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Nordic Delicacies Inc Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Nordic Delicacies Inc Homemade Baked Goods Menu and Prices

Available Year Round
Boller $0.75 raisin rolls with cardamom spice
Kransekaker (12 & 18 Ring Almond Cake) $75.00 kransekaker (18 rings)
Kransekaker (12 & 18 Ring Almond Cake)   this popular seller is the traditional almond ring cake decorated with candies and any country flag. each kransekaker can be made to order. a must for any special occasion.
Whole Wheat Bread $4.50
Norwegian Style Waffles (4 Squares To A Sheet) $2.00 our waffles are made from the same wonderful ingredients that mor mor used. we just don’t cook them over the stove like they used to, we use our waffle iron instead. sold by the sheet, four squares t
Kransekaker (12 & 18 Ring Almond Cake) $65.00 kransekaker (12 rings)
Whole Wheat Rolls $0.75
Julekaker (Christmas Bread) $4.50 this is a golden bread with raisins and cardamom normally made only for the christmas holidays. it has become so popular, we now offer it year round. sold per loaf, each loaf weighs approximately 1 l

Nordic Delicacies Inc Misc. Food Menu and Prices

Vestland’s Lefse Or Viking Lefse $8.00
Swedish Whole Yellow Peas $4.00
Norwegian Raspeballer Mix $8.00 dry mix, komper
Swedish Whole Green Peas $4.00
Norwegian Solo Orange Soda $2.50 check price & availability
Norwegian Ertestuing $8.00 dry mix, cream peas
Hafi Cloudberry Jam $12.00 sweden
Swedish Black Currant Syrup $7.00 onos
Norwegian Bergen Brand Fish Soup $5.00 dry mix
Sweden House Raspberry Saft $7.00
Mrs. Olson’s Potato Lefse $6.50
Swedish Felix Brand Lingonberries $7.00
Norwegian Stabburet Red Cabbage $5.00
Swedish Raspberry (Hallon) Syrup (Onos) $7.00
Norwegian Mills Mayo $4.00 tubes
Norwegian Cardamom $2.50 ground
Norwegian Stabburet Surkal $5.00 sauerkraut
Toro Frukt Soup $6.00
Swedish Lingonberry Syrup $7.00 hafi
SprA¶stekt Lok $4.00
Swedish Felix Lingonberry Stirred $50.00

Nordic Delicacies Inc Best Salads In Brooklyn Menu and Prices

Pickled Herring Salad $8.99
Macaroni Salad $3.99
Tuna Salad $4.50
Carrot & Raisin Salad $3.50
Potato Salad $3.99
Cole Slaw $3.50
Seafood Salad $11.50
Egg Salad $3.50

Nordic Delicacies Inc Fish And Meats Menu and Prices

Mackerel Fillets $6.75 smoked in soybean oil
Abba Brand Herrings $6.09 senapsill, tomatsill, lokksill, inlagtsill
Frisco Assorted Tidbits $3.50 individual tins. madeira
Frisco Assorted Tidbits $3.50 individual tins. dill
Frisco Assorted Tidbits $3.50 individual tins. wine
Skansen Matjes Tidbits $5.00
Lutefisk $25.00
Norwegian Smoked Salmon $22.00 lox
Frisco Assorted Tidbits $3.50 individual tins. sherry
Skansen Tidbits In Cream $5.00 – $6.00
Joika Reindeer Meatballs ; 14oz tin
Husmor Brand Fishballs $9.00 – $6.50
Skansen Tidbits In Wine $5.00 – $6.00
Bovik Brand Anchovy Whole $10.50

Nordic Delicacies Inc WASA Crisp Bread Menu and Prices

Sourdough $4.00 golden rye
Crisp & Light Wheat $4.00
Light Rye $4.00
Hearty Rye $4.00
Lefse $6.50
Multi Grain $4.00
Fiber Rye $4.00 fiber plus

Nordic Delicacies Inc Home Remedies Menu and Prices

Cod Liver Oil $22.00 – $45.00 tran
GrA?nnsape $6.50 green soap

Nordic Delicacies Inc Homemade Soups Menu and Prices

Sm $3 / Lg $6
Green Split Pea Soup ;
Chicken Vegetable Soup ;
Salmon Soup ;
Minestrone Soup ;
Lentil Soup ;
Yellow Pea Soup ;

Nordic Delicacies Inc Cheese Menu and Prices

* Nokkelost Is Back (Limited Quantities).
Primula, Kavli Cheese $7.00 w/ shrimp, tubes
Jarlsberg $9.99
Ekte Gjestost $12.95 100% blend pure goat cheese
Nokkelost* $16.99 key cheese
Primula, Kavli Cheese $7.00 w/ salmon, tubes
Primula, Kavli Cheese $7.00 w/ bacon, tubes
Primula, Kavli Cheese $7.00 plain, tube
Gulbrandalost $12.95 g-35 blend goat cheese
Graddost $10.50
Havarti $9.50 danish
Sonove Cheese $12.95 gouda
Ski Queen Goat Cheese $7.00
Bondeost Plain $10.50 imported
Danish Blue Cheese $9.99
Norvegia $16.99 gouda cheese
Bondeost $10.50 with caraway seeds
Prim Spreadable Goat Cheese $8.50
Saga Blue Cheese $12.90

Nordic Delicacies Inc Fish And Meat Products Menu and Prices

Available Year Round
SpekepA?lse (Cold Cut) $10.50 this norwegian salami is prepared using the same ingredients that were used generations ago. vacuum packed in 1 pound pieces.
Fishcakes (Fiskekaker) $13.99 available in vacuum packed packages. (approximately 8/9 per lb.)
Norwegian Meatballs (Kjottkaker) $8.99 these are one of our largest sellers when we cater special events, and they are also great for just plain olA’ large family gatherings. we can vacuum pack any quantity of meatballs along with their ho
Komper (Raspeboller) Potato Dumplings $5.00 these wonderful dumplings are prepared using the finest potatoes and oatmeal and then stuffed with salted pork in the center. sold as individual dumplings, each weighing approximately 1 lb.
Smoked Sausage Ring (Rokt Middags PA?lse) $10.50 also made with veal and pork and our special seasonings, then lightly smoked. available in individual rings, approximately 1 1/2 lb. per ring.
Fish Pudding ; fiskepudding, made with cod fish.
Fresh Sausage Ring (MedisterpA?lse) $10.50 made with veal and pork and our special seasonings.available in individual rings, approximately 1 1/2 lb. per ring.
Meatcakes (Karbonader Kaker) $8.99 these homemade beef patties are best served one of two ways, either with onions on top or with gravy as a dinner. these are a big seller for open faced sandwich lovers. available in vacuum packed pac
Sursild (Herring Salad) $8.99 prepared the old fashioned way, we mix herring fillets and our special seasonings, then allow the salad to cure before it’s sold.sold in containers by the pound.
Medisterkaker (Beef & Pork Cakes) $14.00 this delightful combination of beef and pork is cooked as a patty and is great for open face sandwiches. available in vacuum packed packages by the pound, with approximately 8 patties per pound.
Fish Pudding $13.99 small tins 1lb.
Fish Pudding $13.99 large tins 2lbs.

Nordic Delicacies Inc Christmas Season Items Menu and Prices

Assorted Homemade "Christmas Cookies" (Smultringer, Serinakaker, Sandkaker, Sirupsnipper) $10.00 bring back wonderful memories with your favorite holiday cookies now available year round. they are made the old fashioned way, by hand, using the same cookie cutters and molds that were used generat
Juleribbe $10.99 another of our best selling christmas meats, this pork rib is prepared with its skin on.
Headless Herring $8.95 this fish is salted and shipped whole, with only its head removed.
Sylteflesk (Headcheese Cold Cut) $10.99 prepared using the finest pork and seasonings, we then wrap our sylteflesk the old fashioned way, in pork bellies, and then place them into presses to cure.vacuum packed in 1 pound pieces.
Pinnekjott (Dry Salted Lamb Rib) $10.95 one of our largest sellers for the christmas table, we use only the highest quality lamb then slowly cure it to perfection.
Homemade Leverpostei (Liver Pate) $10.50 made from a favorite danish recipe, this spreadable pate comes packed in a tin.
Salt Herring Fillets $9.95 we debone, fillet and salt this herring prior to shipment.

Nordic Delicacies Inc Chocolates Menu and Prices

Dent Eucalyptus Pastilles $2.00 green
Mokkabonner Boxes $10.50
Marzipan Bread Bars $4.50
Gift Box Of Chocolates-Kong Haakon $80.00 – $46.00
Marzipangris $15.00 marzipan piglet
Twist Chocolate Bags – Small  
Light Cooking Chocolate Bars $5.00
Kardemumme $2.50
Smil Chocolate Toffees $3.50
Vanilla Sugar $8.00 canister
Marzipangris $8.00 marzipan piglet
Tenor Pastilles $2.00 lozenges
GullbrA?d Marzipan $4.50
Lohengrin $3.00 doggie bone
FirklA?ver Bars $10.00 – $5.00
Mini-Daim In Bags $15.00 pack varies
Kvikk Lunsj $2.50
Selskaps Bittersweet Bars $5.00
Mandelstang $2.50 almond bars
Dent Lakis Pastilles $2.00 red
Melkesjokalade $5.00 milk chocolate bars
Laben Seigmenn $5.00 gummi boys
Monolitt Geletroffel Bars $2.50
Twist Chocolate Bags $18.00
Dronning Bittersweet Bars $5.00

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