo $3.50 afroperuvian fire roasted beef heart or chicken skewers served with A‘ajiA’ sauce and fried yucca.
Empanada De Carne $3.50 latin american pastry with a stuffing of ground beef, hardboiled eggs, peruvian olives and rainsings.

Mixtura Cebiches Menu and Prices

Fresh seafood marinated in a perfectly balanced leche de tigre (lime juice, garlic, kion and other herbs), prepared in the classical peruvian style, served with a side of sweet potatoes and peruvian corn.
Soup Of The Day $6.00
Cebiche 5 Elementos $12.00 the freshest fish in seattle.
Martini De Tigre $15.00 oysters, mussels, fish, prawns and octopus tossed in leche de tigre served in a martini glass.
Escabeche Vegetariano $5.00 – $9.50 (grilled vegetables), grilled asparagus, heart of palm from peru and seasonal local vegetables flavored with olive oil and smoked pimenton.
Anticucho De Corazon O Pollo $5.00 – $9.50 chicken/ beef heart skewers, afroperuvian fire roasted beef heart or chicken breast skewers marinated with ocopa sauce and served with grilled yucca (manioc).
Raices Del Ande $4.50 – $8.00 (andean roots), stuffed yucca and potato with mozzarella and cotika cheese, huancaina sauce and salsa criolla.
Calamares $7.50 – $14.00 calamari. stuffed calamari with crab meat, bay scallops, serrano ham and corn suspended in a plantain crown.
Ensalada De Estacion Salad $8.00 golden and ruby beets, peruvian asparagus, heart of palms and avocado, huasabi and rice vinegar vinaigrette.
Taboule Andino $4.50 – $8.00 (quinoa taboule), inca style taboule: white, black, red quinoa and amaranth. garnished with avocado, heart of palm, botija olives and seasonal vegetables.
Ensalada Mixtura $9.00 arugula butter lettuce, oregon blue cheese, hazelnuts, botijaolives, piquillo peppers, and canola passion fruit vinaigrette. (salad).
Chicharron Novoandino De Pollo $4.50 – $8.00 (deep fry chicken), deep fried quinoa crusted free range chicken served with two sauces.
Cebiche Mixtura $13.00 freshest fish and shellfish in seattle.
Tiradito Sampling $15.00 tiradito, thinly sliced sashimi style cebiche. prawns in rocoto sauce, fish in aji amarillo vinaigrette and octopus in botija o and aji amarillo peppers vinaigrette olives cream sauce.
Cebiche Tio Phil $13.00 local prawns and green mango slices.
Conchitas A La Parmesana $7.00 – $13.50 (parmesan scallops), freshest bay scallops baked with a cover of grated parmesan cheese.
Causa Marina $7.50 – $14.00 potato cake, chilled cake made of layers of purple potato, dungeness crab and prawns; beautifully garnished with smoked salmon and avocado.
Pulpito Octopus $7.00 – $13.00 tender chargrilled octopus in andean pepper oils in a botija olive tapenade foam.

Mixtura Novo Andinos Menu and Prices

(Novo peruvian main courses).
Quinotto $18.00 quinoa wild mushroom risotto with grilled seasonal vegetables and truffle infusion.
Pachamanca $23.00 the ancestral incas way of cooking in the ground with hot stones, done at mixtura in a cocotte. stew made of half free range chicken, corn, potatoes and fava beans, peruvian aromatic herbs. garnished
Salmon En Costra De Quinoa Negra $27.00 seared wild sockeye salmon fillet with quinoa crust, served with chantrelle mushrooms and oregon blue cheese phlox milefoglie.
Chuleton $32.00 grilled 12 oz boneless ribeeye steak aji panca and demiglace sauce, mashed choclo corn plantain crown with butter lettuce salad.
Arroz Con Pato $30.00 rice with duck, a traditional peruvian preparation of duck, deconstructed in three ways: confit, magret and foie gras.
Parrilla Marina $29.00 grilled fresh water shrimp, octopus and calamari stuffed with crab meat, scallops and corn, served with cilantro garbanzo bean and smoked salmon tamale.

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