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Firewater Saloon Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Firewater Saloon Saturday Menu and Prices

Mimosa Platter $20.00 5 bottle bucket of korbel splitz & carafe of oj
PBR Tallboy $2.00
Miller Lite Or Coors Light Aluminum Pints $3.00
Bomb Shots $4.00

Firewater Saloon Wednesday Menu and Prices

1/2 Off All Wine
Twisted Tea Malted Beverages $3.00 black cherry lemonade, blood orange, lemonade, mango punch
Beergarita $5.00 el jimador reposado tequila, cointreau, sweet n’ sour mix, 7oz corona
Firewater Sweet Tea $5.00 blackberry & cherry moonshine, honey, lemon juice, fresh brewed sweet tea
American Mule $5.00 american harvest organic vodka, gosling ginger beer, lime juice

Firewater Saloon Desserts Menu and Prices

Mexican Ice Cream Cake $6.00 mexican chocolate ice cream, graham cracker crust & cinnamon whip cream
Pecan Pie Bars $5.00 sweet as molasses
Peach Tart $6.00 caramelized peaches, puff pastry, & vanilla ice cream
Black Cow $4.00 goose island root beer & vanilla ice cream
Apple Cobbler $6.00 warm granny smiths with cinnamon & a sweet crunchy topping
Cowgirl Cookie $2.00 chocolate chip no nuts
Peach Cobbler $6.00 baked georgia peaches with a sweet crunchy topping
Cowboy Cookie $2.00 chocolate chip with nuts

Firewater Saloon Monday $4 Menu and Prices

Ketel One Drinks ;
Captain Morgan Drinks ;

Firewater Saloon Kids Menu $4 Menu and Prices

Add A Black Cow Or Cookie For $1
Chicken Fingers & Fries ;
PB Fries ;
Sloppy Joe & Fries ;
Burgers & Fries ;
Mac N’ Cheese  

Firewater Saloon Omelets Menu and Prices

Eastwood $8.00 ham, onion, green pepper, mushroom & cheddar
The Cowboy $9.00 smoked pork, onion, cheddar
Mama $9.00 bacon, spinach, onion, peppers & cheddar

Firewater Saloon Everyday Specials Menu and Prices

Domestic Buckets $15.00 6 beers
Import Buckets $20.00 6 beers
Firefly Or Ole Smoky Moonshine Shots $4.00 apple pie, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, peach, strawberry, white lightninA’

Firewater Saloon Firewater BBQ Menu and Prices

All Served With Your Choice Of Two Sides
Coal Miner $12.00 bbq brisket served on homemade bread with smoky cheddar
BBQ Ribs $18.00 – $10.00 served with homemade coleslaw
The Preacher $11.00 bbq pulled pork served with homemade bread topped with a fried pickle

Firewater Saloon Specialites Menu and Prices

Country Fried Steak $9.00 breaded rib eye with country gravy, fried potatoes and your choice of egg
"The King" French Toast $8.00 french toast layered in banana & peanut butter
Gold Dust Grits $5.00 served with your choice of toppings
Biscuits N’ Gravy $6.00 two hot buttermilk biscuit smothered in homemade sausage gravy
Sweet Peach Pancakes $7.00 two buttermilk pancakes topped with sweet peaches n’ whip cream
Pigs In A Blanket $6.00 3 sausage links rolled in pancakes served with fried potatoes

Firewater Saloon Tuesday Menu and Prices

Fireball Shots $4.00
"43" Mini Beer Shot $4.00 liqueur 43 topped with heavy whipping cream
Miller Lite Or Coors Light $3.00 24oz draft beer served in chilled mug
Beer Sampler $8.00 your choice of 4 draft beers

Firewater Saloon Appetizers Menu and Prices

Homemade Southern Fried Pickles $7.00 with texas ranch
Baked Mac N’ Cheese $2.00 add pork or bacon
Build Your Own Burger ; sides: lettuce, tomato, onion, fried pickle, caramelized onion, mushroom, avocado, swiss, fried egg, jalapeno, green chile, pico de gallo
Onion Loaf $7.00 a whole mess of buttermilk fried onions
Snakebite $7.00 fresh jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese & wrapped in bacon
Firewater Wings $8.00 choose one style or mix n’ match: texas rubbed, habanero, bbq, mild buffalo
Chile Fried Chicken Fingers $8.00 green chile tomatillo & sour cream
Build Your Own Salad $1.00 brisket, pork, steak, chicken
Baked Mac N’ Cheese $6.00 creamy wisconsin cheddar
Build Your Own Salad ; tomato, cucumber, red onion, avocado, red & green peppers, corn, black bean, jalapeno, mushrooms, corn bread croutons, shredded cheese, hardboiled egg
Coyote Bites $8.00 3 mini sandwiches – pick your style: burger, chicken, short rib
Loaded Potato Skins $8.00 with apple smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, sour cream & onions
Fried Green Tomatoes $8.00 with pico de gallo & lime sour cream
Country Picker Plate $7.00 raw veggie platter
Build Your Own Burger $9.00 served with your choice of two sides
Build Your Own Salad $9.00 all salads start with fresh romaine & iceberg mix, then choose from the following ingredients.
Soup Or Chili $4.00 – $3.00 served with cornbread. ask server for soup of the day
Build Your Own Burger $1.00 bacon, bbq pork, bbq brisket, short rib
Garden Fries $8.00 green & red peppers, cauliflowers, mushrooms, zucchini & jalapenos
Adam’s Ribs $8.00 with blue cheese coleslaw
Homemade Fried Mozzarella $6.00
Chips & Dips $7.00 homemade chips with salsa & guacamole
Nachos $11.00 pick your style: pork n’ green chile, bbq brisket n’ cheddar, ground beef, chicken
Build Your Own Burger $0.50 cheese: american, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, pepper jack

Firewater Saloon House Specialties Menu and Prices

All Served With Your Choice Of Two Sides
PB & J $7.00 all natural peanut butter & homemade strawberry jelly served on texas toast
Gunslingers $11.00 honey mustard braised short rib with jalapenos & cheddar
B.L.T. $7.00 served on texas toast & piled higher than a georgia pine
Lonestar $11.00 8oz. rib eye steak sandwich with sharp cheddar & bacon
Mississippi Melt $8.00 grilled chicken breast with bacon & smoky cheddar
Grave Digger $7.00 thick sliced fried bologna sandwich served with onion and pickles
Ranchero $11.00 blackened pork tenderloin with green chile, caramelized onion & fried green tomato
Chicken Po’ Boy $10.00 southern fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion & garlic mayo
The Duke $9.00 oven roasted turkey, avocado, bacon & garlic mayo
Sloppy Joe $6.00 house ground chuck with onion & green peppers

Firewater Saloon Wraps $8 Menu and Prices

Billy The Kid ; jalapeno, bacon, cheddar n’ two eggs
Geronimo   jalapeno, cornbread hash, bacon, cheddar n’ two eggs
Doc Holiday ; bacon, sweet potato hash, cheddar n’ two eggs

Firewater Saloon Blazin’ Burgers $11 Menu and Prices

All Served With Your Choice Of Two Sides
High Noon ; chorizo, bacon, fried egg & cheddar
The Spaniard ; jalapeno cheddar stuffed burger with lettuce, tomato, onion & texas ranch
The BB Gun ; black bean veggie burger with lettuce, tomato & avocado
The Desperado ; jalapeno cheddar burger with bbq brisket & short rib
The Drifter ; seared mushrooms & swiss

Firewater Saloon Thursday Menu and Prices

Fireball Shots $4.00
Beer Sampler $8.00 your choice of 4 draft beers
Miller Lite Or Coors Light $3.00 24oz draft beer served in chilled mug
;43; Mini Beer Shot $4.00 liqueur 43 topped with heavy whipping cream

Firewater Saloon Skillets $9 Menu and Prices

Eggs Any Style
Shakedown ; fried potatoes, homemade green salsa, green peppers, onion, top with two eggs
Ho Down’   fried potatoes, bbq pork & bacon, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, jalapeno, cheddar n’ two eggs
Hombre ; fried potatoes, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, short rib, topped with smoky cheddar n’ two eggs

Firewater Saloon Tombstone Tacos Menu and Prices

3 Per Order. All Tacos Served On Fresh Corn Tortillas With Cilantro Rice & Beans.
Pork $9.00 lettuce, corn salsa & sour cream
Veggie $8.00 fresh veggies, avocado & pico de gallo
Chicken $8.00 avocado & pico de gallo
Steak $10.00 onion, cilantro & lime

Firewater Saloon Friday Menu and Prices

Miller Lite Or Coors Light Aluminum Pints $3.00
PBR Tallboy $2.00
Bomb Shots $4.00

Firewater Saloon Sides Menu and Prices

BBQ Baked Beans  
Donut $1.00
Pancakes $4.00
Sweet Tots  
Fresh Fruit  
Bacon $2.00
Grits $3.00
Eggs Any Style $3.00
Toast $1.00
Side Salad  
Muffin $2.00
Jumbo Sausage Links $3.00
Mac N’ Cheese ;
Oatmeal $4.00
Fried Potatoes $3.00
Homemade Sausage Patties $3.00
Cornbread ;
Corn On The Cob ;
Cup Of Soup ;
Potato Salad ;
Curly Fries ;
Steak Fries ;
Coleslaw ;
Fruit $2.00

Firewater Saloon Sunday Menu and Prices

Bloody Mary $6.00 your choice of vodka, includes bloody mary buffet
Seasonal Drafts $3.00 sam adamA’s or leineA’s
Miller Light Or Coors Light Aluminum Pints $3.00
Mimosa Platter $20.00 5 bottle bucket of korbel splitz & carafe of oj

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