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Abigaile Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Abigaile Restricted Vegan Area Only Menu and Prices

Chilled Somen Noodles $9.00 Cucumber, shitake, cilantro and sesame-chili dressing. Vegan.
Buddha Belly Feast $13.00 Jasmine rice, eggplant, tofu, chilies and almond. Vegan.
Baby Heirloom Tomato Salad $13.00 Baby romaine, avocado, sweet onion and red wine herb vin. Vegan.

Abigaile Ruffage Salads and Veggies Menu and Prices

Vietnamese Pho $12.00 Poached organic chicken salad veggie mix, fresh herbs, almond and chil-lime vinaigrette.
Roasted Brussels $11.00 Bacon, goat cheese and apple vinaigrette.
Roasted Medjool Dates and Kale Salad $14.00 Prosciutto, goat cheese, almonds and pomegranate.
Grilled Peach Salad $12.00 Heirloom tomatoes, ferrano ham, manchego
Foraged Wild Mushroom $13.00 Creamy polenta, Grana Padano and truffle oil.
Grilled Asparagus $12.00 Crispy prosciutto, poached egg and truffle aioli.
Crispy Goat Cheese and Wild Arugula $14.00 Salt roasted beets, barley, pepitas and honey sherry dressing.

Abigaile First Bites and Snacks Menu and Prices

Rosemary n’sage Potato Chips $5.00 Sea salt and malt vinegar.
Pao De Queijo $5.00 Brazilian chewy n gooey cheezy poofs with butter and spiced honey.
Escargot Poppers $9.00 Made with lots of butter and love.
Fried Green Olives $8.00 Fennel sausage, almonds and Parmesan.
Tempura Blue Lake Green Beans $9.00 Grana Padano and salsa romesco.

Abigaile Swimmers Menu and Prices

Salt n’ Pepper Prawns $15.00 X.O. pea tendrils and garlic chips.
Scallops and Slab Bacon $21.00 Red wine risotto and crispy leeks.
Hamachi Sashimi $13.00 Cucumber radish sunomono, cherry tomato, pickled red onions and lime pearls.
Tuna Tartare $16.00 Picholine olives, ginger vinaigrette and lotus root chip.
Salmon Club $15.00 fennel salt cured smoked salmon, bacon saffron aioli and heirloom tomato.
Plancha Baby Octopus $14.00 Portuguese sausage, quail egg, bacon aioli and mojo verde.

Abigaile Plat Principaux Menu and Prices

Meyers Farm Prime Flat Iron Steak $23.00 Sweet onions, heirloom tomatoes, watercress and umeboshi vin.
Lomo Saltado $21.00 Beef tenderloin, tomato, rice, yellow aji, cilantro and potato.
Happier Meal $20.00 Big Mic, fries and apple pie.
Dry Aged Brewery Burger $19.00 Gruyere, truffle aioli, arugula, heirloom tomato, caramelized onion and fries.
Prime Ribeye Steak $30.00 Truffle Parmesan fries, asparagus and wild mushroom n’ bacon ragout.

Abigaile Charcuterie and Cheese Menu and Prices

Fresh Burrata $15.00 Roasted cherry tomatoes and red plum, crushed pistachio and wild arugula.
Bocadillo Bites $11.00 Jamon Serrano, piquillo, queso manchego and extra virgin olive oil.
Charcuterie and Cheese Board $22.00 Bigwood blue, beemster, St. Andre and a selection of angel salumis: berkshire lomo, salami nostrano, salame rosa and duck salami.

Abigaile Breakfast For Dinner Menu and Prices

Chicken Fried Steak $12.00 Mushroom waffle and sausage gravy.
Potato Pancake $11.00 Braised beef cheek, sunny side up egg and pickled onion.
Breakfast Burrito $11.00 Sausage, bacon, cheddar, egg, avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream and tots.
McAbigaile Breakfast Sando Combo #1 $15.00 American cheese, house fennel sausage, sauce, egg and tots.
Steak and Eggs $15.00 pico de gallo, iron steak, dijonnaise

Abigaile Carnage Menu and Prices

Crispy Pork Loin bi Bim Bap $19.00 Garlic rice, asian greens and fried egg.
Slab Bacon Okonomiyaki $12.00 Katsu, poached egg, bonito and cabbage slaw.
P.I.G. Pop Tarts $15.00 Smoked pork confit, bacon, Gruyere and wrapped in golden pastry crust.
Chipotle Pork Meatballs $11.00 Creamy polenta, tomato gravy and cotija queso.
Tin Tin Noodle $9.00 Spicy sesame pork, Thai basil and poached egg.
Fried Chicken $15.00 Papaya slaw, house made hot sauce and preserved lemon gribiche.
Poutine $15.00 Braised lamb belly, fried organic egg, caramelized onion and fries.
Roasted Bone Marrow $12.00 Chimmichurri, sea salt and confit garlic brioche toast.
Moroccan Lamb Kibbeh $14.00 Spiced tomato fondue, celery and mint salsa, tzatziki, feta and toasted pita.
Braised Shortrib $19.00 Spiced carrot puree and lemon garlic kale.

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