Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant latest menu price updated list. Up to date Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Fish Menu and Prices

Coriander Spiced Pacific Red Snapper $18.95 Black Bean Puree, swiss chard, tomatillo salsa, shishito peppers
Chili-Marinated Grilled Shrimp Jambalaya $19.95 Andouille sausage, basmati rice, roasted peppers, peas

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Happy Hour Menu Menu and Prices

Artisan Cheese $4.50 Chalk board for current selections
BH Cheese Burger Slider $3.75
Roasted Beet & Citrus Salad $5.00 Arugula, goat cheese, crostini
Bowl of Truffled French Fries $6.00
Buttermilk fried chicken Oysters $3.75
Deviled Farmers Market Eggs $5.00
BBQ Braised Pork Taco $3.75

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Salads Menu and Prices

Summer Peach and Ricotta Salad $10.95 Candied pistachios, mache, quinoa, coriander honey reduction
BH Vegetable Salad $9.95 Snow peas, shaved radish, hairloom tamotoea, toasted goat cheese
Roasted Red Beet Salad $10.50 Artisan salumi, olive relish, shaved pecorino, arugula

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Poultry Menu and Prices

Chipotle-Honey BBQ Chicken $18.25 Haricota Verts, corn saute, cherry tomatoes, roasted chicken jua

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Side Menu and Prices

Scalloped Potatoes $6.50 Aged white cheddar
Roasted Asparagus $6.50 Caramelized onions
Roasted Brussels Sprouts $6.50 Pecorino cheese

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Pork Menu and Prices

BBQ Braised Pork Tacos $14.95 Pepper jack cheese, avocado-tomato salsa, cilantro-lime cream
Wild Boar Meatballs $18.95 Creamy polenta, coriander-roasted tomato sauce, summer squash
Hickory Smoked Duroc Porkchop $22.50 Forrest mushroom & leek bread pudding, ham-hock jua, roasted asparagus

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Soup Menu and Prices

Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho $8.95 Corn, avocado, cucumbers, cumin spiced croutons, lemon oil

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Vegetable Menu and Prices

House Made Pea Tortellini $17.95 Sherried mushrooms, melted leeka, pea tendrils, tarragon nage

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Small Plates Menu and Prices

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Oysters $10.50 Watermelon, pickled corn relish, feta dressing, buffalo sauce
Applewood Smoked Bacon & Onion Confit Tart $11.50 Brie, purple cherokee tomatoes, arugula, green goddness Dressing
Local Yellowtail Tartare $13.95 Avocado, shaved fennel radish salad, jalapeno vinaigrette, BBQ crisps
Truffled French Fries $9.95 Truffle aioli, parmesan cheese
Organic Apricot Jam Bruschetta $10.95 Grilled levain bread, goat cheese, cherries, mustard greens
Deviled Farmers Market Eggs $8.75 Lemon potato criaps, arugula salad, parmesan
Lemon Potato Chips $6.95 Creamy herbed buttermilk ranch

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Beef Menu and Prices

Black Angus Biatro Tender $23.95 Scalloped Potato, haricot vert, peppercorn butter
The BH Burger $15.95 Aged white cheddar cheese, tomato, pickled red onions, fries, add truffle fries $3.00

Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant Dessert_1 Menu and Prices

Choice of Artisan Cheese $6.00 St. Agur blue (cow, france) camembert (cow, france) midnight moon (goat, holland)
Butterscotch Pudding $8.00 Creme fraiche pecan toffee, shortbread cookies
Black Forest Cake $8.00 Macerated cherries, hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream, port reduction
BH Rock Road Ice Cream Sandwich $8.00 Chocolate salted almonds, house-made marshmallows, espresso caramel
Scoop of Ice Cream or Sorbet $3.50 With house made cookies
Seasonal Fruit Cobbler $8.00 House made vanilla bean ice cream

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