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Fino Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Fino Salads & Soups Menu and Prices

Mixed Green Salad $8.00 Tomatoes, manchego, fried chickpeas, cumin vinaigrette plus soft boiled egg $2.00 plus white anchovies $2.00 plus crispy ham $2.00 plus spanish tuna $3.00.
Roasted Butternut Squash $10.00 Arugula, pecans, apples, aleppo chile flakes maple vinaigrette, goat cheese.
Moroccan Fennel & Orange $10.00 Radicchio, butter lettuce, dates, marcona almonds orange blossom vinaigrette.
Caldo Verde $9.00 Smoked ham broth, tomato, white beans spinach, crispy ham plus poached egg $2.00.

Fino Lunch Menu and Prices

Pan Seared Salmon $14.00 Beluga lenitls, celery root, bacon, red syrup.
Moroccan Vegetable Cous Cous $12.00 Summer vegetables, tomato jam, cilantro yogurt, almonds, ras el hanout.
Greek Chicken Salad $12.00 Herb roasted chicken, cucumbers, tomato romaine, olives, feta, lemon dill vinaigrette.
Butternut Squash Manti $12.00 Stuffed pasta, pistachio, pomegranate seeds yogurt, brown butter, sage.
Mussels & Clams With Fregula Sarda $12.00 Chermoula, chickpeas, zucchini preserved lemon, piquillo peppers.
Grilled Quail $15.00 Mixed green salad, french fries piri piri glaze, blue cheese aioli.
Monte Cristo $10.00 Jambon de paris, manchego, piquillos, quince mustard arugula & tomato salad, potato chimps & pickles plus fried farm egg $2.00.
Windy Bar Beef Burger & Fries $14.00 Caramelized onion, spinach, feta cheese mustard aioli, house made pickles plus house cured bacon $3.00 plus fried farm egg $2.00.
Ratatouille Tart $11.00 Tomato, eggplant, peppers, herbs de provence nicoise olives, arugula salad, plus spanish white anchovy $2.00.
Nicoise Salad $14.00 Spanish tuna, spinach, green beans, fingerling potatoes, fried capers, olives, soft farm egg, plus spanish white anchovy $2.00.

Fino Tapas Menu and Prices

Tzatziki $6.00 Cucumber, mint, yogurt, house made pita.
Fried Anchovy Stuffed Olives $6.00
Muhummara $6.00 Red pepper, walnut, pomegranate, house made pita.
Pork Pinchitos $7.00 With sea salt.
Trio $12.00 Olives & pickles, manchego, marcona almonds.
Blistered Shishito Peppers With Sea Salt $5.00
Baba Ghanoush $6.00 Eggplant, urfa chile, housemade pita.
Potato Chips $5.00 Spicy tomato aioli.
Tortilla Espanola $5.00 Local pastured eggs, potato, sauce romesco.
Hummus $6.00 Chickpeas, tahini, pimenton, house made pita.
Shakshouka $8.00 Tomato sauce, cumin, z’hug spice poached egg, house made pita.

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