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Bar Fly Bar Fly Food Menu and Prices

Drum Plate $0.00 six chicken drums with the sauce of your choice with a mound of mac salad, bbq sauce, sweet and sour sauce, hot sauce, fly sauce

Bar Fly Snacks Menu and Prices

Arongenies $0.00 ground beef,mozzarella,marinara,and rice,seasomed and deep fried.
Jerk Chicken $0.00 marinated chicken breast, swiss cheese and roasted red and yellow peppers on a hoagie roll.
Pulled Pork $0.00 simple but filling. pulled pork swimming in barfly bbq sauce on some dough.
Sandwiches $0.00 all served with a side of mac salad, tortilla chips and green salsa and a pickle
Spicy Reuben $0.00 beefy portion of corned beef, sanerkraut, and swiss on marble rye, topped with onion rings and spicy 1000 island.
Ground Sirloin $0.00 our own beef blend, topped with mushrooms, bacon, onion rings, and provolone.
Popcorn Chicken $0.00 bite-sixed chicken chunks, battered and deep fried served with choice of sauce.
Three-cheese Majo $0.00 all veggie-roasted red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, red onoin, and grilled eggplant smothered in three cheeses marinated in our special fly sauce on marble rye
Artichoke Dip $0.00 served with a hefty portion of tortilla chips
Fried Zucchini Cakes $0.00 zucchini patties seasomed and deep fried–with spicy ranch or bleu cheese sauce.
Eggplant Spread $0.00 served on wedges of toast

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