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Gonsea Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Gonsea Soups Menu and Prices

Won-Ton Soup $6.50
Egg Flower Soup $6.50
Hot & Sour Soup $6.50
Wor Won-Ton Soup $7.50
Seafood Soup $7.50
Sizzling Rice Soup $6.75

Gonsea Beef Menu and Prices

Black Pepper Beef $9.95
Mongolian Beef $9.95
Hot Sour Beef $9.95
Black Mushroom Beef $9.95
Curried Beef $9.95
Hunan Beef $9.95
Broccoli Beef $9.95
Beef with Chinese Peas $9.95
Szechuan Beef $10.25
Beef with Tender Green $9.95
Beef with Fresh Vegetables $9.95

Gonsea Appetizers Menu and Prices

Chinese Chicken Salad $9.50
Po Po Plate $9.95
Pot Stickers (6) $6.95
Paper Chicken (8) $6.95
Crab Cheese Puff (8) $6.95
Vegetable Pot Stickers (6) $6.95
Sliced BBQ Pork $6.95
Fried Prawns (4) $6.25
Fried Won-Tons $5.75
Vegetable Spring Roll (2) $3.95
Egg Rolls (2) $3.95

Gonsea Fried Rice Menu and Prices

Pork Fried Rice $7.25
Chicken Fried Rice $7.25
Shrimp Fried Rice $7.95
Vegetable Fried Rice $7.25
Hunan Fried Rice $7.95
Beef Fried Rice $7.50

Gonsea Lunchon Combination Menu and Prices

Lunchon Combination   Served pork fried rice or steamed rice, chicken chow mein, egg roll, fruit and a choice of soup or chicken salad

Gonsea Pork Menu and Prices

Pork In Garlic Sauce $9.50
Pork with Imperial Sauce $9.50
Sweet & Sour Pork $9.50
Szechuan Pork $9.50
Mu Shu Pork (6) $9.50
BBQ Pork with Vegetable $9.50

Gonsea Vegetables Menu and Prices

Hunan Egg Plant $8.95
Chinese Peas with Water Chestnuts $8.95
Curried Vegetables $8.95
Tender Greens with Garlic Sauce $8.95
Szechuan Tofu or Imperial Tofu $8.95
Cashew Broccoli $8.95
Tofu with Vegetables In Crock $8.95
Szechuan Vegetables $8.95
Vegetable Delite $8.95
Fresh Mushrooms & Broccoli $8.95
Hot Bean Cake $8.95

Gonsea Chow Mein Menu and Prices

Chicken Chow Mein $7.50
Beef Chow Mein $7.75
Shrimp Chow Mein $7.95
Vegetable Chow Mein $7.50
Pork Chow Mein $7.50
Hunan Chow Mein $7.95

Gonsea Seafood Menu and Prices

Cashew Prawns $11.95
Sweet & Sour Prawns $11.95
Prawns with Chinese Peas $11.95
Jumbo Scallops with Garlic Sauce $11.95
Seafood Delight $13.95
Dry Braised Prawns $11.95
Prawns with Assorted Vegetables $11.95
Dry-Braised Jumbo Scallops $11.95
Hunan’s Lovers Prawns $13.95
Kung Pao Prawns $11.95
Szechuan Prawns $11.95
Chef’s Sauteed Prawns $11.95
Prawns with Sizzling Rice $11.95
Curried Prawns $11.95
Prawns In Lobster Sauce $11.95

Gonsea House Specialties Menu and Prices

Mandarin Combination $11.50
Chicken with Prawns or Scallops $11.50
Fresh Green Beans   Served with meat or seafood
General’s Spicy Chicken $9.75
Crispy-Spicy Duck $11.50 – $19.75
Double Face Noodle $9.95
Szechuan Lamb $9.95
Triple Mushrooms Chicken $9.75
Szechuan Chicken $9.75
Ginger Calamari $9.95
Black Pepper Lamb $9.95
Scallops with Beef $11.50
Chicken with Imperial Sauce $9.75
Prawns with Honey Walnuts $12.50

Gonsea Gourmet Dinners – Canton Dinner Menu and Prices

For three add: Black mushroom chicken, for four add: prawns with lobster sauce, for five add: vegetable delight, for six add: add portion to above dishes
Appetizer Plates $15.95 Crab cheese puff, BBQ pork, egg rolls
Main Entrees $15.95 Sweet and sour pork, broccoli beef, pork fried rice
Won Ton Soup $15.95

Gonsea Chicken Menu and Prices

Black Mushroom Chicken $9.50
Cashew Chicken $9.50
Curried Chicken $9.50
Kung Pao Chicken $9.50
Moo-Goo Gai-Pan $9.50
Hunan Chicken $9.50
Chicken with Peking Sauce $9.50
Chicken with Chinese Peas $9.50
Chicken with Sizzling Rice $9.50
Teriyaki Chicken $9.95
Snow White Chicken $9.50
Lemon Chicken $9.75
Pineapple Chicken $9.50 Sweet & sour

Gonsea Gourmet Dinners – Hunan Dinner Menu and Prices

For three add: Pork with imperial sauce, for four add: kung pao prawns, for five add: crispy spicy duck, for six add: add portion to above dishes
Main Entrees $16.95 Mogolian beef, hunan chicken, pork fried rice
Hot and Sour Soup $16.95
Appetizer Plates $16.95 Crab cheese puff, BBQ pork, egg rolls

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