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Necco Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Necco Small Plate Menu and Prices

Curry Flavor Nanban Chicken $12.00 pan fried jidori chicken on fried topped with sweet and sour soy
Tofu Nigiri $8.00 tofu marinated in saikyo miso on brown rice
Garlic Kabocha Pumpkin And Green Beans $10.00 sauteed with garlic soy
Red Roll $13.00 vegetable roll wrapped with pickled watermelon radish
Crispy Brown Rice Vegetable Roll $13.00 shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom, and enoki mushroom inside, ankake sauce on top
Tofu Okonomiyaki $10.00 tofu based pancake with brown rice and vegetables, comes with okonomi sauce and vegenaise
Necco’s Potato Fries $8.00 with yuzu citrus pepper teriyaki
Satoimo Agedashi $11.00 deep fried mashed taro potato with edamame and shitake mushroom in dashi stock
Tofu Shumai $12.00 with shrimp covered in mocha rice
Nimono $10.00 whole beet and small potato cooked in dashi stock
Baked Cauliflower & Broccoli $10.00 with honey mustard, crushed almonds on top
Bon Veggie $10.00 lotus root and brown rice croquette on fried asparagus, dark ketchup sauce on top
Seiro Mushi $14.00 steamed today’s vegetables with sesame, vegenaise, and miso sauce
Satoimo Agedashi $11.00 deep fried mashed taro potato with edamame and shiitake mushroom in dashi stock
Red Snapper Carpaccio $18.00 with yuzu citrus dressing
Say Holla To Brown Rice Taco $12.00 sauteed vegetables, wasabi guacamole, tofu cheese on non-deep fried brown rice tortilla
Spicy Tuna Sashimi $18.00 with spicy miso sauce, comes with poached quail egg
When Shishito, Renkon, And Kinoko Meet $12.00 sauteed japanese chili pepper, louts root, unagi, mushroom, shiitake mushroom, and baby tomato with balsamic soy
Zuke Salmon Sashimi $16.00 scottish salmon marinated in bonito soy stock, served with truffle oil and salt, chopped onion on top
Renkon Kabayaki Oshizushi $16.00 grilled deep fried grated lotus root on seaweed with teriyaki on sushi rice, avocado and wasabi vegenaise on top

Necco Drink Menu and Prices

Soda With Koso $8.00 lemon or seasonal fruits
Draft Beer $4.00 – $7.50 sapporo
Sparkling Water $8.00
Original Koso Fruits Juice $7.00 lemon or seasonal fruits with water
Organic Green Tea $4.00 hot

Necco Starter Menu and Prices

Cream Cheese & Almond $6.50 black pepper soy sauce flavor cream cheese with bonito flake on top, roasted almond with sweet miso
Sassy Kuro Edamame $5.00 sauteed edamame with spicy garlic soy
Tofu Char Siu $6.00 tofu marinated in necco’s original char slu sauce
Half Shell Oyster $3.50 ponzu lemon
Baked Half Shell Oyster $6.00 baked sea urchin on top
Kale Nori Goma Ae $5.00 boiled kale mixed with seaweed and black sesame dressing
Necco Original Pickles $5.00 with today’s vegetables
Nature’s Gift $6.00 fresh mixed today’s vegetables
Have Some Necco Chips $6.00 fried lotus root, sweet potato, and gobo root
Steamed Spicy Octopus $7.00 with cucumber and celery and cilantro

Necco Desserts Menu and Prices

Raw Chocolate Tiramisu $9.00 95% raw ingredients, rich chocolate flavor, cream made with cashew, non-dairy, gluten free
Green Tea Pudding $7.50 soy milk base, smooth texture, melt in your mouth, shiratama (mocha ball), red bean paste, and seasonal fruit on top
Special Dessert Plate $15.00
Vegan Tofu Cheesecake $8.50 non-dairy, organic tofu with almond and oatmeal

Necco Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices

House Red Wine $8.50 casa barranca merlot
House Red Wine $11.00 casa barranca pinot noir
House White Wine $7.50 casa barranca sauvignon blanc

Necco Salad Menu and Prices

Kale Salad $10.00 with yuzu citrus soy dressing
Necco Salad $12.00 boiled lotus root, gobo root, fresh radish mixed with sesame vegenaise, baby spring mix mixed with soy onion dressing
Albacore Sashimi Salad $15.00 baby spring mix, arugula, onion, and radish with hot garlic olive oil and ponzu
Green Tea Soba Salad $12.00 baby spring mix, white onion, baby tomato, radish, and carrot, mixed in sesame flavor ponzu dressing, fried green soba noodle on top
Kabocha Pumpkin Salads $8.00 mashed steamed pumpkin mixed with vegenaise, raisin, maple syrup, and roasted pumpkin seeds, comes with spring roll chips

Necco Big Plate Menu and Prices

Eggplant Steak $18.00 comes with sauteed seasonal vegetables with miso aioli
Lamb Chop $25.00 koli zuke style: grilled koji marinated lamb chops comes with fried potatoes
Stuffed Portobello Mushroom $19.00 grilled ground jidori chicken, chinese chives, and lotus root, comes with sundried tomato and shiso leaf rice balls and fried potatoes
Japanese Style Aquapazza $28.00 white fish, asari clam, red snapper, baby tomato, shiitake mushroom and shrimp, mushroom steamed in sake

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