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Noodle Zone Noodle Zone Menu and Prices

605. Pad Woonsen $7.50 glass noodles with garlic, pea pods, mushrooms, celery, green onion and egg.
603. Pad Siew $7.50 broad rice noodles stir-fried with broccoli and egg in caramelized sauce.
601. Pad Thai $7.50 thin noodles, egg, bean sprouts in tasty thai sauce, ground peanuts and green onions.
612. Korean Chop Chae $7.95 thick glass noodles stir-fried with protein, sautA©ed with celery, chestnuts and sesame seeds.
611. Red Curry Noodles $7.95 egg noodles with red curry sauce and protein.
610. Tom Yum Noodle Soup $7.95 thick wheat noodle with thai hot & sour shrimp soup.
609. Coco Noodles $7.50 tiny rice vermicelli stir-fried with coconut milk sauce, bean sprouts and egg.
608. Zone Tangy Noodles $7.95 egg noodle base with broccoli, carrot, baby corn, pepper topped with zone tangy peanut sauce.
607. Combination Seafood On Egg Noodles $8.95 pan-fried yellow noodles with a combination of seafood and broccoli in tasty sauce.
606. Drunken Noodles $7.95 zone of fresh basil and the sensation of bell peppers, broad noodles, white onion, broccoli and bean sprouts.
604. Lad Nar Chow Fun $7.50 broad noodles smothered in gravy sauce with greens.
602. Hokkien Noodles $7.50 thin egg noodles stirfried with garlic, onion, celery, mushroom, water chestnut and carrots.
613. Pho’ Noodle Soup $7.50 vietnamese style rice noodle soup with sliced tender beef. served with fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves and a slice of lime.

Noodle Zone Curry Zone Menu and Prices

Add Steamed Rice $1
506. Salmon Red Curry $10.00 grilled salmon in red curry, coconut milk, bell pepper, tomatoes, basil leaves and pineapple.
505. Argyle Roasted Suck Curry With Lychee $8.95 boneless roasted duck with red curry sauce cooked in coconut milk with lychee, pea pod, sweet pepper, raisins, pineapple and fresh basil.
504. Red Communist Curry $6.95 with red curry, coconut milk, bell pepper, bamboo shoots, green beans, tomatoes, eggplant and basil leaves.
503. Deep Sea Curry Pineapple $8.95 thai curry with shrimp, squid, mussels and crab sticks simmered in coconut milk with pineapple, bamboo shoots, pepper and sweet basil leaves.
501. Original Green Curry With Chicken $6.95 chicken, spicy green curry with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, green beans and basil leaves.
502. Panang Curry Beef $6.95 beef, bell pepper, basil leaves in panang curry with lemon leaf in coconut milk.

Noodle Zone EntrA©e Zone Menu and Prices

Add Steamed Rice $1
710. Pad Prik $6.95 protein sautA©ed with bamboo shoots, mushroom, onion and pepper.
701. Ginger Chicken $6.95 chicken stir-fried with fresh ginger, onion, celery, carrot and mushroom.
719. Spicy Basil Duck $7.95 chilies and fresh basil stir-fried with boneless roasted duck, mushroom, carrots, sweet pepper, garlic and onions.
703. Basil Chicken $6.95 chilies and fresh basil stir-fried with chicken, mushroom, carrots, onions and garlic.
720. Singapore Style Roasted Duck & Rice $7.95 sliced tender boneless roasted duck with jasmine rice on the side with house special gravy. served with steamed bok choy and preserved ginger.
721. Three Flavors Red Snapper $12.00 red snapper fillet stir-fried with bell peppers, carrots, onions, pineapple, tomato and thai sweet & sour chili sauce.
718. Mongolian Beef $6.95 stir-fried spicy sliced tender beef with onion and garnished with fried rice vermicelli.
714. Three Flavored Chicken $6.95 battered chicken, stir-fried with bell peppers, carrots and onions in house sweet & sour sauce.
711. Sweet & Sour Chicken $6.95 large chunks of chicken in a sweet & sour sauce with onion, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and pineapple.
706. Andaman Deep Sea Basil $7.95 stir-fried combination of seafood, fresh basil, mushroom, green pepper and onion in a light sauce.
715. Basil Eggplant $6.95 ground chicken stir-fried with eggplant, sweet basil, bell peppers in thai chili sauce.
705. Garlic Shrimp $7.95 shrimp with crusted garlic, green onion, carrots, celery and mushrooms.
712. Shrimp Baby Corn $7.95 shrimp sautA©ed with baby corn, onions, pea pods, mushrooms, water chestnuts and carrots.
702. Five Star Chicken $6.95 stir-fried chicken with tasty sauce, onions, pea pods, water chestnuts, bell peppers, celery and mushrooms.
707. Garlic Chicken $6.95 sautA©ed chicken with garlic, green onion, celery, carrots and mushrooms.
722. Orange Chicken $6.95 crispy chicken glazed with orange ginger sauce, carrot, bell pepper, onion and scallion.
716. Chop Suey $6.95 stir-fried bamboo shoots, celery, beansprouts, mushrooms, onion, pea pods with protein.
708. Beef Pea pod $6.95 beef sautA©ed with baby corn, pea pods, onions, mushrooms and water chestnuts.
717. Shrimp Asparagus $7.95 stir-fried shrimp and asparagus with onions, garlic and oyster sauce.
709. Thai Style Pepper Steak $6.95 stir-fried with mushrooms, water chestnuts, sweet pepper, onions, tomato with zone sauce.
704. Beef Oyster Sauce $6.95 beef with white onions, mushroom, pea pods, carrots and bell peppers in an oyster sauce.
713. Cashew Chicken $6.95 sliced chicken breast, stir-fried with roasted cashews, onion, bell pepper and grilled hot peppers.

Noodle Zone Japanese Sushi Bar EntrA©es Menu and Prices

(Weekend) Served With Miso Soup.
J606. Sashimi Zone #2 $25.00 eighteen pieces of select cut assorted fresh fish.
J601. Sushi Zone #1 $13.00 six pieces of spicy tuna maki and six pieces of nigiri chef`s choice.
J609. Una-Ju $15.00 broiled eel over seasoned rice and unagi sauce.
J604. Maki Mono Zone #2 $18.00 boston maki, california maki, spicy tuna maki and avocado maki.
J610. Chirashi $20.00 assorted fresh fish and mixed japanese vegetables over sushi rice.
J608. Tekka Don $18.00 fresh tuna over seasoned rice.
J603. Maki Mono Zone #1 $13.00 alaska maki, california maki, tekka maki and kappa maki.
J605. Sashimi Zone #1 $16.00 ten pieces of select cut assorted fresh fish.
J607. Vegetarian Maki $18.00 sweet potato maki, goma-ae maki, futo vege maki and kappa maki.
J602. Sushi Zone #2 $18.00 six pieces of california maki and eight pieces of nigiri chef`s choice.

Noodle Zone Japanese Kitchen EntrA©es Menu and Prices

Served With Miso Soup.
J614. Beef Teriyaki $12.00
J621. Tonkatsu $12.00 deep-fired pork tenderloin with tonkatsu sauce.
J615. Duck Teriyaki $12.00
J620. Shrimp Tempura $12.00
J623. Tempura Udon $12.00 noodles in special broth, with side of shrimp and vegetable tempura.
J627. Yakisoba $8.00 stir-fried buckwheat noodles and vegetables.
J629. Soba Soup With Shrimp Tempura $12.00 noodles in special broth with a side of shrimp tempura.
J617. Red Snapper Teriyaki $12.00
J624. Niku Udon $10.00 udon noodles and sliced beef.
J626. Salmon Soba Soup $15.00 grilled salmon on top of baby bok choy and soba noodles in ginger broth.
J628. Drunken Udon $8.00 stir-fried udon noodles with vegetables.
J616. Salmon Teriyaki $12.00
J622. Chicken Katsu $12.00 deep-fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce.
J618. Saba Teriyaki $10.00
J613. Chicken Teriyaki $10.00

Noodle Zone Japanese Salad Zone Menu and Prices

J205. Spicy Tuna Salad $8.00 fresh tuna marinated with chili oil over green salad.
J201. Wakame Salad $5.00 spicy seaweed salad.
J202. Tako-Su Salad $6.00 octopus, cucumber, wakame salad with tosazu dressing.
J204. Tuna Avocado Salad $8.00 fresh tuna and avocado mixed with green salad topped with banana wasabi dressing.

Noodle Zone Veggie Zone $6.95 Menu and Prices

404. Chinese Greens With Oyster Sauce ; mixed vegetables in oyster sauce.
405. Broccoli & Oyster Sauce ; broccoli in oyster sauce.
403. Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts & Tofu ; bean sprouts, tofu and green onion in light sauce.
401. Veggie & Sauce ; mixed vegetables with our special sauce.
402. Garlic Mushrooms & Pea pods ; mushrooms and pea pods in garlic sauce.

Noodle Zone Dessert Zone Menu and Prices

Sweet Banana $2.50 banana in sweet coconut milk.
Fried Banana $2.95
Taro Pearls In Coconut Cream $3.50
Tiramisu Cake $3.95
Ice Cream $2.75
Exotic Thai Fruit $2.50 lychee.
Thai Custard $2.50 a soft and smooth custard made from mung bean fresh coconut milk and egg.
Banana Ice Cream $4.50

Noodle Zone Starter Zone Menu and Prices

102. Zone Egg Rolls $3.50 two deep-fried egg rolls stuffed with cabbage, bean thread and carrots. served with sweet and sour sauce.
117. Tempura App $6.00 shrimp and vegetable battered and deep-fried to form light airy crust. served with tempura sauce.
103. Fried Tofu $3.95 fried bean curd served with our homemade sauce.
113. Edamame $3.95 soy beans boiled and lightly salted.
104. Crab Rangoon $4.50 six crispy pastries filled with crab meat, celery and cream cheese.
105. Pot Stickers $3.95 six thin pastries stuffed with chicken and vegetables. served with sesame sauce.
111. Fish Cake $5.95 deep-fried ground filet of fish mixed with chili paste. served with homemade sauce.
107. Chicken Satay $5.50 grilled chicken on skewers. served with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad.
116. Zone Combo App Platter $8.95 includes egg roll, pot sticker, shumai, crab rangoon, fried wonton, golden triangle.
101. Spring Roll $3.95 a wrap of seasoned tofu, bean sprouts, cucumber and egg. served with plum sauce.
110. Fried Wonton $5.95 deep-fried wonton filled with pork and shrimp. served with our house sauce.
115. Zone Wings $5.95 chicken wings marinated in special spice served with sweet chili sauce.
108. Pork Satay $5.50 grilled pork on skewers. served with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad.
112. Golden Triangle $3.95 deep-fried dumpling stuffed with shrimp and rice. wrapped with spring roll skin. served with sweet and sour sauce.
114. Crispy Mee Krob $3.95 crispy rice vermicelli noodles tossed with sweet and sour homemade dressing.
109. Tofu Satay $5.50 tofu in light curry on skewers. served with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad.
106. Shrimp Shumai $3.95 six steamed shrimp dumplings. served with homemade sauce.

Noodle Zone Fusion Drink Flavor Selection Menu and Prices

B109. Taro Milk Tea ;
B101. Almond Milk Tea ;
B105. Mango Milk Tea ;
B108. Thai Milk Tea ;
B103. Honeydew Milk Tea ;
B102. Green Milk Tea ;
B107. Red Bean Milk Tea ;
B106. Plum Milk Tea ;
B104. Milk Tea ;

Noodle Zone Japanese Maki Mono Zone Menu and Prices

J512. Kappa Maki Roll $3.00 cucumber and sesame seeds.
J501. Alaska Maki Roll $5.00 salmon, avocado and cucumber.
J513. Negi Hamachi Maki Roll $5.00 yellowtail and scallions.
J509. Futo Maki Roll $9.00 kampyo, shitake, spinach, tamago, fresh crab meat, cucumber and avocado.
J511. Goma-Ae Maki Roll $5.00 spinach with sweet sesame sauce.
J507. Ebi Tempura Maki Roll $6.00 tempura shrimp, mayo, masago, cucumber and avocado.
J503. Avocado Maki Roll $3.00 avocado and sesame seeds.
J517. Salmon Skin Maki Roll $5.00 salmon skin, avocado, cucumber and unagi sauce.
J516. Rainbow Maki Roll $10.00 fresh crab meat, avocado, cucumber, topped with tuna, yellowtail and salmon.
J504. Boston Maki Roll $5.00 tuna and avocado.
J524. Tempura Sweet Potato Maki Roll $5.00 tempura sweet potato, mayo, masago, cucumber, avocado and unagi sauce.
J521. Spicy Scallop Maki Roll $7.00 scallop, spicy mayo, masago and avocado.
J510. Futo Vege Maki Roll $7.00 cucumber, avocado, kampyo, shitake and spinach.
J502. Asparagus Maki Roll $5.00 asparagus, avocado, cucumber and mayo.
J536. Crunchy Crab Maki Roll $6.50 crab stick, avocado, mayo topped with crumb and wasabi mayo.
J534. Spicy Tako Maki Roll $7.00 octopus, spicy mayo and masago.
J533. Spicy Shrimp Maki Roll $7.00 boiled shrimp, spicy mayo and masago.
J518. Spicy Tuna Maki Roll $6.00 fresh cut of tuna, marinated in spicy sauce.
J522. Spider Maki Roll $9.00 soft shell crab, mayo, masago, cucumber, avocado and unagi.
J506. Dragon Maki Roll $12.00 tempura shrimp, mayo, masago and topped with unagi, avocado and unagi sauce.
J508. Ebi Kyu Maki Roll $5.00 cooked shrimp and cucumber.
J523. Tekka Maki Roll $5.00 tuna and sesame seeds.
J505. California Maki Roll $6.00 crab stick, avocado, cucumber and masago.
J535. Crunchy Sweet Potato Maki Roll $7.00 sweet potato tempura, cream cheese, green onion, avocado, masago topped with crumb, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.
J531. New York Maki Roll $7.00 eel, cream cheese, cucumber topped with tempura flakes and unagi sauce.
J515. Philly Maki Roll $7.00 smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado.

Noodle Zone Japanese Appetizer Zone Menu and Prices

J107. Japanese Egg Roll $4.00 deep-fried shrimp japanese egg roll.
J106. Agedashi Tofu $4.00 tofu quick-fried and house tempura sauce.
Miso Soup $2.00
J101. Edamame $3.95 boiled soy beans pods.
J102. Goma-Ae $4.00 blanched spinach, chilled and served with sesame peanut sauce.
J105. Asparagus Beef Roll $7.00 beef sirloin wrapped around asparagus and teriyaki glaze.
J117. Grilled Saba $8.00 grilled mackerel served with ponzu sauce.
J109. Soft Shell Crab $7.00 fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.

Noodle Zone Soup Zone Menu and Prices

Sm / Lg.
303. Chicken Noodle Soup $3.45 – $5.95 a soothing soup with rice noodles, chicken, vegetables, garlic and pickled cabbage.
302. Pork Wonton Soup $3.45 – $5.95 pork and shrimp dumplings with bbq pork and greens.
304. Tom Kha Chicken Soup $3.95 – $6.95 savory coconut milk soup with chicken, vegetables and spice.
301. Thai Shrimp Tom Yum Soup $3.95 – $7.95 a classic thai soup with tomatoes, lemon grass and a lightly spicy broth.
305. Zone Vegetable Soup $3.45 – $6.95 a mix of vegetable in homemade broth.

Noodle Zone Smoothie Selection Menu and Prices

B401. PiA±a Banana ; pineapple, banana, coconut milk
B402. Malibu Freeze ; pnapl, bnna, ccnut mlk, lmejc
B404. Pango Mango ; mango & peach
B406. Orange Burry ; orange & strawberry
B403. Pink Banana ; strawberry & banana
B405. Double Red ; watermelon & strawberry

Noodle Zone Japanese Signature Maki Zone Menu and Prices

J423. Zone Volcano Maki Roll $7.50 crab, shrimp, salmon topped with spicy mayo and sriracha sauce.
J410. Special Salmon Maki Roll $14.00 two shrimp tempura and scallion covered with fresh salmon and ponzu sauce.
J418. Unagi Tempura Maki Roll $7.00 eel, tamago, chicken and kampyo.
J425. Green Dragon Maki Roll $12.00 eel, avocado, cream cheese topped with avocado and unagi sauce.
J411. Fire Dragon Maki Roll $11.00 spicy tuna maki covered with unagi, avocado and unagi sauce.
J412. Hottate Volcano Maki Roll $8.50 five pieces of smoked salmon maki topped with torched spicy scallop.
J403. White Dragon Maki Roll $13.00 spicy tuna maki tempura flakes inside covered with super white tuna topped with ginger paste scallion.
J424. Sumo Maki Roll $14.00 two shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, cream cheese, green onion, avocado, masago topped with crumb, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.
J404. Three Stooges Maki Roll $9.00 yellowtail, tuna, salmon, lettuce topped with tobiko, spicy mayo and spicy wasabi mayo.
J421. Crunchy Crazy Maki Roll $13.00 tuna, salmon, white tuna, avocado topped with crumb, wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.
J422. Miami Maki Roll $10.00 shrimp tempura, crab stick, cream cheese, masago, spicy mayo deep-fried topped with unagi sauce.
J420. Crazy Ebi Maki Roll $13.00 two shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, scallion, topped with cooked shrimp and wasabi mayo.
J416. Fire Hamachi Maki Roll $10.00 five pieces of cucumber maki crowned with yellowtail and torched spicy mayo.
J401. Full Moon Maki Roll $7.00 unagi, tomako, cucumber, avocado, masago, hot sauce topped with unagi sauce.
J415. Spicy Tuna Volcano Maki Roll $8.50 five pieces of spicy tuna maki topped with torched spicy octopus.
J402. Red Dragon Maki Roll $12.00 fried salt shell crab, green onion, spicy mayo, cucumber, spicy wasabi mayo, topped with tuna and avocado.
J407. Mexican Maki Roll $8.00 yellowtail, super white tuna, yuzu pepper, cilantro jalapeA±o, cucumber, avocado and a touch of lime.
J4045. Crunchy Spicy Tuna Maki Roll $8.00 tako, cucumber, topped with tempura crunch and spicy tuna.

Noodle Zone Japanese Nigiri & Sashimi Zone Menu and Prices

(Weekend) Per Piece.
J320. Tako Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 octopus.
J302. Unagi Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 eel.
J312. Maguro Nigiri Or Sashimi $3.00 tuna.
J304. Tamago Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.00 egg.
J303. Inari Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.00 soybean packet.
J317. Smoked Salmon Nigiri Or Sashimi $3.00
J321. Ika Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.00 squid.
J305. Ikura Nigiri Or Sashimi $3.50 salmon roe.
J313. Hamachi Nigiri Or Sashimi $3.00 yellowtail.
J320. Tako Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 octopus.
J306. Tobiko Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 flying fish egg.
J310. Masago Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.00 smelt roe.
J314. Sake Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 salmon.
J319. Spicy Hotate Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.50 scallop.
J311. Ebi Nigiri Or Sashimi $2.00 shrimp.

Noodle Zone Tea Latte Flavor Selection Menu and Prices

B209. Taro ;
B201. Almond ;
B205. Mango ;
B203. Honeydew ;
B204. Milk Tea ;
B208. Thai Tea ;
B206. Plum ;
B207. Red Bean ;
B202. Green Tea ;

Noodle Zone Zone Specialties Menu and Prices

802. Rama Chicken $6.95 chicken sautA©ed with peanut sauce served over steamed broccoli and bean sprouts.
801. Shrimp Hot Pot $8.95 shrimp, glass noodles, pea pods, mushrooms, onions, celery with special ginger sauce in hot pot.

Noodle Zone Salad Zone Menu and Prices

201. Zone Salad $3.95 mixed salad with zone special dressing.
206. Papaya Salad $6.95 shredded fresh papaya tossed with tomatoes, green beans, peanut, lime juice and chili pepper.
203. Zone Wonton Chicken Salad $5.95 wonton and grilled chicken seasoned with chili powder, cilantro, onion and zone dressing.
204. Beef Lemon Grass Salad $5.95 sliced beef seasoned with chili powder, cilantro, onion and zone dressing.
202. Cucumber Salad $2.95 fresh slices of crispy cucumber, onions and carrots with zone dressing.
205. Pla Goong Shrimp Salad $6.95 boiled shrimp tossed with onion, sliced tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro and seasoned with tasty, spicy sauce.

Noodle Zone Beverage Zone Menu and Prices

Thai Iced Coffee $2.50
Icy Blended Tea Latte $3.50
Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Fruit Freeze Slushy $3.50
Soda $1.00 choice of coke, sprite, diet coke.
Fusion Tea $3.50 flavored milk drink with tapioca.
Boba Mixed Fruit Smoothie $3.50
Japanese Green Tea Bottle $3.00
Orange Juice $2.50

Noodle Zone Side Orders Menu and Prices

Steamed Egg Noodles $1.50
Jasmine Rice $1.50 – $3.00
Peanut Sauce $1.50
Plum Sauce $1.50
Steamed Rice Noodles $1.50

Noodle Zone Slushy Flavor Selection Menu and Prices

B307. Cantaloupe ;
B306. Coconut ;
B304. Strawberry ;
B302. Mango ;
B305. Orange ;
B303. Watermelon ;
B301. Banana ;

Noodle Zone Fried Rice Zone Menu and Prices

905. Panang Fried Rice $6.95 protein combined with stir-fried curry powder, onion, pea pod and carrot.
903. Pineapple Fried Rice $7.50 a stir-fried combination of chicken, shrimp, scrambled egg, pineapple, baby corn, onion, tomato, carrot and raisin.
902. Spicy Fried Rice Basil $6.95 stir-fried rice with basil leaves, onion, bell pepper with protein.
901. Fried Rice $6.95 stir-fried rice with onion, carrot, scrambled egg with protein.
904. Crab Fried Rice $7.50 stir-fried rice combined with crab meat carrot, onion and egg.

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