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Natural Tofu Book Chang Dong Special Menu and Prices

Korean Seafood Pan Cake $10.00
La Galbi $13.00
Chicken BBQ $12.00
Dolsotbibimbab $9.00
Pork Hock $15.00
Whole Squid $12.00 with vegetables
Korean Kim Chi Pan Cake $10.00
Jae York Dubu Kimchi $12.00
Spicy Pork Fried $12.00
Boolkoki $12.00 barbecue

Natural Tofu Tofu $7.95 Menu and Prices

Very Spicy, Spicy, Mild, Very Mild
Soy Bean Soft Tofu   tofu, boiled with soybean, beef and mushroom
Kimchi Soft Tofu   tofu, boiled with kimchi and choice of beef or pork
Seafood Soft Tofu   tofu boiled with oyster, shrimp, clam, mussel, green onion
Vietnamese Rice Noodle   rice noodle, bean sprout, cilantro, meat ball, lemon, mexican pepper
Vegetarian Soft Tofu   tofu boiled with mushroom, miso, soybean, snow pea
Intestine Soft Tofu   tofu intestine beef, mushroom, green onion
Combination Soft Tofu   tofu boiled with beef, shrimp clam mushroom, green onion

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