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Moksha Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Moksha Dessert Menu and Prices

Kheer $5.00 rice pudding flavored with cardamom, saffron
Hot Gulab Jamun $5.00 sweet cheese confections soaked in rose and greens cardamom syrup
Kulfi $5.00 frozen indian ice cream with pistachios

Moksha Moksha’s Signature Dishes Menu and Prices

Lamb Madira $22.00 leg of lamb in madira sauce with haricot beans
Beef Do Piaza $20.00 beef in onion yogurt cardamon gravy with jeera aloo
Pork Baffad $20.00 succulent pork cubes in a mustard and cumin gravy with jeer aloo
Lobster Shahi Korma $28.00 lobster with mushrooms in a saffron sauce with spinach
Bataki Kali Mirch $22.00 tandoori pepper crusted duck breast with potato and shitake mushroom

Moksha Lamb Menu and Prices

Lamb Nihari $18.00 lamb shank with cauliflower stuffed mushroom
Delcha Palak Gosht $18.00 lamb cubes with lentil and spinach
Gustava $18.00 fennel and ginger meatballs in a yogurt sauce
Pudina Lamb Chops $24.00 tandoori mint lamb chops with lotus and beet
Khada Mirch Ghost $18.00

Moksha Rice Delicacies Menu and Prices

Shrimp Biryani $18.00 shrimps tossed in basmati rice with raita
Chicken Biriyani $16.00 cubes of chicken tossed in basmati rice with raita
Vegetarian Biryani $14.00 vegetables tossed in basmati rice with raita
Lamb Biryani $17.00 cubes of lamb tossed in basmati rice with raita

Moksha Beverages Menu and Prices

Soda $2.50
Mango Lassi Sweet Lassi Salted Lassi $4.00
Small Bottled Water $2.50
Lasala Chai $3.00
Large Bottle Water $4.00
Pellegrino $3.00
Juices $4.00
Thandai $4.00

Moksha Poultry Menu and Prices

Galinha Xacuti $15.00 chicken in a coconut mustard and poppy seed sauce
Jahangirl Murg $16.00 bell pepper stuffed with chicken and spinach
Awadhi Murg $18.00 stuffed chicken breast in saffron sauce
Kasturi Murg $16.00 ginger garlic tandoori chicken breast with cauliflower stuffed mushroom
Chicken Saag $16.00 cubes of chicken breast cooked in spanish
Chicken Vindaloo $16.00 chicken cooked in chili sauce
Hariyali Chooza $20.00 tandoori cilantro comish hen with cauliflower stuffed mushroom

Moksha Seafood Menu and Prices

Lahsuni Jhinga $26.00 garlic flavored tandoon jumbo prawns with eggplant pickle
Hariyali Maach $17.00 sushi grade tuna in cilantro sauce
Shrimp Curry $17.00 shrimp cooked in spicy coconut gravy
Macher Jhol $17.00 fish of the day cooked in broth with eggplant and potato

Moksha Vegetarian Menu and Prices

Bharwan Mirch $14.00 italian pepper stuffed with cheese and veg in tomato gravy
Paneer Makhni $14.00 homemade cheese in spicy tomato sauce
Dai Makhni $10.00 black lentil red beans tempered with onion garlic and ginger
Kurkuri Bhindi $14.00 okra stuffed with potato in masala sauce
Chana Masala $14.00 chickpea in tomato sauce
Baingan Ka Salan $14.00 baby eggplant in poppy seed coconut and tamarind sauce
Malai Kofta $14.00 cottages cheese dumplings in saffron sauce
Dai Tadka $10.00 yellow lentils tempered with cumin garlic and ginger
Jaipuri Gobi Matter $14.00 cauliflower in onion and peas sauce with cashews and raisins

Moksha Appetizers Menu and Prices

Chimbon Jalwa $12.00 crab cake with ripe wine tomato chutney
Khasta Baingan $7.00 crispy eggplant with sweet and soul date chutney
Kashmiri Tikki $7.00 lotus lentil cake with beetroot raita
Kesari Murg $8.00 tandoori chicken breast with mint chutney
Papdi Chaat $8.00 crisp puns with potatoes garbanzos topped with yogurt tamarind and mint chutney
Samosa $6.00 chicken or vegetable stuffed turnover
Angoori Jhinga $10.00 ginger tandoon shrimp with grape sesame and ginger relish
Nizami Ghost $10.00 sirloin tossed in curry leave ginger mustard and tamarind
Angarey Boti $8.00 marinated pork ribs with apricot chutney
Bhelpuri $7.00 puffed rice and vermicelli with potato, chickpea, tamarind
Tawa Mankyo $10.00 calamari tossed in mustard and coconut
Makai Gatta $6.00 chickpea pancakes with corn raita
Dahibhalla $8.00 lentil dumpling topped with yogurt tamarind and mint chutney
Vegetable Seekh Kabab $8.00 vegetable kebabs with mint chutney

Moksha Bread Menu and Prices

Garlic Naan $3.50
Kandhari Naan $4.50 bread stuffed with nut and raisins
Nan Roti $3.00
Onion Kulcha $3.50
Aloo Paratha Mint Paratha Plain Paratha $4.00 multi layered whole wheat bread

Moksha Desserts Menu and Prices

Rasmalai $5.00 cheese dumplings in saffron syrup
Kulfi $5.00 frozen indian ice cream with pistachios
Kheer $5.00 rice pudding flavored with cardamom saffron
Banana Mocca $6.00 honey and pistachio dipped banana with mocca sauce with ice cream
Hot Gulab Jamun $5.00 sweet cheese confections soaked in rose and greens cardamom syrup

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