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Don Alex Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Don Alex Postres Menu and Prices

66. Tiramisu $4.00
63. Arroz Con Leche $3.00 rice pudding
65. Tres Leches $4.00
59. Alfajores $2.00 two round pastry filled with sweet milk cream
64. Gelatina Con Flan $3.00 jello and flan
60. Gelatina $3.00 jello
58. Leche Asada $3.00
61. Torta Helada $4.50 ice cream cake
57. Mazamorra Morada $3.00 peruvian dessert made from purple corn fruit
62. Crema Volteada $3.50 flan pudding

Don Alex Entradas Menu and Prices

23. Ceviche Mixto $14.00 diced fish filet peruvian style marinated in lemon juice, hot pepper, plus octopus, calamari, shrimp
17. Anticuchos 2 Palitos $6.00 tree brocket of veal heart marinated and grilled
13. Tamales $5.00 corn pie stuffed with pork or chicken
22. Ceviche De Pescado $13.00 diced fish filet peruvian style marinated in lemon juice, hot pepper
25. Ceviche De Camarones $15.00 shrimp peruvian style marinated in lemon juice, hot pepper
21. Salchi – Yuca $5.00 fried yucca over french fries server with salad and a special sauce
20. Salchipapas $5.00 fried hot dogs over french fries served with salad and a special sauce
19. Papa Rellena $6.00 mashed potato pattie stuffed with chopped fried meat
18. Choclo Con Queso Peruano $5.00 corn with peruvian cheese
26. Choros A La Chalaca $7.00 mussels topped with mixed onions, cilantro, lemon and hot pepper
24. Ceviche De Mariscos $14.00 diced octopus, calamari, shrimp peruvian style marinated in lemon juice, hot pepper without fish
14. Papa A La Huancaina $6.00 sliced potato topped with spicy creamy cheese sauce
Leche De Tigre $8.00 tiger milk
27. Calamares Fritos $8.00 fried calamares
15. Causa $5.00 mashed potato peruvian style filled with chicken salad
28. Ensalada De Pulpo $10.00 octopus salad
16. Ocopa $5.00 sliced potato topped with creamy cheese sauce and mint

Don Alex Acompanamientos Menu and Prices

Side Orders.
7. Pure De Papas $3.00 mashed potatoes
10. Tostones (Porcion) $3.00 fried green plantains
5. Ensalada Con Palta $6.00 special salad with avocado
9. Maduros (Porcion) $3.00 fried yellow plantains
6. Papas Fritas (Porcion) $3.00 french fries
12. Yuca Frita O Sancochada $3.00 fried or boiled yuca
8. Arroz Blanco $3.00 rice white
11. Habichuelas $3.00 beans
8B. Arroz Amarillo $3.00 rice yellow

Don Alex Fines De Semana Menu and Prices

Weekend Special
Cau Cau  
Arroz Con Pato  
Seco Cabrito  

Don Alex Sopas Menu and Prices

32. Sustancia De Carne $8.00 meat soup
34. Parihuela $14.00 mixed seafood soup peruvian style
33. Sopa De Mariscos $14.00 seafood soup
31. Sopa A La Minuta $8.00 peruvian style soup with diced beef, milk angel hair pasta
30. Aguadito De Pollo $3.00 – $5.00 chicken soup with cilantro, rice
29. Sopa Del Dia $3.50 homemade soup of the day

Don Alex Calientes Bebidas Menu and Prices

Hot Drinks
Te $1.00 tea
Cafe Con Leche $2.00 coffee with milk
Cafe $1.00 coffee

Don Alex Pollos A La Brasa Menu and Prices

Rotisserie Chicken
Pollo (Solo) $2.50 chicken only
Pollo Entero (Solo) $8.00 whole roast chicken only
Medio Pollo (Solo) $4.50 1/2 roast chicken only
Pollo, Arroz O Papas Fritas $7.00 – $9.00 chicken, rice or f.f

Don Alex Frias Bebidas Menu and Prices

Cold Drinks.
Chicha Morada $8.00 – $3.00 purple corn drink peruvian style
Soda $1.50 inka cola, coca cola, etc
Agua En Botellas $1.50 bottled water
Limonada $5.00 – $2.00

Don Alex Batidos Menu and Prices

Maracuya $3.50
Papaya $3.50
Pina $3.50
Con Leche $4.50
Mango $3.50
Mora $3.50

Don Alex Pescados Y Mariscos Menu and Prices

Fish & Seafood.
52A. Pescado A Lo Macho $17.00 fish peruvian style
50. Corvina Frita $13.00 filet of flounder served with rice, salad
55. Corvina A La Chorillana $13.00 fried fish with rice, potatoes, onion & tomatoes
49. Jalea $17.00 fried seafood combination
49A. Sudado De Corvina $13.00 steamed fish
57. Sudado De Mariscos $14.00
51A. Picante De Mariscos $14.00 diced potato stewed with mixed seafood
53. Arroz Chaufa De Mariscos $14.00 peruvian style fried rice with mixed seafood
50A. Tallarin Con Mariscos $14.00 spaghetti with mixed seafood
52. Saltado De Mariscos $14.00 mixed seafood sauteed with onions, tomato, on top or french fries an rice
54. Trucha $15.00 trout with potatoes and onions salad
56. Pargo Rojo $15.00 fried red porgie with rice, potatoes and onions salad
51. Arroz Con Mariscos $14.00 mixed seafood with rice

Don Alex Aves Y Carnes Menu and Prices

Chicken & Meats
35. Lomo Saltado De Cerdo $12.00 strings of pork sauteed with onions, tomato
46. Tallarin A La Huancaina Con Bistec $12.00 spaghetti in cheese creamy sauce
37. Tallarin Saltado De Carne, Pollo O Mixto $12.00 strings of beef or chicken with spaghetti
39. Arroz Chaufa De Carne, Pollo O Mixto $12.00 beef or chicken fried rice peruvian style
41. Bistec Encebollado Steak $12.00 with sauteed onions
45. Entrana A La Grilla $15.00 grilled skirt steak
40. Bistec A Lo Pobre $13.00 fried steak served with rice, yellow plantains, french fries and fried egg
42. Churrasco A La Parrilla Grilled Steak $16.00
44. Bistec A La Chorillana $12.00 beef, steamed potato and sauteed onions & tomatoes
36. Lomo Saltado (Carne Con Pollo) $12.00 strings of beef or chicken sauteed with onions, tomato
47. Milanesa De Pollo Breaded Chicken Filet $12.00
38. Tallarin Verde Con Bistec $12.00 spaghetti in pesto sauce topped with round steak
43. Chuleta De Cerdo Pork Chops $10.00
48. Arroz A La Cubana $6.00

Don Alex Helados Menu and Prices

Ice Cream. Ice Cream Made From Peruvian Tropical Fruit (Lucuma).

Don Alex Aproveche Menu and Prices

1. 1 Pollo, 1 Ensalada, 1 Arroz Amarillo, Habichuela, 1 FF $20.00
2. 1 Pollo, 1 Salchipapa, 1 Arroz Amarillo, 1 Ensalada $20.00
3. 1 Pollo Solo (Para Llevar), 1 Ensalada, 1 Arroz O Papas Fritas $14.00

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