Mediterranean 2000

Enjoy Mediterranean 2000 latest menu price updated list. Up to date Mediterranean 2000 and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Mediterranean 2000 Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mediterranean 2000 Sopas Menu and Prices

1. Sopa Do Dia $3.00 soup of the day
2. Creme De Marisco $4.50 cream of seafood

Mediterranean 2000 Carnes Menu and Prices

12. Costela De Borrego Em Cebolada   rack of lamb chops sauteed in onions
13. Costela De Vaca Na Brasa   grilled beef ribs
1. T-Bone Steak Grelhado $20.00 grilled t-bone
17. Peito De Frango A Marsala Ou/Em Molho De Alho $15.00 chicken breast in marsala or garlic sauce
2. Picanha A Brasileira $18.00 picanha with beans and rice
11. Costeletas De Vitela Grelhadas $21.00 grilled veal chops
3. Sirloin Steak Grelhado $19.00 grilled sirloin steak
8. Bifinhos A Marsala $16.50 steak cutlets in marsala wine sauce
5. Bife A Portuguesa $17.00 steak portuguese style
7. Bifinhos A Madeira $16.00 steak cutlets in madeira wine sauce
4. Bitoque A Portuguesa $15.00 steak with eggs and portuguese sauce
14. Carne De Porco Alentejana $16.00 cubed pork with clams alentejana style
16. Mar E Terra   surf and turf
15. Codornizes Grelhadas $15.00 grilled quails
10. Costeletas De Porco Na Brasa $15.50 grilled pork chops
18. Peito De Frango A Marsala C/Camarao En Molho Branco $22.00 chicken breast in a white sauce with shrimp
6. Bife A Mediterraneo $23.00 steak mediterranean style with jumbo shrimp
9. Febras Grelhadas Na Brasa $15.00 grilled pork cutlets

Mediterranean 2000 Aperitivos Menu and Prices

3. Ameijoas A Espanola $13.00 clams in spanish sauce
6. Cogumelos Recheados $13.00 stuffed mushrooms
7. Chourico Assado $13.00 portuguese flaming sausage
4. Mexilhao A Espanola $13.00 mussels spanish style
10. Pasteis De Bacalhau $11.00 codfish pastries
5. Mexilhao A Guilho $12.00 mussels in garlic sauce
1. Ameijoas Casino $13.00 clams casino style
9. Lulas Panadas $12.00 fried calamari
8. Coquetel De Camarao $13.00 shrimp cocktail
2. Ameijoas A Bolhao Pato $12.00 clams in garlic sauce
11. Camarao A Guilho $13.00 garlic shrimp

Mediterranean 2000 Peixe Menu and Prices

7. Esparguete Com Marisco $20.00 spaghetti with seafood
2. Dourada Grelhada   grilled tile fish
11. Bacalhau Assado $20.00 grilled portuguese style
8. Pescada Cozida Ou Grelhada   boiled or grilled whiting
12. Bacalhau Cozido A Portuguesa $20.00 codfish portuguese style
10. Salmao Recheado $21.50 stuffed salmon
9. Salmao Grelhado $18.50 grilled salmon
1. Robalo Grelhado   grilled sea bass
3. Pargo Grelhado   grilled red snapper
5. Filete De Pargo Em Molho De Limao $20.00 fillet of red snapper in lemon sauce
6. Filetes Dourados $16.00 fillets of flounder breaded
13. Bacalhau A Narcisa $20.00 codfish sauteed with fried onions and olive oil
4. Filete De Pargo Assado C/Molho Camarao Branco $24.00 fillet of red snapper oven baked with shrimp sauce

Mediterranean 2000 Marisco Menu and Prices

7. Lagosta Cozida Ao Vapor   steamed lobster
3. Paelha Valenciana $26.00 – $41.00 seafood combination with chicken, beef and pork
14. Rabos De Lagosta Grelhados   broiled lobster tails
5. Lagosta Grelhada   broiled lobster
12. Camarao Em Vinho $18.50 shrimp in wine sauce
13. Arroz De Camarao $20.00 shrimp in rice casserole
8. Lagosta Com Camarao Em Molho De Alho   broiled lobster and shrimp in garlic sauce
11. Camarao Recheado $18.50 stuffed shrimp
6. Lagosta Cozida Ao Vapor   steamed lobster
4. Mariscada A Chefe $22.50 seafood a la chef
2. Paelha Marinheira $41.00 – $24.00 seafood combination in saffron rice
9. Camarao E Escalopes Em Molho De Tomate $22.00 shrimp and scallops in red sauce
10. Camarao Grelhado A Motosinhos $20.50 jumbo grilled shrimp matosinbos style
1. Parrilhada $21.00 broiled shellfish combination in garlic sauce

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