Arepa Zone

Enjoy Arepa Zone latest menu price updated list. Up to date Arepa Zone and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Arepa Zone Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Arepa Zone Desserts Menu and Prices

Arroz Con Leche $3.00 rice pudding.

Arepa Zone Drinks Menu and Prices

All Arepas Are Accompanied With A Side (Only Available During Lunch Service).
Coca Cola $1.00 diet coke, sprite
Malta Polar $3.00 venezuelan malt drink
Water $1.00
Venezuelan Sodas $2.00 frescalita, frescolita zero, chinotto
Papelon Con Limon $2.50 sugarcane & limeade drink

Arepa Zone Arepa Menu and Prices

A Grilled Corn Patty Opened Up To Make A Pocket, Crunchy On The Outside And Moist On The Inside; Stuffed With A Variety Of Delicious Fillings. Pick Below!
12. Canosa $7.50 shredded beef & shredded white cheese.
9. Pelua $7.50 shredded beef & shredded yellow cheese.
7. Carne Mechada $7.00 shredded beef
5. Capresa $6.50 tomato, ham & queso de mano cheese.
4. Albina $6.00 queso de mano cheese.
6. Pollo Mechado $7.00 shredded chicken
2. Jamon Y Queso $6.00 ham & shredded white or yellow cheese.
3. Domino $6.00 black beans & shredded white cheese.
8. Reina Pepiada $7.25 chicken & avocado salad
11. Sifrina $7.50 chicken avocado salad & shredded yellow cheese.
1. Queso Rallado $5.00 shredded white cheese or shredded yellow cheese.
10. Catira $7.50 shredded chicken & shredded yellow cheese.

Arepa Zone Cachapa Menu and Prices

Thick, Sweet, And Creamy Corn Pancake Made Of Fresh, Ground Sweet Corn. You Can Feel The Kernels In Every Bite!
13. La Clasica $7.50 queso de mano cheese.
15. La Primera Dama $8.50 shredded chicken & queso de mano
16. La Presidencial $9.00 shredded beef & queso de mano.
14. La Washingtonian $8.00 ham & queso de mano

Arepa Zone Tequenos Menu and Prices

17. Five Gourmet Cheese Sticks $6.00 served with our famous az dipping sauce.

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