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Mirim Hand Roll Menu and Prices

Salmon Roll $4.95
Sea Urchin Roll $6.95
House Hand Roll $4.50 spicy tuna
Salmon Skin Roll $4.95

Mirim Original Roll Menu and Prices

Alaska Roll $6.50 salmon, cucumber & avocado
Philadelphia Roll $5.50 smoked salmon, cucumber & cream cheese
Spider Roll $9.50 deep fried soft shell crab
Salmon Skin Roll $6.50
Eel & Cucumber Roll $7.50
Salmon Roll $4.50
Manhattan Roll $6.50 crab meat, cucumber, avocado & mayo
Tuna Roll $4.50
California Toll $4.50 crab meat, avocado & cucumber
Yellowtail & Onion $4.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.50
Eel & Avocado Roll $7.50
Shrimp California $5.50 shrimp, avocado & cucumber
New York Roll $6.50 tuna, salmon & green onion
Boston Roll $6.50 tuna, cucumber & avocado
Sunday Morning Roll $7.50 salmon, cream cheese with deep fried

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