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Enjoy Los Pablos latest menu price updated list. Up to date Los Pablos and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Los Pablos Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Los Pablos Extras Menu and Prices

Pico De Gallo $1.00
Leaf Lettuce $0.75
Sour Cream $0.75
Shredded Lettuce $0.85

Los Pablos A La Carte Menu and Prices

Flour or Corn Tortilla $0.65
Poblano Relleno Pepper $3.25
Hot Cheese Burrito $3.25
Soll Beef or Chicken Taco $1.50
Quesadilla Rellena $3.60
Toslada $3.20
Tamale $2.00
Quesadilla Shrimp $3.90
Burrito $3.05
Enchilada $2.00 beef or potato
Quesadilla Cheese $2.75
Flour Tostada $3.25
Chalupa $3.00
Fried Beans $1.50
Chile Relleno $2.15
Spanish Rice $1.50
Bowl of Chili $3.25
Burrito Supreme $3.75
Taco $1.40 chicken, beef or potato
Steak Burrito $3.75
Beef Tostaguac $3.55
Enchilada. $2.00 chicken or cheese

Los Pablos Beverages Menu and Prices

Margaritas $3.85 – $7.50
Margaritas Especirics $4.75 gold strawbery peach raspberry

Los Pablos Side Orders Menu and Prices

Order of Enchiladas $5.15
Hot Cheese Burritos $5.85
Relleno Poblano Peppers $5.75
Order of Soft Tacos $4.25
Order of Tacos $4.00 beef or chicken
Order of Tamales $4.95
Shrimp $6.00
Order of Burritos $5.55

Los Pablos Childs Plate Menu and Prices

for children under 12 years
Enchilada, Rice and Beans $2.85
Mini Burrito, Rice or Beans $2.85
Chicken Fingers and Fries $2.85
Taco, Rice and Beans $2.85
Quesadilla, Rice, Lettuce, and Sour Cream $2.85

Los Pablos Combination Dinners Menu and Prices

no substitutions
Two Calupas and Spanish Rice $6.20
One Chalupa, One Burrito and One Enchilada $6.65
One Taco, One Chile Relleno and One Chalupa $6.20
One Chile Relleno, One Taco Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $6.20
Burrito Supreme, Spanish Rice and FRied Beans $6.50
One Taslaguac, One Burrito and One Taco $6.65
One Burrito, One Enchilada and One Tamala $6.20
Two Enchiladas $5.60 Spanish rice and fried beans
Hot Cheese Burrito, One Enchilada and Spanish Rice $6.20
One Steak, Burrito Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $6.65
One Burrito, One Chile Relleno and One Taco $6.65
One Enchilada, One Tamale Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $5.60
One Taco, One Burrito and One Chalupa $6.65
One Taco, Two Enchiladas and Spanish Rice $5.60
Two Tacos $5.60 Spanish rice and fried beans
One Calupas One Burrito and One Chile Relleno $6.65
One Chalupa One Taco and One Hot Cheese Burrito $6.65
One Chalupa, One Relleno and Fried Beans $6.20
One Burrito, One Enchilada Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $6.65
One Enchilada, One Chile Relleno Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $6.65
One Burrito, One Taco and One Enchilada $5.60
One TAco, One Burrito Spanish Rice and Fried Beans $6.65
One Enchilada $5.60 one taco and one chile relleno
One Enchilada One Taco $5.60 Spanish rice and fried beans
One Taco, One Enchilada and One Chalupa $5.60
One Chalupa, One Chile Relleno and One Enchilada $6.65
One Taco, One Enchilada , Chile $5.60 con queso and ground beef

Los Pablos Appetizers Menu and Prices

Shrimp Nachos $6.25
Chile Con Queso $3.25
Nachos with Beef or Chicken $4.00
Nachos with Beef and Beans $4.65
Cheese Dip $2.55
Bean Dip $3.00
Chile Con Queso with Beef $4.15
Beef or Chicken Fajita Strips $5.85
Nachos with Beans $3.65
Nachos Supremos $5.85
Nachos with Chicken and Beans $4.65
Order of Nachos $3.25
Fajita Nachos $6.25
Guacamole Dip $2.65

Los Pablos Soft Drinks Menu and Prices

Orange Juice $1.30
Coke $1.30
Diet Coke $1.30
Coffee $1.00
Milk $1.30
Sprite $1.30
Iced Tea $1.15
Mr. Pibb $1.30

Los Pablos Description of Mexican Dishes Menu and Prices

Nachos Supreme $0.00 beans beef or chicken topped with lettuce guacamole sour cream and tomatoes
Tostada $0.00 tohs tah dahz con tortilla fried crisp and topped with fried beans
Burritos $0.00 burr ee tohz flour tortilla rolled around ground meat topped with cheese and onion sauce
Enchiladas $0.00 en chee lah dahz, tortillas rolled around seasoned filling topped with sauce and cheese
Chalupas $0.00 sha lu pahz corn tortilla fried crisptopped with fried beans melted cheese and guacamole salad
Frijoles Refritos $0.00 free hole ayz ray free tohz refried beans
Burrito Supreme $0.00 beef and beans or chicken and beans topped with lettuce tomato and sour cream
Chile Con Queso $0.00 chee lay cone kay soh flat crisp tortilla with cheese and jalapeno peppers
Tostaguac $0.00 tohs ta wahk flat tortilla with ground and guacamole salad with cheese on top
Hot Cheese Burrito $0.00 melted cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla smothered onion sauce and melted cheese
Sopapillas $0.00 soh pa pee yahz fried flour tortilla with honey and butter
Flour Tostada $0.00 crisp hour tortilla with fried beans melted cheese guacamole salad with cheese
Tacos $0.00 tah kotz tortillas tolded and fried crisp filled iwth
Tostados $0.00 thos tah dohs tortillas cut and fried crisp
Chiles Rellenos $0.00 chee lays ray yah noz plate of bell pepper stuffed with cheese and beef
Tortillas $0.00 tor tee yahz thin corn pacakes used as base for many dishes
Tamales $0.00 tah mah layz savory pountry steamed in corn
Guacamole $0.00 wah kah mo lay avocado salad
Nachos $0.00 nachos melted cheese with jalapeno peppers on toasted tortilla chips

Los Pablos Imported Beer Menu and Prices

Corona Light $2.95
Corona $2.95
Das Equis $2.95
Tecafe $2.95

Los Pablos House Specials Day Menu and Prices

Nachos Rancheros $7.00 shrimp chicken beef
Las Pablo’s Salad Especials $5.50
Shrimp Rancheros $8.50 rice and beans
Tacos $5.00 pablo’s especial

Los Pablos Vegetarian Menu and Prices

Vegetarian A $6.20 one hot cheese burrito one bean taco Spanish rice
Vegetarian E $6.50 two potato taquila rice and salad with pico de gallo
Vegetarian B $6.30 one potato enchilada one cheese enchilada one chatupa
Vegetarian C $6.00 guacamole salad one chile con queso one potato enchilada
Vegetarian D $6.50 flour tostada one hot cheese burrito fried beans

Los Pablos Specialties of the House Menu and Prices

steaks of salads;salad dressings Thousand Island, French bleu cheese Italian we serve only USDA choice ribeye steak 8 oz or more
Tacos Al Carbon $7.50 two rolled flour tortillas filled with chopped beef served with rice fried beans, sour cream and pico de gallo
Carne Asada $7.65 two pieces of grilled beef served with rice, fried beans, lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo
Taquitos $5.75 rolled, fried corn tortillas filled with shredded meat, served with beans and guacamole salad
Flautas $5.75 two flour tortillas wrapped around your choice of pulled beef or chicken deep fried until delicately crisp topped with our own sour cream and tomato served with refried beans and Mexican rice
Chimichanga $5.75 rolled, fried flour tortilla fried with shredded meat, topped with cheese dip rice beans lettuce and sour cream
Steak a La Tampiquena $8.75 steak served with Mexican rice fried beans salad and tortillas
Mexican Chef’s Salads $4.35 a bed of lettuce topped with ground beef, guacamole and cheese served with jalapenos, tomato slices and chips and your choice of dressing
Fajitas Rancheras $10.25 shrimp chicken and beef served with Mexican rice fried beans, salad pice de gallo sour cream and guacamole
Pollo Ranchero $6.25 grilled chicken breas smothered with cheese and ranchero sauce served with rice and fried beans
Carnitas $7.50 juicy succulently sinful pork tips deep fried in its own com-lamented by Mexican rice, refried beans a garden salad and your choice of corn or four tortillas
Enchiladas Supremas $5.75 one beef, one chicken and one cheese enchilada topped with lettuce sour cream and tomato
Quesadillas Rellenas $5.85 chicken or beef fajitas, cradled in a flour tortilla and delicately sauteed to a golden brown
Quesadillas $4.70 flour tortillas, pan fried with cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream
Steak Ranchero $8.45 steak topped with hot sauce, rice and fried beans served with tortillas
Beef Steak Pablo’s $8.95 choice ribeye steak, cut feta bite size chunks brazed with irash tomato onion, our own special, seasonings your choice of ball or jalapeno pepper served with fried beans and Mexican rice
Sizzling Chicken or Beef Fajitas $9.35 served with Mexican rice, fried beans, salad pice de gallo, sour cream and guacamole dip also available mixed half chicken half beef
Guacamole Salad $2.65
Shrimp Quesadillas $6.25 tender young gulf shrimp and our famous cheese, folded into a flour tortilla and sauteed to savory perfection served with irash guacamole and sour cream
Chiles Poblanos Rellenos $7.25 just pickled poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and mild spices fried in a light batter until golden served with rice and fried beans
Taco Salad $4.70 crispy flour tortilla filled with beans, chicken or beef, lettuce sprinkled with cheese, sour cream and tomato
Fajita Taco Salad $5.25 crispy flour tortilla filled with beans, lettuce, sprinkled with cheese sour cream, tomato and fajita beef or chicken
Shrimp Fajitas $9.75 served with Mexican rice, fried beans, salad, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole

Los Pablos Desserts Menu and Prices

Sopapillas $2.00
Flan $2.25 Mexican

Los Pablos From The House Menu and Prices

Michelob $2.75
O’ Daul’s $2.75
Miller $2.75
Coors $2.75
Ice House $2.75
Pitcher $5.85
Bud Lite $2.75
Miller Lite $2.75
Glass $1.35
1/2 Pitcher $3.00
Coors Light $2.75
Budweiser $2.75
Michelob Light $2.75
Sharp’s $2.75

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