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Enjoy Monsoon Bay latest menu price updated list. Up to date Monsoon Bay and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Monsoon Bay Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Monsoon Bay Soup and Salads Menu and Prices

Southwestern Caesar Salad with Chicken or Beef $5.75 did you know this salad was invented in tijuana, mexico? seriously! crispy romaine lettuce tossed in our own special sothwestern caesar dressing served with garlic croutons, add $3.50 for grilled shr
Southwestern Caesar Salad $4.25
French Onion Soup $3.75 dark and rich, this soup is a great starter or by itself, a delicious sherry broth with sauteed onions and sour dough croutons, topped with melted swiss cheese.

Monsoon Bay Dessert Menu and Prices

Monster Chocolate Cake $3.75
Big Ass Cheese Cake $3.75 add one of our special sauce, strawberry, peach, chocolate, raspberry or mango sauce

Monsoon Bay Starters Menu and Prices

Tay’ta Skins $5.75 what do you want, our chef’s from boston! potato skins served with yammy amounts of cheese, bacon and scallions, served with a side of cool ranch dressing
Chicken Fingers $6.25 the all-american favorite chicken served tender inside and crispy on the outside with your choice of honey mustard, bbq, or buffalo sauce
Pedro Poppers $5.75 who the heck is pedro anyway? an actual friend who introduced us to this popular snack breaded jalapenos prepared with cheese, then deep fried to golden brown, served with a cool side ranch dressing
Killer Shrimp Cocktail $8.98 watch these babies! they have a bite to sem, monsoon bay’s awesame shrimp cocktail served with a flair that ‘ll have you saying ‘killer dude!’
Deep Fried Mushrooms, Cauliflower, or Zucchini $5.75 deep fried with choice of blue cheese or cool ranch, or horse radish sauce
Quesadilla $1.50 the mexican version of a grilled cheese sandwich, a giant tortilla served with three melted cheese, and if your taste buds need that extra kick, throw in some chicken or carne asada for an extra
Mozzarella Sticks $5.75 you talking to me? yeah that’s right, it’s cheese, breaded mozzarella cheese fried to a crisp and served with a zesty side of marinara sauce that ‘ ll have you saying. ‘mama mia!’
Onion Rings $5.75 oh baby! that’s all folks!, beer battered onion rings served hot and crispy with a side of cool ranch dressing, or horse radish sauce
Baja Nachos $6.75 have ya been south of the border lately’ crispy tortilla chips served with three types of melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream and pico, add your choice of ground black angus beef, or chicken $1.50
Wing’it $3.75 – $6.75 take a chance at one of our several great tasting choices of chicken wings. go for it! buffalo wings, served tnt, hot, medium, or mild, honey bbq or spicy thai

Monsoon Bay Food and Stuff Menu and Prices

Steak Tips $9.95 this neighborhood favorite will have people talking! marinated tender tri-tips charbroiled to perfection over our blend of mesquite chips, served with a tangy bbq sauce
Sonoran Tacos $6.95 the taco by which all others will be judged, my mother-in-law’s recipe, she’d kill me if she knew, 3 tacos, your choice of carne asada or chicken asada or chicken served on corn of flour tortillas, t
Margarita Chicken Dinner $8.95 a couple of bites of this and you’ll be doing the salsa all night long, tender chicken breast, marinated in tequila and fresh key lime juice, and grilled to perfection, topped with green chili and me
Jerked Chicken $8.95 hey mon! trust me, tender chicken breast, marinated in monsoon ray’s own jerk spices, charbroiled, served with jerk sauce, served with your choice of 2 sides
Chef’s Favorite Steak and Cheese Subs $6.95 this new england favorite, boston steak bomb, will knock you off your feet, grilled, thinly shaved steak with cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers, and ‘yes’ two slices of salami on a deliciou
Monsoon Burger $6.95 you hungry! burger big! you eat! a half-pound of black angus burger on a bun, served to your liking, served with fries, you build it
Chef’s Special $0.00 whatever he feels like! i give up
French Dip $6.95 ooh la la! wee wee! i don’t know what i’m saying. a delicious serving of tender and juicy roast beef served on a roll with a zesty side of au jus, served with fries
Smuggler’s Cove Shrimp Platter $10.95 surt’s up! fresh jumbo shrimp lightly breaded and deep fried with our spicy cocktail or our creamy tartar sauce, served with your choice of 2 sides

Monsoon Bay Sides Menu and Prices

Sides $1.50 french fries, seasoned fries, baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, caribbean rice, black beans, garlic spinach, sauteed vegetable medley, cole slaw

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