Togo’s is a top fast-casual restaurant chain with a fairly strong presence in the U.S. In general, you can get a tuna, pork, chicken, hummus, Italian, turkey, salami and other kinds of sandwiches at this establishment. Patrons can also buy toasted, cold, and hot sandwiches. Togo’s menu prices are similar to those offered by other sandwich restaurants.

Togo’s specialty is sandwiches. The company takes pride in making high-quality sandwiches using lean meats and fresh ingredients.

Unique Advantage

One of the main benefits of Togo’s is that they offer sandwich varieties that you might not find at other sandwich restaurants. For instance, they have a mini sandwich for those who are not too hungry, as well as a 24-inch sandwich, intended for the entire family.

What Attracts Customers the Most?

The broad variety of sandwiches available at Togo’s is what attracts many people to this restaurant chain. Togo’s menu prices are also quite accommodating, and customers love that they don’t have to pay a premium price in order to enjoy the sandwiches this eating establishment makes and sells.

Target Audience

Obviously, Togo’s focus is on sandwich lovers. That is why it makes everything from mini sandwiches to family-sized sandwiches in addition to offering sandwich flavors from all parts of the world.

Kind of Foods Served

Sandwiches take up most of Togo’s menu. However, in addition to cold and hot sandwiches, the restaurant chain also serves salads and salad wraps, soups and sweets, as well as drinks. Meals for kids are also available at the restaurant.

Menu Changes Over Time

Being a sandwich restaurant, the menu has not changed too much over time. However, the chain has indeed introduced new menu items in order to cater to the needs of its customers. That is why it now services mini sized and family-sized sandwiches in addition to regular sandwiches. However, the company does not have the foot-long sandwich that other sandwich restaurants typically have.

About Togo’s

How Big Is Togo’s Restaurant Chain?

Togo’s boasts of over 350 locations and more restaurants continue to open as time goes by. The company thinks that it can get bigger. Part of this strategy is keeping Togo’s menu prices steady so that the company remains competitive against similar restaurant chains.

History of Togo’s

Togo’s is formally called Togo’s Eateries, Inc. in full, and it is owned by Nimes Capital after it bought it from Mansail Partners in 2015. Togo’s was started back in 1967, and it has changed ownership several times over that period. Most recently, the company was sold by Dunkin’ Donuts in 2007. The first Togo’s was opened in San Jose, California in the year 1971. The operation proved to be a success as many people trooped into the restaurant to enjoy its great quality sandwiches, especially for their enhanced meatiness. From there, the company went on to open several other stores as the popularity of its signature dish grew in popularity.

Funny Facts About Togo’s

– The first sandwich shack was so small that only four people could be inside at a time

– In 2018 Togo’s stopped serving Pepsi soft drinks and began serving Coca-Cola Freestyle

– The company changed its logo in 2018


Togo’s is an amazing place to go for a sandwich. The restaurant has been in this business for decades, and its menu features many types of sandwiches. In fact, the restaurant serves sandwich varieties that you might not get at other restaurants. Togo’s has several franchise locations today, which is why it has hundreds of outlets selling its unique products. To keep up with the trends, its customers can also order meals over the web. Fortunately, despite its uniqueness, Togo’s prices are still at par with what the industry charges.

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