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Red Lobster

Red Lobster is a family owned restaurant that takes pride in providing the best seafood to its customers. Throughout all the year they have been in business, it has maintained a high-quality standard in its service and product delivery.

What they serve

The restaurants are mostly known for their variety of seafood especially shrimp and lobster. Although they started out as a restaurant that serves only seafood, they have grown to add other items which are now available on the Red Lobster menu. These include various types of drinks as well as other types of food such as chicken and steak. The fact that this restaurant allows customers to choose their meals is also favorable among most people. You can customize your meal by requesting it to be made with the ingredients you like resulting in the perfect meal to satisfy your cravings.

Red Lobster is known to be a friendly place which is suitable for people from all walks of life. It is ideal for adults, children, and even the elderly. Everyone can find what is suitable for them and enjoy a sumptuous meal at any of their outlets. Some of the foods they offer include different types of fish like wild caught flounder and fried sole. They also have different combinations which you can create on your own. You simply order what you would like to accompany the main serving and the perfect combo.

Menu prices

In addition to these, Red Lobster menu prices consist of various drinks such as beverages, alcoholic drinks, and other non-alcoholic drinks. Children can also find a suitable meal from the menu with some of their options being chicken finger, grilled chicken, lobster and shrimp roll and popcorn shrimp among others.

A brief history of Red Lobster

With over 700 locations in various parts of the world, it’s almost unimaginable that Red Lobster began as one small entity in 1968. It was founded by two entrepreneurs who originally named it “harbor for seafood lovers”. The idea was to bring different types of seafood to people who loved them around Florida. Just two years after opening, Red Lobster was acquired by a new owner but at this time it had already expanded and now had four other outlets. This new acquisition led to further growth of the restaurant with more outlets being opened in various places including Canada.

In 1994, this new owner, Bill Darden passed away and a year later, the restaurant was under new ownership, this time of a restaurant called Darden Restaurant. Red lobster continued to expand to other place and the Red Lobster menu prices weren’t left behind either. The menu continued to change as they adapted new items and the prices also had to adjust according to the changing times.


Since its foundation, Red Lobster has been providing some of the seafood in the market. They take pride in providing a combination of wild caught fish and fish caught from farms in order to maintain the ecosystem. They also work with people who share the same values about preserving the environment thereby ensuring that fish population doesn’t decrease.

If you want some of the best seafood then head over to any of red lobster outlets. It is a great place at any time of the day whether it’s during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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  1. I had red lobster yesterday and it was delicious. luckily, I bought an extra dozen biscuits and still have leftovers 😋


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