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Edge Brewing Co. Desserts Menu and Prices

Chocolate Chili Torte   Rich dark chocolate torte with a slightly spicy chili pepper zing.
Beer-Amisu   A craft beer twist on a classic favorite.
Imperial Stout Cheesecake   Decadent cheesecake infused with edge imperial stout.

Edge Brewing Co. Appetizers Menu and Prices

Scottish Edge   A hard boiled egg wrapped in Pork sausage mixed with fresh herbs and garlic. Breaded, deep fried, and cut into wedges. Served with dijon whip and stout mustard.
Hummus Platter   Roasted garlic hummus, served with warm pita bread, pickled vegetables, marinated cucumbers, and olives tepinade.
Edge Kettle Chip Nachos   Our house kettle chips layered with melted cheddar jack cheese, beer braised brisket, Avocado relish, jalapenos, and topped with green chili sour whip and cilantro.
Pork Meatball Skewer   Skewer of roasted pork meatballs served with a vietnamese dipping sauce.
Edge Fries   A pile of our hand cut fries tossed with roasted garlic, shaved parmesan, candied bacon, and drizzled with balsamic stout reduction.
Ahi Argentine   Herb and garlic rubbed ahi tuna lightly seared and sliced over a bed of arugula. Served with chimchurri vinaigrette.
Snake Bites   Fresh jalapenos stuffed with seasoned cream cheese, pork sausage, roasted garlic, and apple wood bacon. Perfectly roasted and served with hop infused ranch dipping sauce.
Deep Fried Pickles   Pickle spears generously coated in Edge beer batter and fried to golden perfection. Served with hop infused ranch dipping sauce

Edge Brewing Co. Chicken Wings Menu and Prices

Choose from a 6, 10, or 14 wing platter served with celery and carrot sticks.
Bourbon Barrel Wings   Deep fried chicken wings tossed in sweet and tangy bourbon street honey mustard BBQ sauce.
Ginger Habanero Wings   A sweet and spicy blend of brown sugar, habanaro and serrano peppers, fresh ginger and edge stout.
Edge Hot Wings   House blended pepper sauce with cayenne, garlic, and vinegar served with hop infused ranch dipping sauce.

Edge Brewing Co. Sandwiches & Entres Menu and Prices

All Sandwiches served with choice of hand cut fries, coleslaw, soup, or house salad. Upgrade to edge fries
Korean Street Tacos   Tender korean style BBQ beef on soft flour tortillas with carrot-daikon slaw, marinated cucumbers, cilantro, and sriracha aioli.
Midwest Pork Tenderloin   Pork tenderloin pounded thin and breaded schnitzel style, deep fried and served on a spent grain challa bun with shredded lettuce, pickles, and aioli.
BLT Gyro   Thick cut bacon with garlic and red pepper flakes, marinated tomatoes, arugula, fresh avocado, feta cheese and ranch tzatziki sauce wrapped in warm pita bread.
Grown up Grilled Cheese   Amazing combination of smoked gouda, swiss, seasoned cream cheese and blue cheese melted on grilled buttery sourdough with roma tomatoes, roasted garlic and avocado.
Stout BBQ Brisket   Tender brisket in our stout BBQ sauce, cole slaw, topped with smoked cheddar.
Southern Fried Chicken   Tender strips of chicken breast pounded thin and deep fried in our house beer batter.
Bahn Mi   Vietnamese pork meatballs, carrot-daikon radish slaw, thinly sliced fresh jalapenos, cilantro, and sriracha aioli on a fresh baked bun

Edge Brewing Co. Soups Menu and Prices

Choose either a cup or bowl sized portion
Soup and Salad Combo   Perfect combination for a light lunch, select a cup of soup or chili and a side portion of any of our salads.
Beer Cheese Soup   A creamy combination of fresh Idaho potatoes, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, bacon, and edge ale
Brewhouse Chili   A spicy three bean chili and with slow roasted brisket.

Edge Brewing Co. Burgers Menu and Prices

All burgers are 1/3 pound patty, cooked to order and served on local zeppoli spent grain challa buns with choice of hand cut fries, coleslaw, soup, or house salad. Upgrade to seasoned edge fries. Substitute any burger with grilled chicken or our hand made
Peanut Butter Bacon Burger   Shredded lettuce, house made pickles, thick cut apple wood bacon, and our tangy peanut butter sauce.
Habanero Mango Burger   Sauteed habanero peppers and onions, sliced avocado, seared mango, shredded lettuce, swiss cheese, and aioli
Mediterranean Pork Sausage Burger   Seasoned pork patty with augula, marinated tomatoes, feta cheese, creamy chimichurri sauce
Over the Edge   A pile of caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, edge fried pickles, apple wood bacon, cheddar cheese, and edge stout bbq sauce.
Edge Burger   Seasoned all beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo, choice of swiss or cheddar cheese.
Bacon Burger   A bacon and beef blended patty with apple wood bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and aioli.

Edge Brewing Co. Beverages Menu and Prices

Bucksnort Local Handcrafted Sodas   Root beer, ginger beer
Dr. Pepper  
Iced Tea  
Locally Roasted Costa Rican Coffee & Selection of Hot Tea  
MT. Dew  
Diet Pepsi  
Sierra Mist  
Seltzer Water  

Edge Brewing Co. Salads Menu and Prices

Side Salad   Spring greens and romain, shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, shaved red onion, shredded cheese, and homemade croutons. Served with choice of dressing.
Warm Spinach   Spinach with bacon, almonds, sliced mushrooms, red onions and egg, and topped with swiss cheese and warm bacon dijon vinaigrette.
Seared Chicken Caesar   Crisp roamane hearts tossed with our house caesar dressing, shaved parmasean cheese, black peppercorns, and seared chicken breast.
The Wedge   A crisp wedge of Iceberg lettuce piled with candied bacon, marinated tomatoes, fresh basil, blue cheese, and hop infused ranch dressing.

Edge Brewing Co. Mac and Cheese Menu and Prices

Individually baked meal portion served without side dish.
Buffalo Chicken   Mozzarella and blue cheese, beer brined chicken breast, buffalo sauce, scallions, and a buttery panko topping.
Smoked Cheddar Bacon   Smoked mozzerella and cheddar cheese, candied bacon, garlic, leeks, and tomatoes.
Teriyaki Beef   Tender pieces of teriyaki beef, broccoli, tomatoes, and zucchini tossed in a creamy teriyaki sauce and topped with fried leeks.
Mac and Poutine   Idaho cheese curds, caramalized onions, and edge beer brown gravy over creamy garlic macaroni.

Edge Brewing Co. Sides Menu and Prices

House Cole Slaw   Crisp red and white cabbage, shredded carrots and our own unique sauce.
Hand Cut Fries   Classic pub favorite made from fresh Idaho potatoes, fried and lightly seasoned.

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