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Enjoy Downhouse Lounge latest menu price updated list. Up to date Downhouse Lounge and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Downhouse Lounge Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Downhouse Lounge Entrees Menu and Prices

Atlantic Salmon Fillet $18.00 grilled fresh atlantic salmon with spinach, dill, and capers, cream and white wine sauce, served over wild rice
Chilean Sea Bass $28.00 tender filet glazed with pomegranate / red wine served with mashed potatoes and asparagus garnish
Rib Eye Steak $29.00 generous portion of aged beef spiced and herbed served to order with roasted potatoes
Skirt Steak $21.00 house marinated and grilled to your taste, served with mashed potatoes
Grilled Organic Chicken $16.00 organic breast of chicken with wild mushroom cream sauce served on a bed of mashed potatoes
Seafood Pasta $22.00 sautA©ed shrimp, scallops, calamari, mussels and tilapia in a lobster cream sauce over angel hair pasta

Downhouse Lounge Soups $10 Menu and Prices

Borscht   classic russian soup made with beef, beets, cabbage and potatoes
Kharcho   raditional georgian soup made with lamb, tomatoes, rice and cilantro

Downhouse Lounge Desserts Menu and Prices

Crepes With Fruits $10.00 crepes filled with mixed baked fruits in sweet sauce
Smetannik (Choice Of Traditional, Apricot Or Raspberry) $9.00 with perfect balance of tartness and sweetness this sour cream cake is everyone’s favorite.
Chocolate Cake $9.00 decadent cake topped with mousse served with wild berries.
CrA?me BrA»lA©e $9.00 a classic vanilla crA?me brA»lA©e served with wild berries
Ice-Cream Plate $9.00 haagen-dazs chocolate or vanilla
Chocolate Cake $11.00 add vanilla ice cream
Tiramisu $9.00 homemade italian desert, light and refreshing
Exotic Fruit Platter $20.00 a generous portion of fresh seasonal fruits

Downhouse Lounge Coffee And Tea Service Menu and Prices

Cappuccino $5.00 latte
Espresso $4.00
American Coffee $3.00
Tea $9.00 – $5.00 earl grey, english breakfast, russian caravan, yunnan, jasmine, green tea, chamomile, herbal chai, fruit basket, decaf earl grey, decaf english breakfast

Downhouse Lounge Weekend & Weekday Afternoon Menu $45 Menu and Prices

Fruit ;
Coffee Tea ;
Seafood Pasta ;
Salmon Tartar ;
Blinis ; with salmon and goat cheese
Chicken Shish Kebob ;
Chicken Shish-Kabob ;
Skirt Steak ;
Blinis ; with mushrooms and herbs
Potatoes ; with wild mushrooms
Crispy Calamari ;
Desert Assortment Of Tiramisu ; smetannik, and chocolate cake
Soft Drinks ;
Eel Avocado Salad ;
Duck Salad ;
Arugula Salad ;

Downhouse Lounge I Menu and Prices

Grilled Vegetable Platter ;
Pickled Olives ; vegetables & mushrooms
Pickled Olives ; vegetables & mushrooms
Mediterranean Salad ; w/ feta cheese
Grilled Vegetable Platter ;
Mediterranean Salad ; w/ feta cheese
Cured Atlantic Salmon ;
Grilled Vegetable Platter ;
Mediterranean Salad ; w/ feta cheese
Cured Atlantic Salmon ;
Cured Atlantic Salmon ;
Pickled Olives ; vegetables & mushrooms
Mixed Meat Platter ;

Downhouse Lounge V Menu and Prices

Tiramisu ;
Chocolate Cake ;
Fruit Platter ;
Fruit Platter ;
Coffee And Tea ;
Tiramisu ;
Coffee And Tea ;

Downhouse Lounge Appetizers Menu and Prices

Steak Bites $12.00 marinated skirt steak on french baguette, with tomato and melted mozzarella; served with peter luger steak sauce
Salmon Tartar $14.00 finely diced fresh raw salmon served with mango and shallots
Pelmeni $9.00 traditional russian veal dumplings served with sour cream or vinegar
Head-On Shrimp $13.00 half pound of shell-on tender cooked shrimp with spices
Chicken Wings $15.00 – $9.00 bbq, hot or naked. choose from 6 pc or 12 pc.
Tuna Carpaccio $14.00 thin sliced raw ahi tuna, wasabi crA?me fresh, tobiko caviar, scallion, seaweed, sweet soy; served on a rice crisp
Crispy Calamari $14.00 tender calamari flash fried and served with home made spicy mayo & mango salsa
Potatoes & Mushrooms $14.00 pan sautA©ed potatoes with an assortment of wild mushrooms

Downhouse Lounge Platters Menu and Prices

Cheese Board $25.00 selection of gourmet hard and soft cheeses, nuts, crackers, fresh grapesand sun dried fruit
Pickled Veggies $10.00 – $18.00 assortment of pickled vegetables.
Signature ;Butterbrod; $12.00 – $19.00 choose your favorites or mix as you please from a variety of freshly made to order demi sandwiches served on fresh wholesome bread: home made roast beef, home made veal tongue, home made lightly cure
Carne Platter $20.00 assortment of home cooked and smoked meats served with variety of pickled vegetables and condiments
Mediterranean Platter $14.00 tasting platter of humus, guacamole, homemade salsa served with our own crispy pita chips

Downhouse Lounge Large Salads Menu and Prices

Caesar Salad Wedge $16.00 shrimp caesar
NatashaA’s Duck Salad $14.00 roasted tender duck tossed in plum and peach sauce over mixed mesclun salad
Seared Ahi Tuna Salad $15.00 sesame seared slices of ahi tuna; served over a bed of greens with seaweed and avocado
Shrimp Salad $17.00 grilled shrimp, mango, avocado, arugula, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice
Eel Avocado Salad $14.00 slices of glazed eel and avocado served over fresh greens
Caesar Salad Wedge $16.00 steak caesar
Mediterranean Salad $12.00 vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, romaine hearts, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil and lemon
Caesar Salad Wedge $10.00 flash grilled romaine lettuce with homemade caesar dressing and parmesan cheese
Caesar Salad Wedge $12.00 chicken caesar
Russian Salad $10.00 vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, and red onions served with extra virgin olive oil and lemon or sour cream and dill / scallions

Downhouse Lounge Side Orders $6 Menu and Prices

Roasted Potatoes ;
French Fries ;
Grilled Vegetables ;
Mashed Potatoes ;

Downhouse Lounge IV Menu and Prices

Seafood Pasta In Lobster Cream Sauce Over Angel Hair Pasta ;
Coffee And Tea ;
Chilean Sea Bass Glazed ; with pomegranate / red wine glaze and served with mashed potatoes
Skirt Steak ; with pomme frits
Pan Seared Wild Salmon Fillet ; with spinach, dill and capers cream and white wine sauce – served with mashed potatoes
Fruit Platter ;
Skirt Steak ; with grilled vegetables
Tiramisu ;

Downhouse Lounge II Menu and Prices

Natasha’s Duck Salad  
Tuna Carpaccio  
Wild Mushrooms And Potatoes  
Wild Mushrooms And Potatoes  
Natasha’s Duck Salad ;
Tuna Carpaccio ;
Natasha’s Duck Salad  
Tuna Carpaccio  
Wild Mushrooms And Potatoes  
Salmon Tartar  

Downhouse Lounge III Menu and Prices

Signature "Blini" Of Cured Salmon And Goat Cheese   wild mushroom and herbs
Signature "Blini"Of Cured Salmon And Goat Cheese And Wild Mushroom And Herbs  
Grilled Chicken Skewers  
Grilled Chicken Skewers  
Red Caviar On Crostini  
Grilled Shrimp Skewers  
Signature "Blini" Of Cured Salmon And Goat Cheese   wild mushroom and herbs

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