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Mikato Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Mikato Mikato Special selection Menu and Prices

Dinner for Two Special   Filet mignon and shrimp
Mikato’s Special ; Filet mignon, lobster and shrimp
Chef’s Special   Shrimp, lobster and scallops

Mikato Sushi – Nigiri Sushi Menu and Prices

Krab Stick Fully Cooked  
Shrimp   Fully cooked
Tobiko   Flying fish egg
Tamago   Egg omelet with sea weed. Fully cooked.
Krab Delight  
White Fish  
Salmon Roe  
Sicy Scallop  
Baby Octopus Fully Cooked  
Quail Egg  
Conch   Sea snail. Cooked.

Mikato Bottled or Glass only Menu and Prices

Red Bull  
Orange Juice  
Sobe and Water  
Apple Juice  
Pineapple Juice  

Mikato Sushi – Special Maki Menu and Prices

Mikato Veggie Maki   Rice paper, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, lettuce, radish, ponzu sauce
Soybean Roll   Soybean paper, deep fried shrimp, cream cheese, crunch, krab, egg, eel sauce, spicy sauce
Sandie Roll   Cream cheese, salmon, tuna, Krab, avocado and cucumber outside. Served with Ponzu sauce
Pink Roll   Rice paper, tuna, salmon, krab, asparagus, sweet sauce

Mikato Hibachi – Side Items Menu and Prices

Fried or Brown Rice  
Lobster Tail  
Tuna Steak  
Filet Mignon  

Mikato Sushi – Vegetable Maki Menu and Prices

Yida Roll   Fried sweet potato, avocado, lettuce
Tofu Roll   Avocado, fried tofu
Japanese Mushroom Roll  
Veggie Roll  

Mikato Drink – Beverages Menu and Prices

Soft Drinks – Dr Soft  
Soft Drinks – Mountain  
Soft Drinks – Root Beer  
Soft Drinks – Sierra Mist  
Soft Drinks – Pepsi  
Hot Tea  
Ice Tea  
Soft Drinks – Lemonade and Cranberry Juice  

Mikato Appetizers A– Sushi Menu and Prices

Sunomono Salad   Japanese style vinegared salads
Edamame   Boiled soybean pod seasoned with salt
Seaweed Salad  
Tayler (Krab) Salad   Krab stick salad
Squid Sald  
Sushi Appetizer  
Sashimi Appetizer  
Hamachi Kama   Yellow tail cheek
Tuna Tataki – New  
Octopus Salad  
Bowl of Kimchi  
Mikato Shooter   Quail egg, tobiko, ikura, masago, ponzu sauce

Mikato Desserts Menu and Prices

Ice Cream   Choice of green tea or red bean
Tempura Ice Cream   Deep fried ice cream
Banana Tempura Ice Cream   Ice cream serve with deep fried banana
Cheesecake Tempura  

Mikato Hibachi – Dinner Selections Menu and Prices

Chicken Dinner  
Tofu Dinner  
Scallops Dinner  
Vagetable Dinner  
Alaskan King Slamon Dinne  
Tuna Steak Dinner  
Lobster Tail Dinner  

Mikato Hibachi – Combination Menu and Prices

Chicken & Shrimp  
Scallops & Filet Mignon  
Chicken & Scallops  
Steak & Lobster  
Chicken & Filet Mignon  
Chicken & Lobaster  
Steak & Shrimp  
Shrimp & Filet Mignon  
Filet Mignon & Lobster  
Scallops & Lobster  
Chicken & Steak  

Mikato Sushi – Maki or Temaki Menu and Prices

Salmon Roll  
Tuna Roll  
Asparagus Roll  
Yellowtail & Scallion Rol  
Avocado Roll  
Cucumber Roll  

Mikato Appetizers A– Hibachi Menu and Prices

Shrimp Tempura   Deep fried shrimp and vegetables
Mikato Spring Roll   Japanese style seafood spring roll (2pcs)
Tempura Sampler   Deep fried shrimp, chicken and vegetables
Negimaki   Sliced beef wrapped with scallions. Served with special sauce
Soft Shell Crab   Deep fried soft shell crab
Edamame   Boiled soy beans seasoned with salt
Mikato Hot Wing   5pcs hot chicken wing
Gyoza   Choice of steamed or fried dumpling stuffed with pork & vegetable. Served with gyoza souce
Yakitori   Grilled chicken on bamboo skewers with vegetables dipped in teriyaki sauce

Mikato Sushi – Fried Maki Menu and Prices

St. Augastine roll   Fried scallop, mayo
Kentucky Roll   Chicken tempura, mayo
Shrimp Tempura Roll  
Dynamite Roll   Tuna, salmon, krab, avocado, hot pepper, cucumber, deep fried, eel sauce, spicy sauce
Lobster Roll   Krab, avocado on lobster tempura, eel sauce
Spider Roll   Fried soft shell crab, avocado, eel sauce
Maxican Roll   Shrimp tempura, masago, avocado, mayo

Mikato Sushi – Maki Menu and Prices

Florida Roll   Tuna, salmon, cucumber, krab, avocado
King Crab California Roll   King crab, fish egg, avocado, cucumber
Dragon   Eel on top of shrimp tempura roll, eel sauce
Salmon Cream Cheese Roll  
Krab Salad Roll with Avocado  
Rainbow   Tuna, salmon, whitefish on top of california roll
Tuna Cream Cheese Roll  
Spicy Salmon Roll with Cucumber  
Spicy Tuna Roll with Cucumber  
Califonia Roll   Krab stick, avocado and cucumber

Mikato Sushi – Combinations Menu and Prices

Special Combo Boat C   Tuna roll, alaska roll, eel maki, shrimp tempura roll and dragon roll
Mikato Combo   12 psc. of Sashimi, 24 pcs. of sushi, roll for 2 people dragon roll, california roll, spicy tuna roll
Sushi Regular   8 pcs.of California roll, 7 pcs. of sushi
Sushi Deluxe   8 pcs.of California roll, 10 pcs. of sushi
Special Combo Boat B   Electon, florida spicy tuna, hurricane roll
Special Combo Boat A   California roll, tuna cream roll, little giant

Mikato Hibachi – KidA’s Menu Menu and Prices

New York Strip  

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