New Wah Hing

Enjoy New Wah Hing latest menu price updated list. Up to date New Wah Hing and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

New Wah Hing Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

New Wah Hing Vegetable Menu and Prices

Lunch / Dinner *Spicy
24. Family Style Bean Curd $6.95 deep fried bean curd sauteed with bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms, napa, broccoli in brown sauce
25. Szechuan Bean Curd* $6.95
23. Yu-Hsiang Broccoli* $4.25 – $6.25 fresh broccoli, mushrooms and water chestnuts in a spicy sauce
21. Mixed Vegetable $4.25 – $6.25
22. Snow Pea Pods W/Water Chestnuts $4.25 – $6.95 snow pea pods sauteed with water chestnuts and carrots in rich white sauce

New Wah Hing Soup Menu and Prices

13. Hot & Sour* $1.25 – $2.50
17. Shrimp Sizzling Rice $4.95 golden rice is set sizzling into a soup of shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables
16. Chicken Sizzling Rice $3.95 golden rice sizzles in a rich chicken broth with minced chicken and vegetables
14. Egg Drop $1.25 – $2.50
15. Wonton $1.25 – $2.50

New Wah Hing Appetizers Menu and Prices

Ap-1. Egg Roll $1.90 deep fried rolls filled with minced meat and vegetables
Ap-10. Assorted Hot Appetizers $6.95 egg rolls, crab rangoon, satay beef, fantail shrimp and chicken drumsticks
Ap-9. Fried Chicken Wings $2.95
Ap-7. Bar-B-Q Spareribs $4.25
Ap-8. Satay Beef $4.25 marinated slices of barbecued beef on skewers
Ap-5. Pot Stickers $3.95
Ap-4. Fantail Shrimp $4.25 deep-fried jumbo shrimp dipped in a special batter
Ap-6. Shrimp Toast $4.25
Ap-2. Fried Wonton $1.80
Ap-3. Crab Rangoon $2.60 crab meat blended with cream cheese wrapped inside wonton skin & fried.

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