Nightingale 9

Enjoy Nightingale 9 latest menu price updated list. Up to date Nightingale 9 and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Nightingale 9 Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Nightingale 9 Broth Menu and Prices

Pho Bo $16.00 brisket, eye of round, scallions, cilantro
Pork Hock Banh Canh $14.00 cilantro,chili paste, fried shallots
Mushroom $13.00 shiitake chips, pho noodles
Pho Ga $14.00 shredded chicken,pA?tA©, scallions, ginger, cilantro

Nightingale 9 Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices

Carignan $11.00 "contra", bonny doon vineyards, ca ’12
Chenin Blanc $9.00 richer pour, monterey, ca ’11
Chardonnay $9.00 domaine de la patience, france nv
Pinot Noir $9.00 "gaspard", jenny & francois, france ’13

Nightingale 9 Desserts Menu and Prices

Che Ba Mau ;Rainbow Dessert; $7.00 sweet beans, pandan jelly, dragon fruit, ice, coconut cream
Donuts And Coffee $10.00 vietnamese coffee, coconut curd
Tapioca Pudding $7.00 pineapple, vanilla, mint
Steamed Banana Cake $7.00 coconut cream, peanut brittle
Housemade Popsicles $5.00 thai basil, palm sugar, banana

Nightingale 9 Rishi Teas $3 Menu and Prices

Peppermint Rooibos ;
Jasmine ;
Jade Cloud ;
Chamomile ;
Turmeric Lemon ;

Nightingale 9 Cold Drinks Menu and Prices

Boylan’s Soda $4.00 cola, diet cola
Sweet ‘n Salty Limeade ; fish salt
House Made Ginger Soda ; tumeric, lime

Nightingale 9 Counter Culture Menu and Prices

Vietnamese Style Coffee $4.00 hot or iced – w/sweetened condensed milk

Nightingale 9 Share Menu and Prices

Bk Collard Salad $9.00 coconut, fried shallots
Shredded Green Papaya $11.00 house dried beef, mint
Salt & Pepper Squid $12.00 black pepper, lime
Crispy Spring Rolls $10.00 ground pork, jicama, woodear mushrooms
Roasted Cauliflower Salad $11.00 cucumber, peanuts, yuzu, rice paddy herb
Banh Cuon $12.00 house rice sheets, ground pork, chicken pA?tA©, cucumber
Fried Chicken Wings $11.00 cucumber, sweet tamarind sauce, pickles

Nightingale 9 Beer $5 Menu and Prices

Westbrook One Claw ; rye ale, sc
Singlecut ; mahogany ale, queens, ny
Tiger Beer ; lager, singapore
;33; Export ; pale lager, vietnam
Captain Lawrence ; liquid gold pale ale, ny

Nightingale 9 Sides Menu and Prices

Crispy Brussels Sprouts $9.00 fish sauce, chilies, sesame seeds
Wok Greens $6.00 bok choy, bk greens
Jasmine Rice $2.00

Nightingale 9 Meat & Fish Menu and Prices

Carolina Shrimp $18.00 congee, bacon, shiitakes, shrimp cracker
Grilled Pork Chop $16.00 lemongrass, chili, cucumber
Cha Ca Catfish $16.00 vermicelli, peanuts, dill, scallions, nuoc cham
Pork Shoulder $16.00 rice sheets, annatto chili paste, pickled green papaya
Smoked Pork Sausage $16.00 rice cakes, shrimp paste, black pepper, eggplant

Nightingale 9 Cocktails Menu and Prices

Pisco $11.00 watermelon-kaffir shrub, lemon, basil
Pueblo Viejo Tequila $12.00 cointreau, palm sugar, citron
Glorious Gin $10.00 strega,| pineapple, lime, basil seeds
Dutch’s Moonshine $12.00 rum, almond milk, coconut vinegar, nutmeg
White Pike $11.00 st. germaine, chipotle, velvet falernum, lime
Elijah Craig $10.00 vietnamese black pepper corn, rhubarb bitters
Flor De Cana $9.00 passion fruit, lime
Tito’s Vodka $9.00 ginger, turmeric, lemon

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