Taco Time

Taco Time boasts of serving meals that taste like home cooked food, an attribute they believe to have perfected because of the experience they’ve gathered since they came into the market. What sets Taco Time menu prices apart is the fact that they are affordable. Taco Time ensures they perfect the food taste and presentation. Anyone can get their choice at this fast food restaurant whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover. Since the beginning, this restaurant has used only whole and fresh ingredients which they continue to insist on as it is a major contributory factor in how the meals turn out. They try to give the customers the best effort to cooking, service delivery or selection of ingredients.

Foods and Drinks they serve

Although they are best known for their Mexican fries and crispy burritos, taco time has other items on their menu which come along with Taco Time menu prices. Each item has a price which can help you decide when you want to eat. Considering the amount of effort that goes to the preparation of food at this restaurant, you may have to wait a little longer for your order but the result is always worth the wait. From beverages to combos, you will definitely find something that appeases you at Taco Times.

The availability of several outlets makes it easier for people to reach their favorite meals from Taco Times just like the variety of options available in their menus. You can pick what you can afford after consulting the taco times menu prices and treat yourself or family to a delicious choice of meal. Some of the options to consider include combo meals which are made of meat burrito, crisp burrito, chicken burrito, and pinto bean burrito. Apart from beef and chicken tacos, you can have pork carnitas taco and you’ll not be disappointed. Burritos are available in different types like veggies, 5 alarm, sweet pork, and chicken burrito. You should note that the combo meals and burritos come with regular Mexi fries and drink.

New Items and Kids’ Menu

For kiddies treats, Taco Times has chicken nuggets, Jr. Soft taco, mini quesadilla, and corn dog bites. You can have a toy thrown in at an additional cost. These kid’s meals are served together with kid-sized Mexico fries and a soft drink. Food served at a time is their pride. They, therefore, take measures to ensure precision during the process. All drinks served are either inclusive of beverages large, small or regular with each size having a different price.


Taco Time was founded in 1960 by an upcoming entrepreneur who mostly had dreams and a will to make those dreams come true. Two years after opening, Taco Time joined forces with another franchise to open a branch in Washington. That first team paved way for more success which followed in the next ten years. Taco Time continued to franchise with other businesses and also opened other branches on their own. Currently, this food outlet doesn’t only operate in the United States but also in Canada where they have hundreds of branches.

Taco Time menu prices are available both locally and internationally. The restaurant also has an online presence that makes it easy to make verification or find out any information you’re interested in.

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