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What they do

Specializing in hamburgers, Whataburger has remained as a privately owned restaurant since it was started. Their headquarters is in Texas but they have expanded their operations to multiple states. Although they also serve other types of foods, they are mostly known and liked for their hamburgers. Their main advantage stems from the fact that their burgers are customizable meaning customers can get exactly what they want. This seems to resonate well with customers and is one of the reasons why the restaurant continues to thrive.

What they serve

Their burgers come in different types such as bacon and cheese, triple meat, double meat, and jalapeño and cheese. All these are available in different sizes at different prices as indicated in the Whataburger menu prices. Other items in the menu include chicken which comes in different types such as chicken fajita tacos and chicken sandwiches.

Food and drinks

The breakfast menu offers you a variety of options to pick from just like the lunch and dinner menu. This restaurant attracts adults and children with the menu having an assortment of items for children. Their drinks menu consists mainly of different flavors of shakes but they also have milk and orange juice. The sides include onion rings, fries, and apple spies while the desserts and snack options are fruit chews and cinnamon rolls among others.


Known for their distinctive strictures which are A-shaped with tripes, Whataburger is undoubtedly one of the restaurants that have climbed through the ranks. It was opened in 1950 by two people who wanted to provide big burgers that could be held by both hands and tasted so good that it would make customers exclaim “what a burger”.

The name of the restaurant stemmed from this. The first restaurant provided burgers, fries, and drinks at a price of 25 cents, which shows just how much the Whataburger menu prices have evolved. A year after opening, the partners split ways with one partner getting the franchises in San Antonio while the other opened a new location in Kingsville.

In 1960, White castle already had several stores in different areas and by 1962, they had new additions to their menu. Their expansion continued and by 1963, they had 26 stores. Four years later, the founder, Dobson died leaving his wife in charge and by 1972, they had 100 stores showing that their success continued despite the tragedy. By 1980, they had 300 stores and three years later, they had added 100 more. By 1993, the leadership changed with the son taking over but the success of the restaurant remained the same. They continued adding new items to the menu which also changed the Whataburger menu prices. They now have over 800 stores of which 25 are franchises.


Apart from food, the restaurant also produces other products such as squeeze bottles, pancake mix, and Picante sauce. Whataburger restaurants are known for their generosity when it comes to the quantity of food they serve. Their well-flavored burgers have made them popular with the customers and have also given them the “best burger” award. If you want a clean place where you can have a meal that leaves you fulfilled then they are the place to head to. Their staff is known to be friendly, making all customers feel at ease.

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