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Five Spice Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Five Spice Entrees – Seafood Menu and Prices

Seared Scallops $7.95 Pan-fried scallops served on lettuce leaves, showered with a thick sauce consisting of diced red and green bell peppers, diced tomatoes and thai sweet and sour sauce
Sesame Shrimp $7.95 Crispy shrimp in tantalizing sesame sauce served on a bed of steamed vegetables
Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce $7.95 Fish fillet prepared in a tasty black bean sauce
Basil Shrimp $7.95 Shrimp and fresh vegetables with basil leaves in a special thai sauce
Little Moon Shrimp $7.95 Shrimp with shredded ginger, green onions, and eggs on top of bok choy leaves
Sweet & Sour Shrimp $7.95
Butter Shrimp $7.95 Jumbo shrimp and mixed vegetables in athia butter sauce
Hot & Spicy Shrimp $7.95 Shrimp stir fried in spicy hot tomato sauce
Shanghai Moon $7.95 Stir-fried minced chicken, shrimp, and shitake mushrooms, in a special sauce and wrapped in crispy lettuce leaves
Yushan Shrimp $7.95 Shrimp and fresh vegetables stir-fried in a hot garlic sauce

Five Spice Entrees – Thai Curries Menu and Prices

Choice of chicken, beef or tofu, shrimp add $1.00
Thai Peanut Curry $6.95 Broccoli and bell peppers slowly cooked in a thick peanut curry sauce
Pineapple Curry $6.95 Curry with pineapple
Panang Curry $6.95 Made with a rich curry sauce of coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves and sprinkled with ground peanuts
Green Curry $6.95 Made with a spicy curry sauce with sugar peas, red and green peppers, onions and sweet basil

Five Spice Entrees – Vegetarian Menu and Prices

Yushan Eggplant $6.25
Thai Basil Tofu $6.25 Deep fried tofu with baby bok choy and basil leaves
Vegetable Delight $6.25 A savory vegetarian dish of assorted vegetables and tofu tossed in brown sauce
Szechuan Eggplant $6.25 Fresh eggplant stir-fried in spicy szechuan sauce
Sesame Vegetables $6.25
Sesame Tofu $6.25 Cripsy tofu tossed in a sweet and spicy sesame sauce

Five Spice Entrees – Pork Menu and Prices

Tushan Pork $6.50
Lemongrass Pork Chop $6.50 Pork loin grilled with sweet chili sauce, lemongrass and garlic
Tonkatsu $6.50 Pork fillet covered in japanese panko batter and seasoning and fried until golden

Five Spice Entrees – Chicken Menu and Prices

Served with either white, brown or fried rice
Thai Basil Chicken $6.50 Spicy chicken breast meat with baby bok choy and basil leaves
Royal Chicken $6.50 Chicken sauteed with red and green peppers, asparagus and onions. Topped with cashews
Thai BBQ Chicken $6.50 Crispy chicken sprinkled with crunchy cashews and served with coconut sauce
General Tso’s Chicken $6.50
Sesame Chicken $6.50 Crispy chicken tossed in a sweet and spicy sesame sauce
Orange Chicken $6.50 Crispy chicken tossed in a tangy orange sauce
Sweet & Sour Chicken $6.50
Minty Thai Chicken $6.50 Chicken and mixed vegetables in a special thai sauce
Kung Pao Chicken $6.50 A spicy chicken dish w/vegetables and hot chili. Topped with peanuts
Moon Harbor $6.50 Chicken sauteed with sweet basil leaves, red and green peppers and garlic
Lemongrass Chicken $6.50 Tender chicken with bell peppers and onions prepared in a lemongrass garlic sauce
Teriyaki Chicken $6.50
Szechuan Chicken $6.50
Yushan Chicken $6.50 Chicken and fresh vegetables stir-fried in a spicy garlic sauce

Five Spice Entrees – Tempura Menu and Prices

Covered in a light batter and fried until crispy
Combination Tempura $7.95 Vegetable, chicken and shrimp pieces
Chicken Tempura $7.95 Chicken and vegetable pieces
Shrimp Tempura $7.95 Shrimp and vegetables pieces
Vegetable Tempura $6.95

Five Spice Entrees – Beef Menu and Prices

Whisky Beef $6.50 Marinated grilled beef strips with garlic and black pepper
Mongolian Beef $6.50 Beef sir fried with green and yellow onions
Orange Beef $6.50 Crispy beef tossed in a tangy orange sauce
Sesame Beef $6.50 Crispy beef tossed in a sweet and spicy sesame sauce
Broccoli Beef $6.50 Sliced beef w/fresh broccoli broccoli and carrots tossed w/brown sauce
Sriracha Beef $6.50 Beef stir fried with onions, green onions and broccoli in the illustrious sriracha chili sauce
Satay Beef $6.50 Tender beef slices stir fried in thai peanut sauce
Jalapeno Beef $6.50 Beef slices stir fried with jalapeno peppers

Five Spice Healthy Entree Menu and Prices

All healthy entrees are made without salt, sugar or corn starch, oil or MSG. Served with a special sauce on the side
Steamed Fresh Vegetables w/Seafood $6.95
Steamed Fresh Vegetables w/Tofu $6.50
Chicken or Beef $6.50

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