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Enjoy Ines Bakery latest menu price updated list. Up to date Ines Bakery and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Ines Bakery Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Ines Bakery Especial Menu and Prices

Hamburguesa Deluxe $5.00 cheeseburger deluxe with french fries and soda

Ines Bakery Postres – Desserts Menu and Prices

Flan $1.70 egg custard
Pastel De Queso $1.70 cheesecake
Gelatina $1.25 – $1.00 jelly
Pudin De Pan $1.50 bread pudding
Bizcocho Tres Leches $2.25 3 milk cake
Galletas $1.00
Pastelillos De Carne (3) $1.00
Pastelillos De Guayaba (3) $1.00
Arroz Con Leche $1.50 rice pudding

Ines Bakery Especiales De Lunch – Todos Los Dias Menu and Prices

Ensaladas $5.00
Enchiladas De Mole $6.00
Quesadilla $5.50
Chilaquiles $5.50
Enchiladas Verdes $5.50 suiza
Sopes De Carne (3) $5.50
Huaraches $5.00
Pupusas (C/U) $1.50
Fajitas De Pollo Con Frijoles $5.50

Ines Bakery Desayunos Mexicanos $5 Menu and Prices

Served With: Beans Bread Or Tortilla, Potatoes, Coffee Or Tea
Carne Enchilada   spicy meat
Chorizo   mexican sausage
Pollo   chicken
Huevos A La Mexicana   mexican style eggs
Bistec   grilled steak
Cecina   salted beef

Ines Bakery Bebidas Calientes Menu and Prices

Hot Beverages.
Expresso $1.00
Cafe Regular $0.75 regular coffee
Cafe Claro $1.00 light coffee
Chocolate $1.00
Te $0.75 tea
Cappucino $1.25

Ines Bakery Jugos Naturales Menu and Prices

Natural Juices.
Limonada $2.00 limonade
Jugo De Naranja O Mixto $4.00 orange juice or mix
Jugo De Zanahoria $3.00 carrot juice
Morir Sonando $2.50 mixed o j & milk
Mixto De Naranja Y Zanahoria $4.00 mixed carrot y orange juice

Ines Bakery Especialidades Mexicanas Menu and Prices

Tacos $2.00 bistec, pechuga de pollo, cecina, pernil, carne enchilada, tinga y chorizo
Cemitas $5.00 milanes de res o de pollo, quesillo, bistec, chorizo, carne enchilada, pernil, tinga, cecina y pollo
Sopes $5.50
Enchiladas Verdes $6.00
Tortas $5.00 milanesa de res o de pollo, cubana, bistec, chorizo carne enchilada, pernil, tinga, cecina y pollo

Ines Bakery Batidas $3 Menu and Prices

Fresa   straberry
Maracuya   passion fruit
Guanabana   sour sop

Ines Bakery Especial De Sandwiches Combinados Menu and Prices

Everything Comes With Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise & Bread. Todo Extra $0.25 / $0.50 / $1 Adicional.
Salchicha Huevo Y Queso $3.50 sausage eggs & cheese
Especial $6.00 ordene su combo de tortas o cemitas, sandwich con papas y soda
Sandwich De Tocineta, Lechuga Y Tomate $3.00 bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich
Tocineta Huevo Y Quiso $3.50 bacon, eggs & cheese
Salchicha Y Queso $3.50 sausage & cheese
Tocineta Y Huevo $3.50 bacon & eggs
Sandwich De Queso Blanco $2.00
Sandwich De Salami Y Huevo $3.50 salami and cheese sandwich
Sandwich De Salchicha Y Huevo $3.50 sausage and egg sandwich
Sandwich De Jamon Y Queso $3.50 ham and egg sandwich
White Cheese Sandwich $1.75
Huevo Y Queso $3.50 eggs & cheese
Sandwich De Queso Amarillo $2.00 yellow cheese sandwich
Tocineta Y Queso $3.50 bacon & cheese
Queso Y Salami $3.50 cheese & salami

Ines Bakery Bebidas Frias Menu and Prices

Cold Beverages.
Iced Coffee $1.50
Tropicana $1.50
Pepsi Y Coca Mexina $1.50
Horchata $2.00 – $3.50
Sodas Mexicanas $1.50
Sodas $1.00
Agua Tamarindo $2.00 – $3.50

Ines Bakery Sandwiches Menu and Prices

If You Buy A Torta – Cemita Sandwich Will Be Get A Free Can Soda.
Sandwich De Pernil $5.00 roast pork sandwich
Sandwich De Milanesa De Res $5.00 milanesa beef sandwich
Sandwich De Bistec Con Queso $5.50 steak and cheese sandwich
Sandwich De Chorizo Y Huevo $5.50 mexican sausage & egg sandwich
Sandwich De Carne Enchilada $5.00 spicy beef sandwich
Sandwich De Atun $3.50 tuna fish sandwich
Sandwich De Milanesa De Pollo $5.00 milanese chicken sandwich
Sandwich De Tinga $5.00 chicken sandwich
Sandwich De Pollo $5.00 chicken sandwich
Sandwich Cubano $5.00 cuban sandwich

Ines Bakery Desayunos Menu and Prices

Breakfast. Served With: Home Fries Or French Fries, Bread Or Tortilla, Coffee Or Tea.
2 Eggs Any Style  
Con Jamon, Tocineta O Salchicha $3.50
2 Huevos Cualquier Estilo   with ham, bacon or sausage
Western Omelette $4.00

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