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exo Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

exo Seasonal Sides $4.50 Menu and Prices

Marinated Orzo Salad  
Farmer’s Market Broccoli ;
Braised Organic Lentils ;
Wild Horta Greens ;
Grilled Mushrooms ;
Greek Polenta ; delicious
Sides Of The Day ;
Roasted Chick Peas ;
Chilled Baby Beets ;
Red Lemon Potatoes ;
Stewed Eggplant And Onions ;
Cracked Bulghur ;
Toasted Couscous ;
Greek Fries ;

exo Salads Menu and Prices

Add Any Grilled Meat $4.50
Horiatiki / Greek $8.00
Chopped Lettuce $7.00
Feta Caesar $7.00

exo Sides $4.50 Menu and Prices

Stewed Organic Lentils ;
Greek Fries ;
Horta Greens ;
Chick Peas ;
Hand Cut Potato Chips ;
Lemon Potatoes ;

exo Exo Specialty Items Menu and Prices

Jumbo Shrimp $11.00 tomato, feta, olive, roasted garlic
Feta Ravioli $8.00 olive oil, garlic, horta
Tender Octopus $12.00 chick peas, red wine vinegar, mint
Soup Of The Day $7.00 inquire with server
Mini Souvlaki $8.00 chicken / steak skewers, tzatziki, pita
Baby Calamari $9.00 grilled or fried
Exo Chicken Wings $6.00 spicy feta, tzatziki, oregano
Ocean Fresh Fish $16.00 chef’s special preparation
Pizza Of The Day $11.00 inquire with server

exo Dips & Sauces $2 Menu and Prices

Potato / Garlic  
Smoked Eggplant  
Red Wine Vinaigrette  
Lemon Vinaigrette  
Spicy Marinara  
Spicy Feta  
Tzatziki Vinaigrette  

exo Additions $3.95 Menu and Prices

All Dishes Use Farm Fresh Organic Eggs!!
Honey Doughnuts  
Lamb Sausage  
Yogurt N Granola  
Lamb Hash  
Greek Grits  
French Fries  
Arugula Salad  
Smoked Bacon  
Feta Tater Tots  
2 Eggs Any Style  

exo Desserts $6 Menu and Prices

Galaktoboureko   custard stuffed phyllo pie
Ice Cream   chocolate, vanilla
Warm Rice Pudding   with fresh ground cinnamon

exo Sunday Brunch Menu and Prices

Eggs Benedict Spanakopita $10.95 poached eggs, spinach, feta, bechamel
Smoked Salmon Platter $8.95 greek yogurt, capers, grilled pita
Greek-American Brunch $11.95 2 eggs any style, bacon, lamb sausage, feta tots
Corn Pancakes $10.95 seasonal fruit, warm maple syrup, powdered sugar
Greek "Feta-Caesar" Salad $4.50 shrimp
Exo Eggs Burger With Cheese $13.95 double smoked bacon, greek cheddar, french fries
Turkish Eggs $9.95 dippy eggs, smoked paprika, yogurt, hummus
Yogurt, Honey & Nuts $6.95 all natural organic greek yogurt
Brunch Deluxe $3.50 all entrees served with unlimited coffee, fresh juice & one virgin bloody mary, flavored mimosa or sangria
Greek "Feta-Caesar" Salad $8.95 with chicken, steak
Double-Dipped French Toast $9.95 caramelized fruit, warm honey-syrup
Steak N Eggs Our Way $16.95 olive oil baked egg, charcoal grilled hanger steak
Sizzling Lamb "Hash" $11.95 sunny side eggs, cured lamb, paprika, delicious!

exo Chef’s Tasting Menu and Prices

With Wine Pairing $15.00
5 Course $55.00
7 Course $75.00

exo Fresh Pita And Spreads $3 Menu and Prices

Choose (4) $11
Tzatziki ;
Spicy Feta ;
Hummus ;
Spread Of The Day ;
Smoked Eggplant ;
Potato / Garlic ;

exo Exo Souvlaki Pita Wraps $7.50 Menu and Prices

With Pita, Tzatziki, Lettuce, Tomato
Pork ;
Steak ;
Chicken ;

exo Beverages Menu and Prices

Tea ;
Sprite ;
Iced Tea ;
Coffee ;
Extra Coffee ;
Juices ;
Pepsi ;
Frappe ;
Cappuccino ;
Milk ;

exo Sides $4.50 Each Menu and Prices

Order 2, Get A 3rd Free
Lemon Potatoes ;
Grilled Broccoli ;
Horta Greens ;
Garlicky Beets ;
Stewed Eggplant ;
Greek Fries ;

exo Sweets Menu and Prices

Rice Pudding $5.00
Whipped Honey Yogurt $4.00
Galaktos Boureki $5.00

exo Snacks Menu and Prices

Fried / Grilled Calamari $10.00
Stuffed Grape Leaves $6.00
Lemon Chicken Wings $6.00
Meatballs $6.00 with feta dip
House Made Chips $6.00 with dip
Grilled Pita $1.00
Feta Tater Tots $4.00

exo Entrees Menu and Prices

Spit Roasted Lamb Ribs $26.00 greek polenta, grilled tomato and chile jus
Exo Lobster Cavatelli $23.00 fresh pasta, baby prawn, asparagus, mint
Whole Fish Of The Day ; daily total fish priced and cooked appropriately
14oz Prime Hanger Steak $20.00 charcoal grilled beef, fried potatoes, rosemary
Roasted White Snapper $21.00 spring onion, roasted garlic, charred lemon
Mediterranean Branzino $24.00 choice of 2 seasonal sides
5 Hour Moussaka $15.00 baby eggplant, ground lamb, bechamel
Pan Seared King Salmon $20.00 choice of 2 seasonal sides
Roasted Lemon Chicken $18.00 fingerling potatoes, roast vegetables, oregano
5 Hour Moussaka $15.00
Lemon Chicken $13.00
Fish Of Today $14.00
Broiled Swordfish Plaki $14.00 grilled skewers, warm hummus, lemony couscous
Greek Fish N’ Chips $17.00 french fries, onion rings, yogurt, skordalia
12oz. Steak N Fries $20.00
Aegean Pizza $12.00 house made flatbread, olives, feta, tomatoes
Slow Cooked Pork Shank $21.00 cracked bulghur, sweet dandelion, yogurt broth

exo Kids Meals $6 Menu and Prices

Chicken Fingers & Fries  
Kiddie Macaroni  
3 Cheese Pizza  
Pita Grilled Cheese  

exo Exo Gyro Pita Wraps $7.50 Menu and Prices

With Pita, Tzatziki, Lettuce, Tomato
Seftalia Sausage  

exo Meze Menu and Prices

Spring Lamb And Ricotta Tortelli $8.00 magiritsa broth, shaved scallion, dried feta
Mini Souvlaki $8.00 chicken / steak skewers, tzatziki, pita
Crispy Haloumi Cheese $10.00 olive oil fried cheese, tomato jam, lemon
Simple Green Salad $8.00 chopped local greens, radish, olives, lemon dill dressing
Tender Grilled Octopus $13.00 roasted garlic, caper, red wine vinegar
Keftedes & Spicy Feta $6.00 kefalotyri cheese stuffed meatballs
Feta Stuffed Ravioli $9.00 olive oil, toasted garlic, mint
Chicken Avgolemono Soup $7.00 orzo, egg-lemon broth, dill
Hand Cut Potato Chips $5.00 sea salt, vinegar, tzatziki
Horiatiki Tomato Salad $9.00 heirloom vine tomate, cucumber, feta
Grilled Calamari & Asparagus $10.00 carred onion, spring radish, green yogurt
Lamb Sausage "Spetsofai" $11.00 stewed peppers, grilled oyster mushroom, ramps
Grilled Diver Scallops $10.00 scallion salad, lemon oil, almond skordalia
Fresh Pita And Spreads $11.00 tzatziki, hummus, skordalia, melinteanosalata

exo Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Served With One Side & Greek Olives
Eggplant Moussaka Sandwich $8.00 grilled bread
BFT $9.00 bacon, whipped feta, tomato, ciabatta bread
Seftalia Sausage $9.00 spicy feta, grilled onion, garlic
1/2lb. Beef Burger $1.00 add bacon or fried egg
1/2lb. Beef Burger $13.00 with cheese
Meatball Keftedes Hero $8.00 arugula, tzatziki, lemon
1/2lb. Lamb Burger $12.00 lettuce, feta, grilled tomato

exo Burgers Menu and Prices

1/2lb Add Swiss, Feta, Fried Egg, Cheddar, Bacon $1Ea
Lamb Burger $8.50
Mini Burger Slide’s $8.50
Beef Burger $8.00

exo Soup Menu and Prices

Today’s Soup $7.00 – $3.50

exo On A Stick Menu and Prices

4oz. Skewers With Tzatziki, Pita
Souvlaki Trio $17.00 with salad, tzatziki and pita
Chicken $4.50
Pork $4.50
Steak $4.50

exo Seasonal Salads $7.50 Menu and Prices

Add Chicken, Steak Or Shrimp $4.50
Exo Caesar   romaine, onions, olives, feta-caesar vinaigrette
Greek   romaine, tomato, feta, onions, olives, red wine vinaigrette
Arugula   cucumber, red onion, olives, lemon vinaigrette

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