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Map Room Coffee Drinks Menu and Prices

(12oz) / (16oz) / (20oz). All Coffee Drinks Available Iced.
Chai Latte $2.50 – $3.00
CafA© BrA©ve $2.75 – $3.25
Cold-Pressed Coffee $3.00
Hot Chocolate $3.25 – $3.50
Latte $3.25 – $3.50
Coffee To Go $3.00 – $2.00
CafA© Au Lait $1.75 – $2.25
Americano $2.00 – $2.00
Cappuccino $3.50 – $3.00
Mocha $2.25 – $2.75
Macchiato $3.00

Map Room On Tap Menu and Prices

Allagash $5.00 white. an american-made, belgian-style white ale, coriander and orange peel round out this unfiltered brew.
Goose Island $8.00 madame rose. a belgian-style flanders oud bruin, aged in french oak cabernet sauvignon barrels with michigan cherries, inoculated heavily with brettanomyces.
Founders $6.00 double trouble. an american imperial ipa. hazy-orange hop lover’s dream!
Grieskirchner $6.00 jA¶rger weisse. a bavarian-style wheat beer from austria – citrusy, banana, refreshing.
Achouffe $8.00 houblon chouffe. a ‘dobbelen ipa tripel’, this brew is a belgian version of an american ipa, fruity, hazy, bitter.
Arcadia $5.00 starboard stout. a very smooth nitro-charged oatmeal stout with a chocolate nose and a semi-dry finish.
Local Option $6.00 die kA¶nigen. this zwickel (unfiltered lager) is sure to get you through a hot day! unfiltered and quenching.
Wells & Young’s $6.00 bombardier. a malty, traditional english bitter reminiscent of an english pub.
St. Bernardus $8.00 abt. a very smooth, deep ruby quadrupel with notes of dark fruit and apple.
Lindemans $7.00 framboise. a sweet belgian lambic brewed with raspberries.
Great Lakes $5.00 edmund fitzgerald porter. a classic american porter. some chocolate, a touch of coffee and plenty of hops.
Half Acre $5.00 akari shogun. akari shogun harnesses light, and this american wheat ale will usher the force of summer into your soul.
Chimay $8.00 white. this trappist tripel combines sweet and bitter with fruity touches of muscat grapes, raisins and ripe apples.
Firestone Walker $6.00 union jack. a west coast ipa, possibly the best ever created juicy, citrus, banging hops.
Deschutes $6.00 foray. a belgian-style ipa. belgian yeast fruitiness complemented by citrusy hops.
Chimay $8.00 red. a belgian dubbel, this trappist beer is copper colored with a slight fruity apricot aroma.
Three Floyds $5.00 alpha king. the quintessential dry-hopped american pale ale. slight caramel sweetness and aggressive citrus hoppiness.
Unibroue $7.00 maudite. a belgian-style strong dark ale from chambly, quebec, "maudite" means "the damned".
Left Hand $4.00 sawtooth ale. a malty, well-balanced extra special bitter, trueA? in style to the original version from burton-on-trent. our beer of the month for september.
La Trappe $8.00 isid’or. this trappist ale is deep amber-hued, pretty sweet and spiced with perle hops.
Victory $5.00 prima pils. heaps of hops give this german-style pilsner a bracing, herbal bite.
Firestone Walker $5.00 easy jack. incredible session-strength ipa that’s bursting with hop varieties from germany, the us, and new zealand.
Meantime $8.00 imperial stout. a smack of malty goodness! this sipper features roasty and chocolate notes.
Stiegl $6.00 goldbrA¤u. a continental lager from salzburg, austria. straw gold, firm-bodied.
Reissdorf $6.00 kA¶lsch. a tiny bit fruity, crisp, clean, dry, straw-colored german ale – if you like pale lagers, check this out!
Schlenkerla $7.00 helles lager. a light crisp lager from bamburg with hints of smokiness.

Map Room New Bottled and Canned Beers And Ciders Menu and Prices

Rogue $20.00 integrity ale 25th anniversary
Arcadia $14.00 shipwreck porter
New Belgium $8.00 ryepa
Vander Mill $7.00 totally roasted cider
Against The Grain $12.00 there gose the neighborhood
FrA?h $6.00 kA¶lsch
Firestone Walker $5.00 pivo hoppy pils
The Bruery $30.00 sour in the rye
Lakefront $5.00 extended play session ipa
Firestone Walker $10.00 wookey jack
KA¶nig $6.00 pils
Hitachino Nest $9.00 daidai ipa
Amacore $10.00 ama bruna
Victory $5.00 summer love golden ale
Three Floyds $18.00 arctic panzer wolf
Crispin $7.00 browns lane cider
Sierra Nevada $5.00 kellerweis
Virtue Cider $25.00 cidre nouveau

Map Room Bottled Menu and Prices

Boddingtons $6.00 pub ale
Bosteels $30.00 deus
La Trappe $8.00 quadrupel
Meantime $8.00 ipa
Meantime $8.00 coffee porter
Hitachino Nest $8.00 xh sake cask matured
Ayinger $7.00 ur-weisse
Half Acre $6.00 pony pilsner
Firestone Walker $5.00 pivo hoppy pils
Boulevard $7.00 tank 7 farmhouse ale
Rince Cochon $14.00
Eggenberg $12.00 samichlaus
Brewery Vivant $6.00 triomphe belgian ipa
Unibroue $7.00 blanche de chambly
Bitburger $4.00 alkoholfrei
KA¶nig $6.00 pils
Reissdorf $5.00 kA¶lsch
Cisco $5.00 sankaty light lager
Hoegaarden $6.00 original white ale
Glazen Toren $21.00 saison d’erpe mere
North Coast $6.00 old rasputin
Victory $5.00 headwaters pale ale
Ska $5.00 modus hoperandi
iner $6.00 edelstoff
Collesi $15.00 imper ale maior nera
De Dolle $10.00 stille nacht
Hitachino Nest $8.00 white ale
Arcadia $6.00 loch down scotch ale
Heineken $4.00 lager beer
Metropolitan $5.00 flywheel bright lager
Arcadia $14.00 shipwreck porter
Founders $5.00 red’s rye ipa
Rochefort 6 $10.00
Duvel $22.00 tripel hop 2012
Stiegl $6.00 radler grapefruit
Metropolitan $5.00 dynamo copper lager
Three Floyds $14.00 space station middle finger
Boon $10.00 kriek
Leffe $6.00 blonde
St-Sylvestre $8.00 gavroche
Oskar Blues $5.00 dale’s pale ale
Ace $5.00 pear cider
Miller $5.00 high life
Dupont $7.00 saison
Crispin $7.00 browns lane cider
Collesi $15.00 imper ale alter bionda
J.K. Scrumpy’s $11.00 orchard gate gold (cider)
Weihenstephaner $7.00 kristallweissbier
Samuel Smith’s $6.00 nut brown ale
Rochefort 8 $10.00
Dogfish $5.00 head 60 minute ipa
Chimay $8.00 white (cinq cents )
Two Brothers $5.00 prairie path golden ale (gluten free)
Dogfish $6.00 head 90 minute ipa
Anchor $5.00 steam beer
Unibroue $7.00 maudite
Great Lakes $5.00 elliot ness amber lager
Metropolitan $5.00 krankshaft kA¶lsch
Against The Grain $12.00 there gose the neighborhood
Firestone Walker $7.00 double jack
De Dolle $9.00 arabier
Schlenkerla $8.00 helles lagerbier
Goose Island $8.00 pere jacques
Anderson Valley $5.00 hop ottin’ ipa
Left Hand $5.00 milk stout nitro
Anderson Valley $5.00 boont amber
Firestone Walker $5.00 dba
Chimay $20.00 blue (grand reserve)
Del Ducato $15.00 verdi imperial stout
Founders $5.00 centennial ipa
The Bruery $30.00 sour in the rye
Weihenstephaner $7.00 hefelweissbier dunkel
Miller $5.00 lite
Hitachino Nest $8.00 japanese classic ale
Ayinger $8.00 weizenbock
Van Honesbrouck $7.00 kasteel tripel
FrA?h $6.00 kA¶lsch
Lindemans $10.00 kriek
Duchesse $9.00 de bourgogne (verhaeghe)
Tallgrass $6.00 8 bit pale ale
Founders $5.00 dirty bastard
Half Acre $6.00 daisy cutter
Victory $5.00 summer love golden ale
Three Floyds $5.00 pride & joy
Van Steenberge $8.00 piraat
Ayinger $7.00 brA¤u-weisse
Unibroue $7.00 don de dieu
Founders $5.00 pale ale
Hitachino Nest $9.00 daidai ipa
Van Steenberge $8.00 gulden draak
Virtue Cider $25.00 cidre nouveau
Avery $5.00 ipa
Bockor $8.00 cuvA©e des jacobins rouge
Schneider $7.00 weisse
Schlenkerla $8.00 rauchbier urbock
Stella Artois $5.00
Kulmbacher $7.00 eku
Sierra Nevada $5.00 pale ale
Oud Beersel $15.00 oude kriek
Coopers $5.00 sparkling ale
Boon $10.00 framboise
New Holland $7.00 dragon’s milk
Chimay $8.00 red (premiA?re)
Young’s $6.00 double chocolate stout
Schneider $7.00 aventinus
New Belgium $8.00 ryepa
Tyranena $5.00 bitter woman ipa
Unibroue $7.00 A©phA©mA?re (apple)
Sinebrychoff $7.00 porter
Schlenkerla $8.00 rauchweizen
Three Floyds $18.00 dreadnaught
Orval $9.00 trappist ale
Carlsberg $5.00 lager
Vander Mill $7.00 totally roasted cider
De Proef $9.00 reinaert flemish wild ale
Estrella Damm $5.00 daura (gluten free)
Duvel $7.00
Lindemans $10.00 pA?che
Westmalle $9.00 trappist tripel
Pacifico $4.00 (modelo) lager
Firestone Walker $10.00 wookey jack
Schneider $8.00 organic wiesen edel-weisse
Delirium $9.00 tremens
Unibroue $7.00 la fin du monde
Three Floyds $18.00 arctic panzer wolf
Lagunitas $5.00 ipa
Hanssens $28.00 oude gueuze
Schlitz $4.00
Three Floyds $14.00 alpha klaus
Lakefront $5.00 extended play session ipa
Victory $5.00 prima pils
Westmalle $9.00 trappist dubbel
Amstel $5.00 light
Rogue $20.00 integrity ale 25th anniversary
Oskar Blues $5.00 old chub scotch ale
Amacore $10.00 ama bruna
Brooklyn $16.00 local
Lagunitas $5.00 a little sumpin’ sumpin’ ale
Harviestoun $6.00 old engine oil
Anchor $5.00 liberty ale
Van Honesbrouck $7.00 kasteel bruin
Big Sky $5.00 moose drool brown ale
Left Hand $5.00 polestar pils
Ayinger $6.00 celebrator
Local Option $8.00 dampf loc
Unibroue $7.00 trois pistoles
Samuel Smith’s $6.00 oatmeal stout
Rochefort 10 $12.00
Goose Island $7.00 matilda
Sierra Nevada $5.00 kellerweis
Boulevard $7.00 double-wide i.p.a.

Map Room Additional Menu Menu and Prices

Flavored Syrups $0.25
Pastries $2.00 – $3.00
Fresh-Squeezed Orange Or Grapefruit Juice $3.50
Bagel & Cream Cheese $2.50 from ny bagel and bialy
Espresso Double Shot $2.00
Coffee In House $2.00 – $3.00
Tea $2.00 hot or iced. english breakfast, earl grey, mint, chamomile, jasmine peach, emerald spring
Acqua Panna $3.00 still mineral water
Coconut Water $2.50

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