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Bacari Grill Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bacari Grill Sushi Menu and Prices

Alaskan Roll $12.00
Spider Roll $14.00
Bacari Roll $17.00 Lbster salad, cucumber, avocado inside. black pepper tuna & avocado on top chefA’s secret sauce
Lobster Roll $17.00
California Roll $9.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $9.00
Shrimp Tempura with Smoked Eel $16.00
Eel Avocado Roll $13.00
Dragon Roll $16.00 Eel, cucumber in- avocadoout
Spicy Salmon Roll $9.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $12.00

Bacari Grill Salad Accents Menu and Prices

Grilled Chicken Breast $6.00
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp (3) $12.00
Grilled Salmon Filet $9.00

Bacari Grill Antipasto Bar Menu and Prices

Venetian antipasto & wine bar.
Antipasto Bar (For 5) $15.00 Prosciutto diparma, hot cappicola, artichoke heart salad, eggplant caponata, grilled vegetables, sopressata, tzatziki, brick oven mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, asiago cheese, ciliegini, marinated oli

Bacari Grill Salads Menu and Prices

Bacari Salad $7.00 Field greens, pistachios, dried cranberries, grape tomatoes & aged sherry vinaigrette
Greek Salad $9.00 Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, arugula & feta cheese
Chopped B.L.T. Salad $10.00 Romaine hearts, blue cheese dressing, crumbled blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sliced beefsteak tomato & red onion
Arugula Salad $8.00 Gorgonzola, candied walnuts & raspberry vinaigrette
Caesar Salad $7.00

Bacari Grill Appetizers Menu and Prices

Mussels SantA’Elpidio $9.00 White wine, lemon, anisetta, fresh tomatoes & finished with garlic-herb butter
Vegetable Dumplings $8.00 Steamed or pan-fried with sweet chile sauce
Fried Calamari $11.00 Dueling sauces
Crab Cake $12.00 Warm corn relish, avocado coulis
Burrata Caprese $11.00 Fresh tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil
Fresh Mozzarella & Beefsteak Tomato Tower $8.00 Prosciutto di parma, balsamic reduction & extra virgin olive oil
Shrimp Cocktail $14.00 Grilled pineapple salsa, cocktail sauce

Bacari Grill Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Sandwiches and burgers served with french fries, sweet potato fries or a house salad.
Roasted Turkey Sandwich $9.00 Avocado, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on seven grain bread
Bacon Cheeseburger $12.00 Crispy onions, russian dressing, lettuce, tomato, applewood smoked bacon & monterey jack cheese
Caprese $8.00 Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, basil, arugula, olive oil & balsamic reduction on a sourdough baguette
Pesto Chicken $9.00 Grilled pesto marinated chicken, fresh mozzarella arugula, tomato, mayo, sourdough bread
Surf & Turf Burger $15.00 Fresh lobster meat, melted cheese sauce
Fish Tacos $12.00 Tempura battered tilapia, napa cabbage, salsa, avocado creme fraiche
Knife & Fork Angus Burger $12.00 Sauteed onions, roasted tomatoes, mushroom Irish porter cheddar cheese (no bun)
Spicy Chicken Wrap $9.00 Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayonnaise
Grilled Vegetable $11.00 Zucchini, squash, roasted peppers, arugula, basil mayo pita bread
Cheesesteak Wrap $12.00 Shaved sirloin, sauteed onions & peppers melted cheese sauce

Bacari Grill Sushi & Sashimi (3 Pieces) Menu and Prices

Salmon Sushi $8.00
Yellowtail Sashimi $9.00
Tuna Sushi $9.00
Tuna Sashimi $9.00
Yellowtail Sushi $9.00
Salmon Sashimi $8.00

Bacari Grill Authentic Brick Oven Pizza Menu and Prices

Baked in our natural wood-fired oven
Bacari $12.00 Caramelized onions, crumbled spicy sausage, tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
Margarita $11.00 Tomato sauce, slow-roasted roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & basil
Arugula $12.00 Mozzarella, asiago & parmesan cheeses, topped with arugula, tomato, & red onion salad
Classic $10.00 Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese & basil

Bacari Grill Entrees Menu and Prices

Include caesar or house salad.
Grilled Double-Cut Pork Chop $20.00 Sweet potato puree, sauteed spinach, applejack brandy sauce
Day Boat Scallops $22.00 Pumpkin risotto, butternut squash, apple beurre blanc
Salmon $19.00 Pan-roasted, tri color quinoa, lemon dill butter
Penne $14.00 With seasoned chicken in a vodka tomato cream sauce
Farfalle $14.00 With spicy sausage, roasted peppers, in a tomato cream sauce
Chicken Milanese $18.00 breaded chicken, arugula, fresh mozzarella grape tomatoes, red onions, white balsamic vinaigrette
Seafood Pasta $21.00 Linguini, calamari, shrimp, clams, mussels, salmon, pomodoro sauce
Barbecue Rubbed Prime Flat-Iron Steak $20.00 Bacari barbecue sauce, potato gratin, spinach & beer battered onion rings
Pecan Crusted Chicken Breast $18.00 Whole grain mustard sauce, sauteed spinach & orzoA–rice blend
Campanelle Bolognese $14.00 Meat sauce – ground beef, pork & prosciutto
Grilled Shrimp $21.00 Scampi butter, roasted pepper coulis, roasted yukon gold potatoes & sauteed spinach
Lobster Cocktail $18.00 Lobster, crab, shrimp, avocado, citrus vinaigrette

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