Wawa offers all sorts of foods to its clients focusing on serving fresh foods. These foods include freshly brewed coffee, a selection of soups, sides and snacks, made-to-order specialty beverages, built-to-order hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, and so forth. So, you can order smoothies, wraps, and other meals from any Wawa restaurant you visit.

Unique Benefits

Wawa outlets offer a large selection of services to their customers. In addition to meals and snacks, the restaurant chain also has fuel services and ATM services. A majority of the stores are also open throughout the day, all days of the year. Favorable Wawa menu prices are also an advantage for its customers.

Target Market

The restaurant mainly targets travelers who need their cars serviced, and would like to grab a bite and probably get some cash from the ATM before resuming their journeys. This broad selection of services is what draws customers to this company as well as the favorable Wawa menu prices.

Menu Changes Over Time

The company is a huge believer in change, which is why it ensures that its meals are as per the needs of its customers. For this reason, its menu items have changed over the years to reflect market tastes. The restaurant chain has a huge selection of fresh and delicious foods and beverages that are made to suit the needs of its clients.

Even the company’s drinks menu changes over time, especially with regard to soft drinks. Seasonal meals are also available, and they change from time to time.

How Big is Wawa?

Currently, the restaurant chain has more than 800 convenience retail stores in several states throughout the United States, over 500 of which also sell gasoline. The company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, Wawa, and it has more than 30,000 people working for it.

History of Wawa

Wawa began in 1803, but not as a food chain. At the time, Wawa was an iron foundry based in New Jersey. The company was in this business for several decades. But toward the close of the nineteenth century, the owner of this company showed interest in dairy farming, and a processing plant was started in Wawa in 1902.

The business turned out to be a huge hit due to the quality of its products. But in the 60s, home milk deliveries fell, and the first Wawa Food Market was opened in 1964. The outlet sold dairy products. Today, Wawa has transformed into an outlet that serves all kinds of meals to its diverse clientèle. The company believes in valuing people, embracing change, doing the right thing, satisfying its customers, and even winning.

Funny Facts

– Wawa is a Native American name for a Canada Goose. This is why the company uses a goose on its corporate logo.

– The company began more than 200 years ago as an iron factory

– The first Wawa restaurant is still open today

– The company makes about $10 billion in a year in revenues


Wawa is a great place to grab a bite, especially if you are in a hurry. In fact, the meals are offered under the assumption that those in need of them need to be on their way. That is why many of these food outlets also come with a filling station. The meals are delicious and the menu is also quite diverse, covering many basics as far as American favorites go. Wawa menu prices are also quite favorable, which is a huge plus for many of its customers given the considerable diversity of its menu and the quality of its products.

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