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212 Hisae’s Wines By The Glass $4 Menu and Prices

Red Wine ; merlot, cabernet, sauvignon
Wine Wine ; chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio.

212 Hisae’s Kozara $6 Menu and Prices

House Salad   (v). romaine and baby kale, with apple and walnuts in a vinaigrette.
Mussels In Green Sauce   cilantro and tomatillo
India Salad   (v). mixed greens, mixed herbs, cucumbers, chickpeas, tossed in a lemon oil dressing.
Mussels In White Sauce   white wine sauce with butter & garlic
Tatta-Age   marinated chicken breast deep fried
Steamed Chicken Dumplings   homemade ground chicken dumplings with seasoning and scallions
Beet Salad   (v). mixed beets with strings beans and onion in a vinaigrette topped with feta.
Kimchee Fried Rice   kimchee rice with egg
Seafood Salad   shrimp, onions, mussels, squid with lemon and olive oil
Ginger Shrimp   breaded with ginger and panko, lightly fried, served with chili sauce
Inari Quinoa   (v). seasonal quinoa & vegetables in tofu pouch.
Caesar Salad   (v). romaine & baby kale with homemade dressing and seasoned croutons.
Calamari   tempura style with spicy ginger soy sauce
Snowpeas And Shitake   (v). sautA©ed in ginger soy sauce.
SautA©ed Broccoli   (v). broccoli sautA©ed with garlic, shitake mushrooms and tofu in oyster sauce.
Kabocha Dumplings   (v). japanese pumpkin, walnuts and tahini.
Chinese Dumplings   pan-fried with spicy soy sauce
Cauliflower Pancakes   (v). korean style pancake with roasted walnut topping.
Hisae’s Crab Cake ; pan fried seasoned lump crab meat, served with homemade tartar sauce.
Mixed Vegetable Tempura ; (v). vegetable dipped in tempura batter, crispy fried, served with ginger soy.
Hokkaido Schake Maki ; hokkaido salmon flakes rolled in rice and nori

212 Hisae’s Cocktails Menu and Prices

Gimlet $4.00 gin, lime, sugar.
Strawberry Caipirinha $4.00 cachaca, strawberries, limes.
Caipirinha $4.00 cachaca, limes, sugar.
Lemon Drop $4.00 vodka, triple sec, lemon.
Singapore Sling $4.00 gin, grand marnier, grenadine, pineapple, lime, bitters, soda.
Bay Breeze $4.00 vodka, pineapple, cranberry, lime.
Margarita $4.00 tequila, lime, triple sec, sour mix.
Sangria $4.00 red or white wine, fruits, brandy orange.
Strawberry Margarita $4.00 tequila, strawberry, lime, triple sec, sour mix.
Cosmopolitan $4.00 vodka, lime cranberry.
Socolime $4.00 southern comfort, stoli, lemon.
Mimosa $4.00 champagne, oj.
Electric Lemonade $4.00 vodka, blue curacao, sour mix.
Caribbean Breeze $6.00 vodka, raspberry, oj, pineapple, coconut rum, grenadine.
Sex On The Beach $4.00 vodka, peach schnapps, oj, cranberry.
Screwdriver $4.00 vodka and oj.
Sea Breeze $4.00 vodka, cranberry, grapefruit, lime.
Cricket $4.00 brandy, cream de cacao, irish cream.
Amaretto Sour $4.00 amaretto liquor, bourbon, sour mix.
Brandy Smash $4.00 brandy, mint, lemon, triple sec.
Manhattan $4.00 whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters.
Tom Collins $4.00 gin, lemon, sugar, soda.
Mudslide $4.00 vodka, coffee liquor, irish cream.
Grasshopper $4.00 green cream de menthe, white cream de cacao, cream.
Gin And Tonic $4.00 gin, lemon, tonic water.
Planter’s Punch $6.00 oj, pineapple, light rum, sour mix, biters, grenadine, dark rum.
Long Island Ice Tea $4.00 rum, tequila, vodka, gin, lemon, sugar, coke.
Madras $4.00 vodka, cranberry, oj.
Daiquiri $4.00 rum, lemon, sugar.
Buttery Nipple $4.00 vodka, irish cream, butterscotch, coffee liq.
Lychee Martini $4.00 lychee nectar, lime, vodka.
Mojito $4.00 rum, mint, lime, sugar, soda.
Whiskey Sour $4.00 whiskey, sourmix, cherry, orange.
White Russian $4.00 vodka, coffee liquor, cream.
Martini $4.00 vodka or gin, dry vermouth.
Mai Tai $6.00 spiced rum, coconut rum, pineapple, grenadine, sour mix.
Hurricane $6.00 amaretto, rum, oj, pineapple, sour mix, grenadine.
Old Fashioned $4.00 whiskey, orange, sugar, cherry, bitters.
Bellini $4.00 champagne, peach nectar.
Negrone $4.00 gin, bitters, sweet vermouth.
Rumchata Cocktail $4.00 cream liquor, rum, vanilla vodka.
Apple Martini $4.00 vodka, apple schnapps, lime.

212 Hisae’s Beers Menu and Prices

Anchor IPA $5.00
Sapporo $5.00
Heineken $4.00
Brooklyn Larger $5.00
Corona $4.00

212 Hisae’s Soup & Noodles Menu and Prices

Curry Udon $5.00 add beef
Miso Soup $3.00 (v). country style with tofu
Curry Udon $10.00 (v). udon or soba noodles with vegetables in a mild curry chicken
Shrimp Tempura Udon $15.00 udon or soba in soy broth with vegetable and shrimp tempura
Butternut $3.00 creamy fresh butternut squash (seasonal)
Vegetable Tempura Udon $10.00 (v). udon or soba noodles in soy broth, topped with vegetable tempura
Chicken Dumpling Soup $3.00 vegetables, kimchee, homemade chicken dumplings, tofu
Yam Noodles $12.00 (v). with tofu, mushrooms, and ginger soy
Curry Udon $5.00 add shrimp

212 Hisae’s Big Plates Menu and Prices

Golden Curry $15.00 vegetable curry with shrimp, or beef, or chicken.
Grilled Salmon $12.00 plain or with teriyaki sauce.
Korean Beef $15.00 sautA©ed with scallions.
Chicken Katsu $12.00 breaded with panko and served with tonkatsu sauce.
Teriyaki Steak And Shrimp $20.00 grilled rib eye and grilled shrimp with teriyaki sauce.
Lemon Chicken $12.00 cooked in lemon sage sauce and capers.
Southern Style Shrimp And Grits $12.00 onions, white wine sauce, bacon.
Teriyaki Steak $15.00 grilled rib eye steak with teriyaki sauce.
Vegetable Curry $12.00 (v). rich and not too spicy.
Hisae’s Crab Cakes $15.00 two crab cakes, handmade and pan fried.

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