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What they do

MOOYAH is a casual dining restaurant that understands the value of delivering exceptionally high-quality fast foods. While MOOYAH menu prices are a little higher than those of other similar chains, this restaurant is one of the fastest-growing enterprises. Its customers are getting value for their cash.

Menu prices

The MOOYAH menu prices are, however, less expensive than full-service restaurants. It has an uncomplicated menu that has something for everyone, especially for people whose primary concern is ordering healthy and well-prepared foods.

Family-friendly atmosphere

What other things make MOOYAH stand out? It empowers you as the customer to be in charge of your entire purchase process. When you are creating your meal, you only need the menu, which is full of top quality food items, and nothing more. Moreover, this restaurant delivers its excellent service in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant also appeals to the public since it is clean and offers friendly service. They have a robust online and mobile ordering process. Some of their stores also have ordering kiosks. Furthermore, they have a section on the wall where children can doodle. In this regard, for people who are looking for a great place to take their families and order a variety of food items the way they want, MOOYAH Burgers, Shakes, & Fries is a great choice to consider.

About MOOYAH Burgers, Shakes, & Fries

MOOYAH is one of the youngest restaurants that are growing at a significantly high rate. In 2007, Rich Hicks and Todd Istre founded it in Plano, Texas, to be able to fill the gap that most restaurants ignore. Despite the fact that they launched relatively late, the business is booming. Presently, MOOYAH has over 70 locations and has active plans to increase this figure to more than 100 within a short time.

The founders believe that customers had the right to get the best quality despite the cost. Going by its performance, the business has proven that restaurants can successfully compete based on value and customer experience rather than price.

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