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Lox NYC Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Lox NYC Traditional Favorites Menu and Prices

Cheese Blintzes With Sour Cream $10.00 with our own homemade farmer cheese.
Challah French Toast $12.00
Minsk Matzoh Babka $10.00 special family recipe with fresh garlic butter.
Potato Latkes $7.00 hand-grated and served with sour cream and apple sauce.

Lox NYC Distinctive Lox Selection Menu and Prices

Lox New York City Salad   lox selection: signature house lox, pastrami lox, seasonal lox special 1, seasonal lox special 2.
Original Bagel And Lox $13.00 signature dill vodka-infused lox served on fresh bagel with whipped cream cheese, cracked pepper, cucumber, tomato and onion.
Signature Sandwich $13.00 seasonal sake-infused lox, ricotta and farmer cheese spread, torched tomatoes and chopped onions on black bread served open faced.
Healthy Duo $15.00 sicilian extra virgin olive oil lox served open faced on seven grain toast with chopped avocado, onions and tomatoes coupled with an egg white frittata.
Lox New York City Salad $15.00 lox of your choice on baby arugula, cucumbers, onions, granny smith apples and honey-roasted walnuts.
Lower East Side Sandwich $13.00 pastrami house lox with russian dressing, cole slaw, deli mustard and onions on seeded rye bread.

Lox NYC Beverages Menu and Prices

Cappuccino $5.00
Latte $5.00
Bottled Water $3.00
Loose Tea $3.00
Fruit Kompot With Apricots And Raisins $6.00
Soda $3.00 soda selection: coke, diet coke, fresca, ginger ale.
Fresh Juice $7.00 juice selection: carrot, apple.
Sparkling Water $3.00
Espresso $5.00
Fresh Squeezed Juice $7.00 fresh squeezed juice selection: orange, grapefruit.
CafA© GlacA© $7.00 iced coffee with tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $4.00
Iced Coffee $4.00
Organic Free Trade Coffee $3.00 roasted daily.

Lox NYC Old World Bakery Menu and Prices

Made Fresh On Premises.
Signature Russian Coffee Cake $6.00
Sweet Potato Pie $7.00
Cinnamon Babka $6.00
Scone $4.00
Cheese Strudel $6.00
Challah Bread Pudding $7.00
Dark Chocolate Brownie $5.00
Poppy Seed Strudel $6.00
Chocolate Babka $6.00

Lox NYC Fresh Fish Selections Menu and Prices

Salmon Roe Blinis $12.00 red caviar. crepes with salmon roe and sour cream.
Herring In A Fur Coat $12.00 seledka. cured in-house. with beets, potatoes and onions with a dill aioli.
Chilean Sea Bass Puff Pastry $10.00 pirozhok. with fresh garlic and dill.
Poached Salmon $15.00 served with fresh salad.
Signature Sliced Herring $12.00 with onions, cucumbers and country butter with black bread.
Salmon Quiche $10.00 served with fresh salad.
Branzini Pot Pie $15.00 with rustic potatoes and vegetables.

Lox NYC Lighter Bites Menu and Prices

Soup Of The Day $7.00
Potatoes With Garlic And Dill $6.00
Country Salad $9.00 diced radish, cucumbers, fresh dill and parsley with sour cream.
Quinoa Of The Day $9.00
Potato Quiche $9.00 served with fresh salad.
Kasha And Onion Quiche $9.00 served with fresh salad.

Lox NYC Between The Bread Menu and Prices

Make it a Salad $3.
Egg Salad Sandwich $9.00 classic egg salad on challah with lettuce and tomatoes.
White Fish Salad Sandwich $12.00 signature white fish salad with onions, tomatoes and cucumbers on an onion pocket.
House Tuna Salad Sandwich $10.00 albacore tuna, celery, carrots, mayo, baby greens, tomatoes and cucumber in a whole wheat wrap.
Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich $9.00 cheese of the week with tomato on multigrain bread.
Grandma’s Tuna Salad Sandwich $10.00 albacore tuna, egg whites, mayo and dill served on seven-grain bread with lettuce and tomato.

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