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Nico's Cafe Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Nico’s Cafe The Big Chill Menu and Prices

Caramel Chiller $2.89 – $3.49 creamy caramel blended with icy espresso, topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup
Syrup Flavors $0.50
Iced Vanilla Chai $1.89 – $2.49 chai tea blended with milk and ice
Chocappo $0.00 chocolate blended with icy espresso and topped with whipped cream

Nico’s Cafe Hot Panini Sandwiches Menu and Prices

focaccia bread filled with fresh ingredients. Grilled and served warm, served with chips.
Italian Blue Roast Beef $5.95 rare roast beef, gorgonzola cheese, sliced fresh tomatoes with roasted red bell pepper mayo
Cubano $5.95 thinly sliced ham, salami & Swiss cheese, dill pickles & chopped tomatoes with cilantro dijon mayo
Chicken Nico $5.95 grilled chicken, prosciutto, provolone & roasted garlic / sage mayo
Turkey $5.95 focaccia bread, turkey breast, cheddar, roasted red peppers, red onions

Nico’s Cafe Soup & Soup Menu and Prices

Soups in a Sourdough Bread Bowl $4.69
Bowl or Cup or Soup or Chili $2.75 – $3.75 served with our fresh bread

Nico’s Cafe Specialty Pizza Menu and Prices

pizza toppings: artichoke hearts, sausage, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, chicken (each) pepperoni, roasted garlic, olives, fresh basil, onions, mushrooms, ricotta, broccoli (each)
Margherita $5.99 traditional fresh tomato, fresh basil and mozzarella cheese
White Pizza $6.99 no sauce, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, ricotta and mozzarella cheese
Classic Trio $7.99 mushroom, sausage & pepperoni
Specialty Pizza (Focaccia)6" (Margherita) $1.25
Specialty Pizza (Focaccia) 10" $0.95
Vegetarian $7.99 garlic, roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, fresh basil, fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese
Quattro Stagioni $7.99 artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sausage and onion arranged into "four seasons"
Cali Pizza $7.99 grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, red onion & mozzarella & tomato sauce

Nico’s Cafe Salads Menu and Prices

your choice of dressings: ranch, Italian, creamy caesar, honey mustard, sesame oriental
Caesar Salad $4.99 romaine lettuce, creamy caesar dressing parmesan, croutons
Chicken Caesar Salad $5.99 grilled chicken breast, romaine, creamy caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons
The Chef $5.99 romaine, ham, turkey, Swiss, carrots, tomatoes, peppers
Cafe Chicken or Tuna Salad $5.99 chicken or tuna salad, romaine, black olives, carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, sunflower seeds
Bangkok Thai Salad $5.99 mixed greens, carrots, grilled chicken breast, crunchy noodles, water chestnuts, sprouts

Nico’s Cafe Specialty Beverages Menu and Prices

Chocolate Macadamia Nut $1.29 – $1.69
Hot Chocolate $1.29 – $1.69
Cafe Decaf $1.29 – $1.69 carefully decaffeinated and expertly roasted with smooth, full bodied flavor
Cafe Blend $1.29 – $1.69 a selection of the finest coffee beans
Hazelnut & Decaf House Blend $1.29 – $1.69 our costa rican blend with subtle, nutty hazelnut flavor
Vanilla Cream $1.29 – $1.69
Chai Vanilla Tea $1.89 – $2.49
Pickwick Teas $1.59 a unique blend is featured
Featured Coffee $1.29 – $1.69 a unique blend is featured each season
Tea (House Blend) $0.99 – $1.49 a unique blend is featured

Nico’s Cafe Signature Sandwiches Menu and Prices

signature sandwiches are served with a pickle spear and chips. Your choice of bread
Genoa Tapenade $5.95 genoa salami, fresh mozzarella & roasted peppers with olive / sun-dried tomato tapenade
Grilled Tuscan Chicken $5.95 chargrilled chicken breast with pesto mayonnaise, sundried tomato, red onion, baby spinach & balsamic vinaigrette
Nico’s Italiano $5.95 ham, salami, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese with tomato basil bruschetta
Turkey Bruschetta $5.95 smoked turkey & provolone topped with tomato basil bruschetta

Nico’s Cafe Grilled Hot-Wraps Menu and Prices

savory wraps filled with fresh ingredients and sauces. Grilled and served warm and with chips.
Club Med Grilled Hot Wrap $5.99 sun dried tomato tortilla, grilled chicken breast, red onions, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, spinach, sun dried tomato pesto.
Bistro Grilled Hot Wrap $5.99 herb-garlic tortilla, harm, swiss, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, honey mustard
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap $5.99 tender grilled chicken, romaine, black olives, peppers, tomatoes, pepperjack, salsa

Nico’s Cafe Fountain Beverage Menu and Prices

Pepsi $0.99 – $1.49
Orange Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Water $1.29

Nico’s Cafe Bakery Menu Menu and Prices

Croissants French $1.95
Cookies 3 For $1.50
Danish $1.95
Brownies $1.95
Muffins $1.50
Scones $1.95

Nico’s Cafe Espresso Beverages Menu and Prices

Espresso $1.19 – $1.49
Cafe Mocha $2.89 – $3.29 espresso with steamed milk, prepared with chocolate and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles
Cafe Latte $2.89 – $3.29 espresso with steamed milk
Cappuccino $2.89 – $3.29 espresso with steamed milk, topped with a cap of foam
Caramel Latte $2.89 – $3.29 espresso with steamed milk and caramel, topped with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel syrup
House Latte $2.89 – $3.29 espresso with steamed milk, prepared with natural honey, vanilla, spices and topped with whipped cream

Nico’s Cafe Smoothies 16 oz. Menu and Prices

Coffee-Banana $3.25 bananas, fat free milk, non-fat coffee yogurt, cinnamon & nutmeg.
Blueberries Cozumel $2.99 a breezy combo of blueberries, peaches, honey and pineapple juice.
Strawbereeze $2.99 a classic combo of strawberries, bananas, honey and pineapple juice.
Raspberry-Peach Paradise $2.99 raspberries, peaches, pineapple juice
Tropical Passion $2.99 mangos, strawberries, bananas, passion fruit juice, non-fat yogurt.
Yummy Nana Smoothie $2.99 a delicious blend of banana, fruit juice, strawberries, non-fat yogurt.

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