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Deli-licious Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Deli-licious Freshly Prepared Salads Menu and Prices

Frisco $5.49
Chef $5.49
Italian Chef $3.49
Greek $5.49
Flank Steak Caesar $5.49
Monte Cristo $5.49
Garden $3.99
Blackened Caesar $5.49
Chicken Caesar $5.49

Deli-licious Breakfast Specials Menu and Prices

Bacon, Eggs and Cheese $2.79
4 Slices of French Toast $2.99
Eggs $1.99
Turkey and Eggs $2.79
Bacon and Eggs $2.49
3 Big pancakes $3.49
Ham and Eggs $2.49
Steak and Eggs $2.99
sausage and Eggs $2.79
Potatoes and Eggs $2.79
Ham and Eggs and Cheese $2.79
Potatoes , Ham, Bacon and Cheese $2.99
Pastrami and Eggs $2.89
Western Omelette $3.49
Hungary Man Hero $4.49

Deli-licious Big 6 oz Homemade Burgers Menu and Prices

Mushroom and Swiss $2.79
Bacon and Cheese $2.99
Cheeseburger $2.49
Turkey Burger $2.49
Firecracker $5.49
BBQ and Cheddar $2.79

Deli-licious Wrap Specials Menu and Prices

French Quater $5.49 Turkey breast with Swiss cheese, sun dried tomato, lettuce and honey mustard
Kansas City $5.49 BBQ chicken strips with melted cheddar lettuce and tomato
Cancun $5.49 grilled chicken with cheddar, salsa sauce, sour cream, scallion, lettuce and tomato
The Maryland $5.49 crab cakes with homemade horseradish sauce, fries and slaw
Louisiana $5.49 spicy grilled beef with pepper jack cheese, onions and lettuce in herb garlic wrap

Deli-licious Specialty Heroes Menu and Prices

The Italian $5.99 fried eggplant, chicken cutlet, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella on a garlic hero
Big Bird $5.99 sweet honey turkey, melted Swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo
New Yorker $5.99 Turkey with Bacon, lettuce and mayo
The Godfather $5.99 genoa salami, Ham cappy, pepperoni, provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil, and vinegar
Manhattan $5.99 hot roast beef with melted mozzarella and Bacon on a toasted garlic hero
Chicken BLT $5.99 chicken salad with bacon, lettuce, tomato
Hot Sicilian $5.99 ham, cappy, pepperoni, salami, cherry peppers, melted provolone and lettuce
The American $5.99 Turkey, roast, beef, swiss with Bacon lettuce and tomato
Champ $5.99 roast beef, Turkey, American with lettuce, tomato and mayo
Chicken Bullet $5.99 chicken cutlet with Bacon, cheddar and Russian

Deli-licious Breakfast Specials – International Menu and Prices

Royal – Scrambled Eggs $3.49 with Canadian Bacon and cheddar cheese on an English muffin
Polish -2 Eggs $3.49 with Grilled kielbasa and munster cheese
Greek – Scrambled Eggs $3.49 with spinach, feta cheese and tomato in grilled pita
Italian – Potatoes, Peppers, Onions and Eggs $3.49 on Italian club roll
French – Scrambled Eggs $3.49 with Bacon and Swiss on a croissant
American – 2 Eggs ,Ham, Bacon and Cheese $2.99

Deli-licious Hot off the Grill Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Pastrami or Corned Beef Reuben $5.49 with melted Swiss sauerkraut and Russian dressing on bakery rye bread
Starsky and Hutch $5.99 boarshead londport roast beef with melted cheddar and horseradish on bakery rye bread
Chicken Salad Griller $5.49 with melted cheddar and Romaine on bakery rye bread
Ham Jammer $5.49 with honey baked ham melted American lettuce, tomato and honey mustard on bakery rye bread

Deli-licious Hot Off The Grill Menu and Prices

French Fries $2.49
Chicken Tenders $5.49
Grilled Cheese $3.25
Hot wings, Fries and Slaw $5.49
Cajun Fries $2.49
Onion Rings $2.49
Crispy Chicken fingers $5.49
Philly Cheesesteak $5.99
Flounder Fillet with Lettuce and Tartar Sauce $4.79
Shrimp Dinner with Fries and Slaw $5.99

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