Sweet Frog

Sweet Frog is a restaurant offering fresh and healthy flavored frozen yogurt in various locations of the United States. Scoop and Cookie, the official friendly mascots of the company, really symbolize the fun and joy when you visit the restaurant. Sweet Frog menu prices are quite reasonable. So you will fall in love with it!

What kind of food they serve

If you are eagerly looking for a stressless cool place, Sweet Frog is the best one. You will get yummy frozen yogurt, tasty and equally healthy. Sweet Frog menu prices depend on the weight and toppings so prices vary across different locations.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

The restaurant offers more than 80 flavors of frozen yogurt and in six different categories. It’s, thus, mouthwatering as when speaking about the restaurant vast offerings, especially in desserts.

Popular drinks

The popular drinks include all linked to frozen yogurt. These include non-fat flavors, low-fat flavors with no added sugar and sorbet flowers. No matter what you are carving for, you will get the same.

New items

The new dishes in Sweet Frog menu include Fan Favorite DOLE WHIP® in their Menu of Tasty Frozen Treats. Sweet Frog Frozen Yoghurt has been named as America’s best-frozen yogurt by Daily Mail and Top New Franchise by the Entrepreneur magazine. Sweet Frog menu prices have been kept at a reasonable level across all locations, of course.

New kids menu

Sweet Frog is one of the best places for children’s party and to share the joy. The yogurt for children is safe and healthy. Children will love it and they will ask for more again and again.

Food Size Price

Nonfat Flavors menu prices

Alpine Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
Angel Food Cake 1 oz. $0.45
Apple Pie 1 oz. $0.45
Cable Car Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Classic Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Coffee House Blend 1 oz. $0.45
Cookies n Cream 1 oz. $0.45
Country Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
Creamy Mint Cookie 1 oz. $0.45
Egg Nog 1 oz. $0.45
Fancy French Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45
French Toast 1 oz. $0.45
Georgia Peach 1 oz. $0.45
Graham Cracker 1 oz. $0.45
Greek Black Cherry 1 oz. $0.45
Greek Lemon 1 oz. $0.45
Huckleberry 1 oz. $0.45
Irish Mint 1 oz. $0.45
Island Banana 1 oz. $0.45
Luscious Lemon 1 oz. $0.45
Maple Bacon Donut 1 oz. $0.45
Mountain Blackberry 1 oz. $0.45
New York Cheesecake 1 oz. $0.45
Orchard Cherry 1 oz. $0.45
Outrageous Orange 1 oz. $0.45
Pecan Praline 1 oz. $0.45
Peppermint 1 oz. $0.45
Pistachio 1 oz. $0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Pumpkin Pie 1 oz. $0.45
Root Beer Float 1 oz. $0.45
Snickerdoodle 1 oz. $0.45
Toasted Marshmallow 1 oz. $0.45
Tropical Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Very Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
Very Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
White Chocolate Mousse 1 oz. $0.45
Wild Berry Tart 1 oz. $0.45

Low Fat Flavors menu prices

Birthday Cake 1 oz. $0.45
Blue Cotton Candy 1 oz. $0.45
Cappuccino 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Caramel Turtle 1 oz. $0.45
Cinnamon Roll 1 oz. $0.45
Dulce De Leche 1 oz. $0.45
Dutch Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Fudge Brownie Batter 1 oz. $0.45
Mango 1 oz. $0.45
Milk Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
Ooohlala Orange 1 oz. $0.45
Original Tart 1 oz. $0.45
Pineapple 1 oz. $0.45
Red Velvet 1 oz. $0.45
Salted Caramel Corn 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
Sweet Coconut 1 oz. $0.45
Toffee 1 oz. $0.45
White Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45

Supreme Flavors menu prices

Biscotti Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Caramel Sea Salt Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut 1 oz. $0.45
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato 1 oz. $0.45
Peanut Butter 1 oz. $0.45
Tuscan Tiramisu Gelato 1 oz. $0.45

No Sugar Added Flavors menu prices

No Sugar Added Blueberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Cake Batter 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Cheesecake 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Chocolate 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Coffee 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Mint 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Praline 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana 1 oz. $0.45
No Sugar Added Vanilla 1 oz. $0.45

Sorbet Flavors menu prices

Chocolate Fudge 1 oz. $0.45
Green Apple 1 oz. $0.45
Key Lime 1 oz. $0.45
Orange Blast 1 oz. $0.45
Pink Lemonade 1 oz. $0.45
Pomegranate Raspberry 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry Kiwi 1 oz. $0.45
Strawberry Lemonade 1 oz. $0.45
Very Berry 1 oz. $0.45
Watermelon 1 oz. $0.45

The history of the restaurant

Founded by Derek Cha in Richmond Virginia in 2009, it was following the failure of Art and frame business. On a firm faith in God, the brand has become able to offer high-quality frozen yogurt to its all customers in a wide range of flavors across locations in the United States.

How their menu changed over time

The quality of yogurt cannot be matched by any other market player thanks to the customer-centric approach. Today, there are 215 stores in the United States. All these years, Sweet Frog has maintained the values like customer satisfaction, trust and quality of the product. And, Sweet Frog menu prices have been kept at an acceptable level for the customers to keep them happy and make them repeat customers.

Overall verdict about the menu

Sweet Frog has been offering great quality the frozen yogurt for the past many years. The quality has been recognized several times and has been awarded accordingly by various professional entities. The Entrepreneur magazine ranked Sweet Frog frozen yogurt as 2017 best franchise for veterans.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Frog”

  1. I love dessert! I, however, am not an Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt lover. Usually would be the last thing I would pick. My Daughter, on the other hand, loves Frozen Yogurt. So I was on a mission to find someplace she would enjoy. So on to Yelp I went and found Sweet Frog (frog stands for fully rely on God), We made the 45-minute drive to the Lancaster location. I can’t believe I have never heard of this company. They have 300 locations in the United States and a few Internationally.

  2. Very happy with our trip to this sweet frog, first off the owner themselves ( Dave ? and Darlene ) were there and talked with us personally, Very hospitable, welcoming and friendly. He took notice of our daughter and was very quick to give us coupons for her yogurt. Stand up, family man.


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