El Canelazo

Enjoy El Canelazo latest menu price updated list. Up to date El Canelazo and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

El Canelazo Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

El Canelazo Platos Tipicos Menu and Prices

Fritada Con Llapingacho $9.00 fried pork with corn, salad & potato patties
Chaulafan $12.00 mixed rice with pork, chicken, shrimp & vegetables with plantain & avocado
Picada $20.00 fried meat. pork, beef, sausage
Llapingacho $12.00 potato patties, eggs, sausage, pork loin & peanuts
Bandera $12.00 guatita, seco de chivo, ceviche, arroz, y aguacate
Guatita $9.00 beef tripe served with rice, plantain & avocado
Seco De Chivo $12.00 goat stew with rice, plantain & avocado
Seco De Gallina $12.00 hen stew with rice, plantain & avocado
Hornado Con Llapingacho $9.00 roast pork with corn, salad & potato patties
Papas Con Cuero $9.00 skin pork with potatoes, eggs & salad

El Canelazo Pollo Menu and Prices

Pechuga Con Champinones $10.00 chicken breast stew with mushrooms served with rice & salad
Pechuga A La Parrilla $10.00 grilled chicken breast served with rice, salad & french fries
Pechuga Rellena $12.00 chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese in mushroom sauce
Pechuga En Salad De Limon $10.00 breaded chicken breast stew in lemon sauce

El Canelazo Antojitos Menu and Prices

Pan Con Nata $3.00 breaded with cream milk
Bolon De Chicharron $3.00 plantain & pork ball
Platano Maduro Con Queso $3.50 yellow plantain with cheese
Bolon De Queso $3.00 fried plantain & cheese ball
Tamales $3.00 tamal with meat
Morocho $3.00 milk & corn colada
Humitas $3.00 corn tamal
Salchipapas $7.00 fried hot dog with french fries

El Canelazo Mariscos Menu and Prices

Camarones Apanados $12.00 breaded shrimp with rice & salad
Camarones Al Ajillo $12.00 shrimp in garlic sauce with rice & salad
Picada De Mariscos $25.00 fried seafood
Camarones A La Parrilla $12.00 grilled shrimp with rice & salad
Mojarra Frita $15.00 fried red snapper served with rice, salad, plantain
Trucha Frita $16.00 fried trout, rice, plantains, salad
Pargo Rojo Frito O Sudado $16.00 with rice, salad & plantains
Filete En Salsa De Limon $12.00 sole fish filet with rice & salad
Filete De Pescado Al Ajillo $12.00 sole fish filet with rice & salad

El Canelazo Carnes Menu and Prices

Carne Frita O Empanizada $10.00 fried or breaded beef served with rice, beans & salad
Chuletas A La Parrilla $10.00 grill pork chops with rice, sweet plantain & beans
Entrana Asada $16.00 grilled skirt steak served with rice beans & salad
Bistec Encebollado $10.00 onions steak with rice, beans & salad
Bandeja El Canelazo $15.00 house special platter. grilled steak, sausage, skin pork, plantain, avocado, egg served with rice & beans
Churrasco Ecuatoriano $12.00 grilled beef served with rice, salad, french fries, fried egg & avocado
Carne Salad $10.00 grilled steak with rice, beans & salad
Lomito Salteado $10.00 beef stew with peppers, french fries & tomato served with rice & salad

El Canelazo Sopas Menu and Prices

Caldo De Gallina $9.00
Caldo De Pata $9.00
Caldo De Bola $10.00
Encebollado Mixto $15.00
Caldo De Bagre $12.00
Sopa De Mariscos $15.00
Encebollado $12.00
Cazuela De Mariscos $15.00

El Canelazo Arroces Menu and Prices

Arroz Marinero – Paella $16.00 rice mixed with seafood
Arroz Con Pollo $9.00 rice mixed with chicken & vegetables
Arroz Con Camarones $12.00 rice mixed with shrimp

El Canelazo Ensaladas Menu and Prices

Ensalada De Aguacate $6.00 avocado salad
Ensalada De Mariscos $12.00 seafood salad
Ensalada Cesar Corn Pollo $8.00 caesar salad with chicken
Ensalada Tri-Color $5.00 regular salad
Ensalada De Camarones $10.00 shrimp salad

El Canelazo Ceviches Menu and Prices

Served With Rice, Toast Corn Or Yellow Plantains
Ceviche Mixto $14.00 shrimp & fish ceviche
Ceviche De Camaron $12.00 shrimp ceviche
Ceviche De Concha $12.00 black shell ceviche
Ceviche De Pescado $12.00 fish ceviche

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